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  • SnC 413 – Getting brassy

    SnC 413 – Getting brassy

    We’ve a somewhat brassy theme to this week’s selection of new music from around the world with horn-infested tracks from The Wet Secrets, Kotorino and Sonic Ahmed.   Nightlife – The Wet Secrets (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Swampy bass lines, primal drumming, dancing ladies with brassy horn stacks, keys, congas, & vocal harmonies galore. Formed on…

  • SnC 406 – Sweet Soubrette

    SnC 406 – Sweet Soubrette

    An SnC special this week which focuses on one artist with a few tracks and a chance to hear about what makes music tick for her as well as the delights and trials of being a working musician in the hot-bed of musical endeavour that is Brooklyn, New York. Our guest is Ellia Bisker who…

  • SnC 401 – Brooklyn to Brighton

    SnC 401 – Brooklyn to Brighton

    A good showing from Brooklyn this week along with Italy, Cambridge, here in the UK, Santa Fe, Argentina and Nashville gaining a decent toe hold. We’ve got new about the UK’s most important festival of independent music and I’ll be pointing you to a mainstream radio programme I think you’ll find to be of interest.…