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SnC 429 – Finale

A retrospective show this week to celebrate the past (almost) nine years of weekly Suffolk’n’Cool shows.
There’s a mixture of old and relatively new music from artists that have a significance for me always, initially for their music and also , in many cases for the …

SnC 409 – Warming up

A moderately acoustic show this week with tracks from UK-based solo performers Mister Bicester and Funke and the Two Tone Baby, some beautiful Arkansas harmony and southern vibes from Little Chief and Turchi, spoken word over trance from Manchester, some fiery reggae from Toronto and …

SnC 394 – Thanksgivukkah

A couple of dates to mark this week and we do so with a bunch of rather interesting music from Germany, Paris, Croydon, Margate, New York, France and Montreal.
From the wistful to the just plain wicked we’ve loads of fresh music to treat your ears.
Gimme …

SnC 387 – Ass to the people

With tracks from New Orleans to Margate this week you can just tell it’s going to be an interesting mix.
Jitterbug Vipers have to be the quirky find of the week although there’s also fascinating music from Jadea Kelly, Little Suns, Funke and The Two Tone …

SnC 374 – A session with Funke


Funke and the Two Tone Baby came over to The Barn on Friday to play a few tunes and have a chat about his music.
What a talented guy (and really good company too). He’s been playing for a while and his distinctive style has developed …

SnC 369 – Ding Dong


A somewhat eclectic mix this week with fresh tracks from Lancashire, LA, Haifa, NYC, Seattle and Margate. We’ve got news of a really interesting little festival in upstate New York, a correction from Erk and a campaign to get a song to the top of …

SnC 356 – Spicy

A varied mix of tracks this week with the promised second tune from Gramatik, this time teamed up with Griz as Grizmatic. We’ve a brand new track from Dan Turnbull AKA Funke and the Two Tone Baby, some melodica magic and more, lots more.
The Ad …

SnC 349 – Acoustics

We’ve got a rather acoustic, unplugged kind of feel to a lot of the tracks this week. There’s a great mix of raw, passionate songs with some superbly executed musicianship from London, New York, LA, New South Wales, Manchester, Margate and Gardabær, Iceland.
What Are You …

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