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  • SnC 342 – No added NYC

    SnC 342 – No added NYC

    For the first time in a very long time, NO tracks from Brooklyn nor even anywhere else in New York. Eight cracking tracks though from Spain, London, Virginia, Australia, Canada, LA and Mexico. You’ll get the tracks at a bit of a canter since I’m getting close to the upload limit on the servers at…

  • SnC 335 – No scoffing

    SnC 335 – No scoffing

    Music from New York rather dominates this week but Maryland and LA get looks in and we close with a spectacular track from the ever exciting Xera from Asturia on the north coast of Spain. When you’ve finished listening, and not a minute before ;), do follow the vimeo link in the Active Child notes…

  • SnC 281 – Rain, rain go away

    SnC 281 – Rain, rain go away

    Another very varied selection for you from around the world of independent music for you. We’ve artists from Tennessee, California, Saskatchewan, New York and Minneapolis over there and from Paris and Barcelona over here. We’ve also got news of a fabulous radio programme broadcast this week by the BBC about my old workplace, Island Studios…