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Please note, we are not accepting music submissions at this time

Suffolk’n’Cool ran a weekly show schedule for almost nine years. The final show was published in October 2014.

It was a blast and I’d like to think that we made a little bit of difference in getting great new music to its natural audience, you my lovely Suffolk’n’Cool listener.

It amazes me that even though the show is no longer generating new editions, the number of listeners has increased. People still seem to be discovering SnC. For that reason I’ll continue maintaining both the site and the archive of shows for as long as there’s a demand and I can afford the hosting!

We have no current plans to revive the show but, you never know. If you are subscribed the show will simply appear as a new episode in your podcast software.

To avoid having to deal with all the spam, I’m closing the mailing list for now.

Thanks for all your support,




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