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Music from New York rather dominates this week but Maryland and LA get looks in and we close with a spectacular track from the ever exciting Xera from Asturia on the north coast of Spain.

When you’ve finished listening, and not a minute before ;), do follow the vimeo link in the Active Child notes and give your eyes a treat as well as your ears.

It’s a slightly shorter show this week because we need to hold a bit of storage space at Libsyn in reserve for a few rather special shows that will be coming up soon. More on that next week.

I’m sure our friends in Manitoba and Saskatchewan will scoff in a derisory fashion but we do have some spectacularly “big” skies here in Suffolk. The clouds today have been particularly sumptuous. With harvest well underway, I just couldn’t resist them temptation this afternoon.


Song 11 – Late Cambrian (Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY)

Late Cambrian is an indie rock band out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn who took their melodic indie pop/rock sound to the stage in late March of 2011.

They have one album and one EP to their name. The lyrical content tends to be existential in nature, tackling subjects such as ageing, the cult of celebrity and being a shut in.

Personally I am attracted by the refreshingly polish-free approach to arrangement and recording.

In 2012 the band recorded their first release with their current lineup: theSocial Season EP.  “Song 11” is a single from the album and features Brendan Brown of the band Wheatus, who tracked a blazing guitar solo while also lending his unique vocal abilities.

You can catch the band live at the Kahbang Festival in Bangor, Maine on Friday and next Friday at the Liberty Music Festival in Philly. Don’t worry Brooklyn, they’ve not completely deserted you, they’re playing Cameo in Williamsburg on 27th with Isle of Rhodes and Tough/Luck.



Jump Ship – Railbird (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Railbird is the indie band who everyone in the know has predicted will blow up in a major way since their self-released debut, No One, first hit the streets. This Brooklyn-based musical collective features a stunningly talented cast of multi-instrumentalists led by lead vocalist Sarah K. Pedinotti (SKP), whose haunting voice has drawn apt comparisons to luminaries including Bjork and Kate Bush. Meanwhile, Railbird’s unique blend of experimental psych-pop has found a home with fans of Grizzly Bear, the Dirty Projectors and Massive Attack. Speaking of fans, Railbirds’ list of admirers has recently grown to include Sean Rowe and Sarah Barthel of Phantogram, both of whom appear on Railbird’s brand new single “Jump Ship,” which was just featured as MP3 Download of the Day on AOL Spinner.

Speaking about the track SPK says,

“This song was all about collaboration and contradiction from it’s conception. I wrote it with my friend/bandmate/bass player, Ben Davis. And we were playing with the idea of musical phrases, each of a different length, all happening at the same time… The lyrics reflect that sort of displaced feeling. Watching someone but never knowing them … ”



The plight of full on recording studios

BBC News – Producers’ attempt to keep music studios alive


Buckets of Rain – Patty Reese (Maryland, USA)

Patty Reese performs more than 250 dates a year, released a WAMMIE award winning album “Here and Now” and has garnered multiple songwriting awards over the years. Her powerhouse vocals, strong work ethic and honed songwriting skills have led her to the recording of her best work to date Strong Medicine.

On her recent CD, between acoustic guitar-accompanied story songs and powerful songs backed by a full band, Patty puts all of her crafts to work. The title track, Strong Medicine, tells of the healing power of love with a beguiling, smokey vocal performance over a blues groove reminiscent of Al Green.


Mystery Girl – Romans (New York, NY, USA)

The debut single, “Mystery Girl,” from Romans who are Jeremy Fury (Singer for Ohio-based band, We Are the Fury) and Craig Bonich (Guitarist of Head Automatica and Jaguar Love).

With Fury’s vision and Bonich’s support, it wasn’t long before the two hit it off while on tour with their respective bands. Coming together, the two are able to find a powerful musical presence.

Delivering something of a refreshing twist on current Rock n’ Roll, the band aims to incorporate the best parts of 50’s Doo Wop, 60’s Brit-Rock, and 70’s Glam.

With elements of The Rolling Stones and a nod to T-Rex and Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie, there is no denying that Romans will appeal to the masses but they may not know why.

If you’d like the single, you can download it free from RERDLBL

Backing up the two on recording are Rick Penzone, Christopher Hatfield and Los Angeles native drumming monster, Jon Safley. Produced by L.A. based noise-smith Manny Nieto (The Breeders, Rumspringa, Health) and assisted by Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Von Bondies, Good Old War).



Johnny Belinda – Active Child (LA, CA, USA)

For Pat Grossi of Active Child, the last two years have been nothing short of enriching. Musically, Pat has worked within and appropriated a number of styles into his sound, from his early days singing with that heavenly voice as a choir boy to his more recent forays into laptop-assisted indie-pop made in his bedroom, best exemplified on 2010’s acclaimed Curtis Lane EP.

His sound is so wide-ranging that he has found himself touring with many notable acts of differing genres, including dubstep producer James Blake, dreamy synth-pop of School of Seven Bells, and the indie-rock bands White Lies and White Rabbits.

Nothing quite prepares you for the leap that Pat has taken with his debut album, You Are All I See, out on August 23rd via Vagrant records. Recently, he has expanded his sonic ambitions and turned the studio into an instrument for a record that sounds cosmically huge and yet intimate all the same.

Take a look a the spectacular video for the track, directed, DPed, edited and coloured by Dylan Wiehahn over at



Good to hear Sarah Morrison from IRNY making her debut as AMPedpresenter last week, about time too!

The AMP site has been having problems over the past day or so. Small men with even smaller hammers are in the system topping things at random in the hope of discovering whether the problem is technical (a bit fell off) or financial (someone forgot to stick another coin in the meter). Either way, the site says that the account has been suspended.

Special offer: You can join me in monitoring progress in real time by going to right now.

Well, that should have done it. It’s bound to be back online now – just to make me look a fool.


Arian – Xera (Asturia, Spain)

Xera is an electronic /acoustic folk music group from Asturia in the very north of Spain.

Their sound is an integration of electronic and traditional Asturian music, mixing live instruments with samplers, industrial percussion… with a symphonic treatment that result in a very wide spectrum of sensations.

They published their first full work, “Lliendes“, under a Creative Commons License in 2007 with Tierra following in 2009 and now the 11 track Llume.

Take a few minutes to check out a few of their videos to get an impression of the energy working its magic in this band.






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