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  • SnC 347 – Racing with the sun

    SnC 347 – Racing with the sun

    With music ranging from the deliciously quirky pop to the downright “interesting”, you’re almost certain to find some point this week where our respective musical tastes coincide. Probably. This week we’ve tracks from LA, London, Marseille, Dublin, Regina and Winnipeg in Canada and the almost chewable Mönchengladbach in Germany as well as the inevitable track…

  • SnC 342 – No added NYC

    SnC 342 – No added NYC

    For the first time in a very long time, NO tracks from Brooklyn nor even anywhere else in New York. Eight cracking tracks though from Spain, London, Virginia, Australia, Canada, LA and Mexico. You’ll get the tracks at a bit of a canter since I’m getting close to the upload limit on the servers at…