About podcasts

Music and podcasts

The world is changing, music is changing, listening habits are changing and yet, our radios keep on pumping out largely the same old crap, no-matter who you tune to.

  • The big music stations and few remaining big labels, spew out pop and prattle 24 hours a day.
  • Commercial stations, large and small, are driven by advertisers and so they play it all very, very safe.
  • Local public radio (the BBC here in the UK) tries to pick up what’s left (largely but with a few notable exceptions, patronising elderly people during the day and insomniacs at night).

To be fair, there are a very few rare exceptions where individual broadcasters are playing as much independent music as they dare and a few specialist stations do put out some interesting stuff but there are so few of them, at least in the UK. Chances are that their programmes are not at a time when you can listen anyway!

At the same time, people have mobile devices with a huge storage space and a bewildering choice of stuff to put on them. Recording technologies have moved on too, so that musicians can record and distribute great quality albums without signing away their granny to the big labels. They just need a way to reach the audience that is thristy for great new music and are keen to try a few different types of music too.

Making connections

It’s a fact that as listening becomes more individual, people want to make fresh connections with their music and the world-wide communities around them. That’s really what Suffolk ‘n’ Cool is about, helping you connect, wherever in the world you happen to be.

Suffolk ‘n’ Cool is the answer to lot of people’s needs. New music, fresh content and an independent voice, automatically downloaded to your computer and and your mobile devices. New content in manageable chunks that you can listen to whenever and where-ever you like.


Help spread the word

If you know someone who doesn’t listen to independent podcasts, tell them about how:

– there is so much great new music available
– the people are taking charge of the music they listen to
– independent artists, at last, have a chance of making a fair living by selling their music direct and at fair prices

Lots of people get podcasts through iTunes, you can help promote Suffolk’n’Cool by leaving a review or just ratingĀ the show on iTunes.