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As well as free RSS and iTunes subscriptions that will deliver the show to you every week as a podcast, it’s also dead easy for you to keep up to date with the latest in the independent music we enjoy.

Just register with the mailing list and you’ll get updates and news – direct from the barn to your inbox, along with any occasional freebies, offers and deals that we can negotiate. I hope you’ll enjoy them 😉

Don’t worry, we plan to send you no more than the one update email per week/show.

We have some pretty exciting developments planned over the coming months and priority access will be given to our friends on the mailing list.

We hate unsolicited emails as much as you, so we’ll never pass your email address to anyone else for any purpose. End of. That’s why we use MailChimp to handle email subscriptions. It has robust security systems built right in. What’s more, opting out is even easier than opting in. Just click on the unsubscribe button on any email, at any time, and you’re done.

OK. Wanna click on the button? Then we can get hooked up through the Suffolk’n’Cool mailing list.

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