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SnC 429 – Finale

A retrospective show this week to celebrate the past (almost) nine years of weekly Suffolk’n’Cool shows.
There’s a mixture of old and relatively new music from artists that have a significance for me always, initially for their music and also , in many cases for the …

SnC 354 – A foot in both camps

We’ve a selection of American and European artists this week along with at least one who has a foot in each camp.
I also had a fresh fumble around in the nether regions of the wonderful European net-label Jamendo, a fantastic source of quirky music from …

SnC 324 – Coney Island

Suddenly early spring has turned into full-on summer here on this part of the east coast of England. I think this may be reflected in this week’s choices of music.
Throw your cold drinks and towel in the back of the car, flip the roof down …

SnC 316 – a bit retro

This week marks the conclusion of a project I’ve been working on at home here for the past year. A somewhat confused and frail older relative faced the prospect of being shipped out into a care home or staying on in her own home 80 …

SnC 302 – LA to Bieszczady

In SnC this week. An update from the John Peel Centre appeal and the winner of the Adnams Artist of the Month for November. Ah, that would explain why I was in Southwold this morning – another perishing cold day but with intersting skies and …

AOTM November 2011 – Sydney Wayser

Multi-instrumentalist and stunning vocalist. Half-French and half-American, Sydney Wayser grew up in LA but spent a few months every year in Paris.
She gleaned much of French culture from her songwriter father, leading her to musical influences that include Edith Piaf, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Jacques Brel, …

SnC 296 – Old friends and new gems

UPDATE 11/11/11
Missing audio file problem sorted. Thanks to the good folks at Libsyn for helping resolve that one. If you’ve not heard the whole of show 296. Give it a good listen now. There really is some cracking music onboard.
Still hanging on to the great …

SnC 292 – Lets get messy

This week, lots of great music, of course, but on two themes.
The second half of the show illustrates some of the variety that can be found in showcase events at festivals.
First though, machine noises are increasingly finding their way into music as musicians with an …

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