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  • SnC 360 – Twin Graces

    SnC 360 – Twin Graces

    Perhaps a bit of a trippy feel to some of the tracks this week including some valuable lessons in the joys of stereophonic recording from Public Service Broadcasting. The twin Graces are Grace Valhalla and Grace Woodroofe who are actually back to back. We’ve another track from a band I’ll be seeing on Saturday and…

  • SnC 351 – How rad is that?

    SnC 351 – How rad is that?

    A selection this week that will surely test the new Suffolk’n’Cool site and podcast feed to the limit! We’ve got soloists from New York, South Africa, Texas, and British Columbia, duos from Ukraine and London, a quintet from Chicago and a sextet from Minneapolis. But what unites them all is that they make some excellent…

  • SnC 347 – Racing with the sun

    SnC 347 – Racing with the sun

    With music ranging from the deliciously quirky pop to the downright “interesting”, you’re almost certain to find some point this week where our respective musical tastes coincide. Probably. This week we’ve tracks from LA, London, Marseille, Dublin, Regina and Winnipeg in Canada and the almost chewable Mönchengladbach in Germany as well as the inevitable track…