Adnams of Southwold

We were delighted to work with Adnams. It is a very successful, family-run company producing some excellent beers and their own spirits. It is also, like so many of the artists we play an emphatically independent company and it is run along sound environmental lines.

The overall quality of its products earned it the prestigious UK Brewery of the Year Award from the Campaign for Real Ale in 2011.

As well as the brewery, Adnams has recently built its own distillery and produces more energy than it uses thanks to a super efficient brewery and an anaerobic digester which runs on spent grain from the brewery and food waste from the town of Southwold. The surplus is fed into the National Grid.

Adnams employs real people, people with families, interests and minds of their own. It is small enough to know its people well and is keen to get involved in local collaborations and charities.

In short, Adnams is a great company that tries to “do the right thing”. Most of their products are available to order online for delivery throughout the UK.

If you’d like to try them, please feel welcome to click through this link or from the advertisement in the sidebar here; it won’t cost you any extra but it will earn us a little commission from Adnams to help keep the Suffolk’n’Cool show on the road.

Adnams Artist of the Month

The choice of artist, selected from the previous month’s output, is entirely the reviewer’s and may well reflect their personal taste in music. Actually, there really isn’t any other kind of taste in music. It’s just personal.

So here you’ll find the choices of some of those real people from Adnams in Southwold. It has been fascinating to get to know all the reviewers and to discover something of their musical tastes.

In each AOTM feature a short interview went into the main Suffolk’n’Cool show and a longer, extended interview is available to listen to in this section.

Click on any of the dates on the AOTM posts or pictures of the reviewers to find out more about the artist and to hear from the reviewer.

Sincere thanks are due to every one of them.






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