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  • SnC 336 – Atmospherics

    SnC 336 – Atmospherics

    Again, some rather interesting music this week with mostly very new material and an old favourite to close the show. It’s harvest time here in Suffolk, so the air is regularly filled with dust and the sound of agricultural machinery – sometimes way into the night. It is unfortunate that they seem to harvest when…

  • SnC 304 – Ten to watch in 2012

    SnC 304 – Ten to watch in 2012

    Inspired by an idea from my fellow AMP members, I really wanted to put out a show of tracks from artists who I think are worth keeping an eye on in 2012. When I sat down to compile the show, I found that I had at least two shows worth of talent, so this week…

  • SnC 275 – All over the shop

    SnC 275 – All over the shop

    Music from all over the shop this week although a couple are from Italy and news of another session at the barn coming up soon. I forgot to mention in the show that there is a +1 button just to the right here > give it a click if you “like”. I couldn’t resist using…