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Each month for two years a member of the team at Adnams, the award-winning (and rather hip) Suffolk brewery, selected a favourite artist from the Suffolk and Cool output to be the Adnams Artist of the Month.
You’ll find all the artists on these pages. Each links through to more information about both the artist and the person who chose them.
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AOTM June 2012 – ELAN

On their eighth album See Us Spin, the brother and sister led quintet continue a streak as the first Mexican group to release successful albums in English, offering plenty of gritty, graceful style in its tracks thanks to the snake charmer’s dance of Elán’s vibrant …

AOTM April 2012 – Kim Edwards

Kim studied classical piano starting at age four and for a short while was a piano performance major in college. Her grounding in music theory, orchestration, and arrangement is clearly evident on Wanderlust. Kim credits moving from her snug Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania hometown for much …

AOTM March 2012 – Darlingside

Under one roof in New England’s Pioneer Valley, Darlingside came together with five songwriters, a mandolin, a cello and violin, guitars and drums, a chorus of voices, and a van named Chauncey.
Holed up in their home between a cornfield and the Connecticut River, they forged …

AOTM February 2012 – Shayfer James

Based in Cranford, New Jersey, USA, Shayfer James can be described pointedly as a myth in wolf’s clothing. Referred to by his rapidly growing group of followers as The Villain King of New Jersey’s underground noirpop music scene, Mr. James is devilishly captivating and deliciously …

AOTM December 2011 – Novi

Raised in Ashland, Oregon (now based in Los Angeles), this nova star of the electro-pop galaxy, Carolyne Neuman, now known as NOVI, is hitting the scene like a bullet straight from a rifle. The star marries the charm of her small-town upbringing with the edgier …

AOTM November 2011 – Sydney Wayser

Multi-instrumentalist and stunning vocalist. Half-French and half-American, Sydney Wayser grew up in LA but spent a few months every year in Paris.
She gleaned much of French culture from her songwriter father, leading her to musical influences that include Edith Piaf, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Jacques Brel, …

AOTM October 2011 – Gadjo

From all corners of the world, the band’s members and musical styles tumbled into the streets of Barcelona in 2003 and have been together ever since writing their original blend of polyglot balkan-ska-swing music.
Since then, Gadjo has produced three albums, attracted a huge international following …

AOTM September 2011 – The Esoteric Gender

Based in Reykjavik, Iceland The Esoteric Gender are, by any definition, an international band featuring members from England, France, Denmark and Canada. This may explain the vast scope of genres their music touches, from dance to trip-hop, from rock to electronica.
Victoria was particularly struck by …

AOTM July 2011 – Charles Pasi

French artist Charles Pasi has an enviable energy and passion to his performances. He needs them too. With a string of festival dates across France throughout the summer and autumn.
Unusually, his latest album Uncaged canters through a huge variety of styles from jazz to blues …

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