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SnC 404 – New York ladies

The ladies of New York make their significant presences felt this week with tracks from Peg Simone and Marla Mase – both artists in every sense of the word and both of whom have plans to cross the Atlantic this year. Brace yourself Europe.
Jospehina – …

SnC 371 – Summertime / SummerStage

Voodoo Tapes is strongly intertwined with the southern Italian net label A Quiet Bump, and it’s great to have him on the show this week.
We’ve news of some SummerStage performances in New York and, of course, some of the more interesting of the current crop …

SnC 369 – Ding Dong


A somewhat eclectic mix this week with fresh tracks from Lancashire, LA, Haifa, NYC, Seattle and Margate. We’ve got news of a really interesting little festival in upstate New York, a correction from Erk and a campaign to get a song to the top of …

SnC 366 – Festivities

As the snow again falls on Suffolk in the middle of Canadian Music Week, it’s only right that we should feature a light sprinkling of Canadian artists and take a brief look forward to a couple of massively contrasting warm weather festivals here in the …

SnC 340 – Grand Central

Canada, Italy, Australia, New York and The Netherlands are represented in our global roundup of all what’s new along with a spicy bit of what’s not quite so new but really earns its keep.
Of course yesterday was the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New …

SnC 339 – Genre bender

We get into a couple of areas which I’m reluctant to describe as electronic-ish music because I know that may well put some folks off listening.
As ever, I just ask you to come along with you usual open mind and enjoy the music for what …

SnC 334 – Steamy August?

So now its August. Whatever happened to July?
A really pleasing selection of tracks this week including something slightly steamy from the wonderful Marla Mase.
Take a listen and tell me if I should be tagging the show “Explicit” – whatever that means. Do you expect the …

SnC 301 – Weight of the World

Ah well. Some day are like that. A frantic 17 hour day due to external and family needs left me with little time and strength to filter down to a full complement of songs but what we do have are really interesting.
Winter arrived here in …

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