About SnC

About Suffolk ‘n’ Cool

Suffolk’n’Cool is the international, independent music podcast produced at the barn / studio on the east coast of England.

What drives Suffolk’n’Cool? from Peter Clitheroe on Vimeo.

I’ve been seeking out, and working with, independent musicians to promote their music and help them build sustainable careers for quite a time.

Every week since January 2006 we have been connecting talented independent musicians with a growing audience who appreciate the good stuff. As a result, Suffolk’n’Cool has become an established benchmark in the world of music podcasting.

Each track played on the show is linked back to the artist’s own website so listeners can find out more and buy the music direct.

The show is certainly not a profit making venture right now, although we get a huge buzz out what we do, from checking out tracks, to getting out to shows and festivals, to setting up and recording Sessions at the Barn. Our approach is pretty professional and I hope you can tell from this site and our track record since 2006, that we are serious about this.

The costs of producing the show are ever-increasing but we don’t want to compromise on the lengths we go to to bring you the best. You’ll see a couple of ads on the site which are affiliate links. We get a small commission from sales through those links (see Disclosures for details) and we are alway looking for opportunities to bring a bit more in so that we can invest in a providing a better service.


Suffolk’n’Cool works in partnership only with sponsors whose ethics are in tune with ours and whose products and service we personally use. These “good guys” support the show in different ways and their contributions to the cause are greatly appreciated.

I hope you’ll be able to use and recommend their products and services too.

Sponsorship opportunities

We welcome opportunities to work with imaginative sponsors. Please get in touch.

We are inclined towards interesting arrangements which help us reach more people as well as to offset some of the production costs.



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