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SnC 404 – New York ladies

The ladies of New York make their significant presences felt this week with tracks from Peg Simone and Marla Mase – both artists in every sense of the word and both of whom have plans to cross the Atlantic this year. Brace yourself Europe.
Jospehina – …

SnC 394 – Thanksgivukkah

A couple of dates to mark this week and we do so with a bunch of rather interesting music from Germany, Paris, Croydon, Margate, New York, France and Montreal.
From the wistful to the just plain wicked we’ve loads of fresh music to treat your ears.
Gimme …

SnC 371 – Summertime / SummerStage

Voodoo Tapes is strongly intertwined with the southern Italian net label A Quiet Bump, and it’s great to have him on the show this week.
We’ve news of some SummerStage performances in New York and, of course, some of the more interesting of the current crop …

SnC 370 – Age of reason?

A pleasing variety of tracks on this week’s show … again reflecting the best of independent music from around the world in in this week’s show specifically from LA, Nova Scotia, Ontario, San Francisco, New York, Lyon, Edinburgh and Marseille.
That Voice – Cosmic Suckerpunch (LA. …

SnC 353 – One chew, one chew, one chew

Well, it’s 121212 and it won’t happen again for another hundred years. So let’s celebrate the work of the road crews in bringing live music to us.
31 Coupe – Angie and the Car Wrecks (Centralia, WA, USA)
Too Rockabilly to be Country, too Honky Tonk to be …

SnC 345 – Bodmin Dubbing

It’s 345 again!
No it really is 345 this week. I just got it completely wrong all through last week’s show (#344). Doh. Must try harder.
It’s CMJ week in New York and I’m stuck here in the UK. Still, cancelling New York relatively late in the …

SnC 295 – CMJ gleanings

This week a few of the artists that impressed during CMJ week.
I’ve not really had time to go through everything and take proper stock but for now here’s a taste of just some of the music which made it through to my ears. I know …

SnC 288 – Pulling a late one

Pulling a late one this week … and thankful, once again, that the Libsyn server is in Pittsburgh – it gives me an extra five hours to hit the midnight deadline!
Why so late? Over the past few weeks pressures have been growing from aging but …

SnC 279 – Weird AND catchy

With a visit over to Adnams in Southwold in a gloriously blustery, sunny with black thunderclouds, marbled sea, friendly faces, fresh fish and a pint at lunchtime sort of way it was always going to be a good day.
I met with John McCarthy the distiller …

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