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  • SnC 378 – Mojito please

    SnC 378 – Mojito please

    It actually got light for an hour or two today in the middle of what is laughingly called summer here in the northern hemisphere so this week we have a couple of thoroughly summery tunes. Well, if we can’t have the weather we can at least have the music. EXPLICIT Just a warning that one of…

  • SnC 352 – The power of positive ..

    SnC 352 – The power of positive ..

    Checking the playlist, I see we’re going to be hearing exclusively from UK and Canadian artists this week. Purely co-incidence but an interesting mix, I hope you’ll agree.   The Power Of Positive Drinking – The Trews (Antigonish, NS, Canada) The Trews has built its reputation belting their high-energy, arena-ready rock anthems from stages across…

  • SnC 348 – All corners of the everywhere

    SnC 348 – All corners of the everywhere

    Music from all corners of the everywhere this week with a diversity of tracks from locations as remote as Oregon, Sweden, The Yukon as well as the hotbeds of contemporary music making in Ontario, Brooklyn, Japan and southern France. It never ceases to amaze me how much spectacularly individualistic music is being created today and…