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SnC 361 – Kiss Your Friend

A smattering of lurv songs close out this necessarily rather short edition on the eve of Valentine’s day. LA asserts itself as a music centre this week although Sunderland and Bromley well represented and we have a track from Venezuela too.
Pett Level – Keston Cobblers …

SnC 327 – Prep for Podcrawl

Who says the CD is dead? I must admit that they are something of a rarity these days but this week, Andy the postman has been hauling them up from the road almost daily.
Meanwhile, London is preparing itself for Podcrawl on 23rd. I found this …

SnC 325 – Seat of the pants

A “seat of the pants” show this week with a couple of the tracks coming in even as the show was being recorded. I’m also getting a feeling that more artists and labels are “getting” what music podcasting can do for them. About time too …

SnC 304 – Ten to watch in 2012

Inspired by an idea from my fellow AMP members, I really wanted to put out a show of tracks from artists who I think are worth keeping an eye on in 2012. When I sat down to compile the show, I found that I had …

SnC300 – Keeping it Peel

John Peel was undoubtedly one of the most influential people in British music. To describe him as a DJ, radio presenter and journalist is really an understatement. The breadth of his musical taste and quietly stated way in which he implored us to really listen …

SnC 277 – Chilled and chunky

A rum old mix of musical styles this week with some pretty chilled sounds right up against some chunky blues in a feature on Trevor Sewell.
Last weekend the Blue Bus Tour visited Woodbridge. Great little touring idea. Solar-powered stage from the VW bus.
Help – Philco Fiction (Oslo, …

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