Site news

Site news

Do you remember the old Suffolk’n’Cool site?

The current SnC site has settled down pretty well but, as you can imagine, transferring almost seven years of shownotes, graphics and assocated files to the new site is quite an undertaking. Getting them to appear in the right place at the right time is seemingly endless!

Add to that the fact that media files are served from Libsyn in Pittsburg, the site is hosted with GoDaddy in Arizona, I run the site from here in Suffolk (UK) and the theme we are using is developed and supported in Indonesia and you’ll see that it really is the World Wide Web.

With a little help …

The music podcasting community is just brilliant, and populated with some great people.

Fellow AMP members Justin Wayne (The Justin Wayne Show) and Yannick Mauray (Euterpia Radio) are among the finest. They are doing some amazing development work from their bases in Washington State and Switzerland, (well SnC does describe itself as an international show) getting the site and the brand new HTML5 player (respectively) working just right. The debt is huge.


Of course, it would be great if everything worked perfectly first time and all the time, but life just isn’t like that. There will be problems – let’s face it, if there are no problems we just aren’t trying hard enough 😉

By that token, there will probably always be problems as we push on with new content and ideas for bringing it to you in the best, most attractive ways we can.

If you find things that don’t work or have ideas for how things could work better, I’d be very, very pleased to hear from you – the simplest way is to use the Contact page. Alternatively, you could just leave a public comment below if you like.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you’re enjoying the new site.


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  1. Peter C avatar

    It would appear that by moving the feed here from Libsyn, 20 recent shows have become duplicated in our iTunes subscription lists. Presumably other podcatchers have been similarly affected. I’m not sure there’s much we can do about that except apologise.
    If they are making too much clutter, I think they can be deleted safely.

    Just don’t delete your subscription eh!

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