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AOTM June 2011 – Charlotte Eriksson

Charlotte Eriksson, also called the GlassChild, is from Gothenburg, Sweden, but has always gone her own way, leaving people amazed by her determination and independence. Only 19 years old, she moved on her own to London to pursue her music and prove what she can …

AOTM May 2011 – Bezed’h

 L’alliance de la guitare et du violon caricaturée comme :
Un savant mélange pour du Rock puisqu’il daigne enfin se marier aux présents des musiques Celtiques. La noce des énergies libère un fracassant bouquet…
Avec plus de 400 concerts à leur actif, ils …

AOTM March 2011 – Lelia Broussard

First concert: Paul Simon. Age 3 the Cajun Dome in Lafayette Louisiana. Cool
Cajun Dome again, age 6, I sang Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” in front of 15,000 people, they cheered, that was cooler
Sang incessantly all through childhood, annoyed the crap out of my mother
Recorded my first …

AOTM February 2011 – I Am Not Lefthanded

Fiercely independent, mostly-Irish but currently London-based, I Am Not Lefthanded are known for their homemade, quirky videos as much as their lyrical, evocative music.
They’ve toured around the UK and Ireland alone and with Duke Special, The Rumble Strips and The Answering Machine. In 2008, they …

AOTM January 2011 – Standing Shadows

Los Angeles based alt-indie-electro band STANDING SHADOWS combine infectious guitar melodies and soundscapes, vintage synth tones and warbles, driving percussive beats, and the intimately emotional vocals…ranging from uber-chill heroin whispers, to heart-pumping, sweat-soaking screams.
Official releases in 2010 include: full-length album “Five Years Of Darkness” and …

AOTM December 2010 – The Last Royals

The Last Royals, a New York based duo of writer/singer/producer Eric James and drummer Mason Ingram, only recently emerged from a joint project that brought the two musicians together in Spring 2010. The connection urged a new chapter in Eric’s career as a musician, evolving …

AOTM November 2010 – Bleu

“It’s changed my whole world,” says singer-songwriter-producer Bleu. “I have a completely new outlook on my career and my life. It sounds dramatic, but it’s really true.”
The gifted pop-rocker’s effusive words don’t refer to the creation of his dynamic, highly personal new album, Four. Nor …

AOTM October 2010 – Jordan Reyne

Jordan is a New Zealander living in Hamburg. Her unusual approach to music pairs the rhythms of steam-based technology and machinery with folk instruments and vocal styles, crossing technology with history to tell the dark stories of characters real and imagined.
Jordan’s recent album, How the …

AOTM September 2010 – Shayna Zaid and The Catch

Blending elements of folk, indie pop, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and cabaret, New York based Shayna Zaid & The Catch’s sound occupies a place in music that bridges a new gap between the milieu of genres. They have drawn comparisons to Nickel Creek, Feist, Macy Gray, …

AOTM August 2010 – Lloyd’s Garage

Lloyd’s garage hail from Nappa, in the San Francisco Bay area of California.
“A paradox of raw yet sophisticated garage-band rock; honed rock edge, sharp enough to take garage rock to a new level. Forget every other “garage” band you’ve ever heard.”
There’s a fundamental integrity in …

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