Disclosure – always

I’m Peter Clitheroe, founder of Suffolk’n’Cool. The shows and website are provided free to users but that doesn’t mean that it is without cost to me! I mostly do it for love of the music.

You may be wondering what the connections are between Suffolk’n’Cool and the products and companies that I mention in the show and here, on the website.

Well, to be totally clear, here’s the deal.

  • Suffolk’n’Cool is an affiliate for Amazon – if you use this link, you pay no more and we get very small commission. Every little helps. Thanks.
  • Suffolk’n’Cool is an associate of GoDaddy who provide our web-hosting, domain names and email services. We love their service and even their on-hold music and hope that you’ll enjoy it too. Some exclusive discounts are available via the links and we get a small commission to offset some of our hosting costs.
  • I use Virgin Atlantic to get to the USA for CMJ and the like. One one occasion an Aer Lingus aircraft, named after one of the many Irish saints, arrived into JFK as we were heading to immigration. We’d just disembarked from Mustang Sally. Hell yeah, I just like their style.
  • Adnams of Southwold sponsored the Artist of the Month feature for two years. The arrangement ended in summer 2012 but such is the relationship with the company and my appreciation of their products that I continue to have affiliate links to them.
  • I was introduced by a mutual friend to New York music lawyer Todd Murphy while over for CMJ a couple of years ago. If you need a music business contract looking over or even some advice on dealing with the sharks, Todd’s your man.


The music

LOTS of artists, labels and publicity agents send me music (mostly as MP3 files) from which I select what I’m going to feature on the show. I do occasionally get sent to odd tee shirt, etc. which I may wear or give to someone. I can only assure you that such freebies do not affect what, if anything, I say about the artists. My reputation for integrity and honesty is worth far more than a whole wardrobe full of tee-shirts and once lost, could never be regained. The deal is, and will remain, that:

  1. I only play music that I really like and think you’ll want to hear
  2. I do not pay to play anybody’s music (‘cos I can’t afford to and don’t need to)
  3. I would never accept payments for playing or recommending music – (see 1) Not that I’ve been asked!
  4. If I receive any other products or merchandise as gifts or for review, I’ll let you know! (on this page).

I sometimes rave about other products and services and people reasonably ask if they are clients. The simple answer is that if they are not on this list then no, they are not and I have received no benefits for mentioning them. Again, when I mention them, it is because I think they deserve it and that you might be interested.

Sponsorship opportunities

If you or your company would like to be considered for sponsorship of Suffolk’n’Cool, please get in touch. In fact, if you have any questions about sponsorship or affiliate links, please just ask.

Products received as gifts or for review:

  • Amarra Junior (from Sonic Studios LLC) which does a great job of enhancing iTunes output.
  • That’s it so far!