AOTM March 2011 – Lelia Broussard


  • First concert: Paul Simon. Age 3 the Cajun Dome in Lafayette Louisiana. Cool
  • Cajun Dome again, age 6, I sang Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” in front of 15,000 people, they cheered, that was cooler
  • Sang incessantly all through childhood, annoyed the crap out of my mother
  • Recorded my first record in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Moved to New York when I was 17
  • Waited tables, got fired for yelling at my boss (he was a special kind of douche)
  • I’ve been an under-paid full-time musician ever since.
  • Moved to Los Angeles, California
  • April 5th 2011 – CD release of full-length album Masquerade
  • 2011 – on tour everywhere


This month’s reviewer is … Jonathan Adnams CBE (Chairman)

Jonathan joined Adnams in 1973 working in brewery engineering and has worked in all aspects of the company. He joined the Board in 1988 running pubs and property and then assuming the role of Managing Director in 1997.
Jonathan took over the role of Chairman in August 2006.

An accomplished bluegrass banjo player, Jonathan found the tracks from the March Suffolk ‘n’ Cool show interesting (in a good way).
After working down to a shortlist, he found that his fascination with Lelia Broussard’s Alone on a Train kept on growing, even after quite a few listens, so she is the worthy winner of Adnams Artist of the Month.

Listen here
Jonathan describes his persistent urge to go to sea and his first jobs working coasters and North Sea fishing trawlers.

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