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  • SnC 354 – A foot in both camps

    SnC 354 – A foot in both camps

    We’ve a selection of American and European artists this week along with at least one who has a foot in each camp. I also had a fresh fumble around in the nether regions of the wonderful European net-label Jamendo, a fantastic source of quirky music from all over the shop. If you do (legally) download…

  • SnC 351 – How rad is that?

    SnC 351 – How rad is that?

    A selection this week that will surely test the new Suffolk’n’Cool site and podcast feed to the limit! We’ve got soloists from New York, South Africa, Texas, and British Columbia, duos from Ukraine and London, a quintet from Chicago and a sextet from Minneapolis. But what unites them all is that they make some excellent…