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  • SnC 305 – Ten more to watch in 2012

    SnC 305 – Ten more to watch in 2012

    The second half of our 20 to watch in 2012. Each of these artists have impressed me in 2011 and I think they are likely to attract significant attention in 2012. They certainly deserve it. There have been somne lovely moonsets this week and, when it isn’t pouring with rain, and some great coloured skies.…

  • SnC 295 – CMJ gleanings

    SnC 295 – CMJ gleanings

    This week a few of the artists that impressed during CMJ week. I’ve not really had time to go through everything and take proper stock but for now here’s a taste of just some of the music which made it through to my ears. I know I missed an awful lot because I could only…

  • SnC 294 @ CMJ @ NYC

    SnC 294 @ CMJ @ NYC

    Oh boy. The connectivity problems and hectic schedule of CMJ have conspired against the full programme I was hoping to bring you this week. As a matter of academic interst the show was recorded in a corridor at the NYU, edited in a bar near Washington Square and uploaded via the wifi at Sarbucks opposite…