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Electro vintage
A slice of the Speakeasy Sounds this week.

An enforced variation from the usual show (whatever that may be) this week, caused by my being laid up for the past few days with an infection in one of my lungs. I don’t think I’ve ever coughed so much but you should check my six-pack – OK, maybe not.

The upshot is that I’ve had no chance to trawl through the couple of hundred submissions that came in this week so they’ll be deferred until next week, when the competition for a slot will be even hotter!

This week we’re going to revisit an album that we mentioned back at the beginning of January from the Montreal based Speakeasy Electro Swing team which was founded in 2010 by DJ’s Eliazar, Don Mescal, and Khalil. They have been on the forefront of introducing the Electro Swing sound all across North America, and brought the Speakeasy Electro Swing Vol 1 compilation to fruition last spring to help on the journey.

800140DJ Eliazar is the founder of the Speakeasy Electro Swing nights in Montreal, which have now spread all over the world with Speakeasy nights happening in NYC, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Houston, Mexico City, Oklahoma City, Oslo, Barcelona, and Leeds.

In January we heard tracks from Speakeasy Electro Swing Vol. 1 This time we’re moving on to The Electro Vintage Sounds of the Speakeasy  Vol 2 which DJ Eliazar has compiled and which you can download complete or track by track quite free from Bandcamp at

All the info you need from the main site

800107As we constanly evolve and discover new things in life, Volume 2 is on the Electro Vintage theme, which includes Electro Blues, Gospel, and Soul to add to our love of Electro Swing.  Many artists are criss-crossing genre lines all the time, and as most of us are in love with all forms of old music, why not rework all the styles into a melange of fun.  After attending Jazzfest and Bluesfest in Chicago throughout my youth, there has always been a love for these styles of music in my veins.

We have called up some of the crew from the last compilation, and also invited many new faces whose tunes have been pumping out of speakers as I have been touring around a fair bit spreading the word of Electro Swing across North America and beyond.  We hope you support them and buy their music, as all of us are doing this for the love of music, and usually are always broke because of it.  Heck, I even have to pay 2 cents per DL of the album, but it is worth it to spread the toons, and hopefully you can help us out by supporting us by attending our shows, buying other music and merch, or donating to the cause.

Enjoy the day for all its potential, and dance more often, it always makes you feel better:)

DJ Eliazar


Man of Constant Sorrow – Mr Jennings (Richmond VA, USA)



Shake Your Hips – Warp9 & Essex Groove (Delémont, Switzerland)



Golden Gate Quartet – “Travelin’ Shoes” (Thornato Remix) – Thornato (NYC, USA)



Hypocrite Shoes (Bessie Smith & Friends) – Eclectic Mick (Aber-Arth, Wales)


Crothers Gonna Work It Out – DJ August (Pécs, Hungary)


Don’t forget, there are 35 more tracks on the FREE album! That should keep you busy until next week 😉



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