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I think we have an slightly different feeling show this week. Not so much for the locations of the artists, they’re from Sydney and Perth in Australia, LA and Brooklyn in the USA, there are a couple from the Netherlands and Stockholm, Sweden also makes its presence felt.

It’s more for the sound. I seems to have stumbled upon a fine selection which tickle my bass loving fancy, and there are some really very interesting tracks in terms of composition and performance.

So listen up. They might well tickle your fancy too!

I just had to show you this pic. Snow on the beach at the harbour end of the beach at Southwold. Taken into the teeth of an intensely cold easterly wind. Ouch!


Blow That Horn – Kitty Clementine (Sydney, Australia)

She began in the underworld of Sydney’s artist-run spaces, warehouses and speakeasies. She could be singing a jazz ballad one moment, a baroque aria the next, and screaming indeterminate noise for the encore. She was known for giving performances comprising of song, spoken word poetry, and performance art. She directed bands built out of hybrid instruments, junk percussion, and choirs. Though many knew her for these off-the-wall productions, few realised where she came from.

The journey began with a plane ticket to New Orleans. She had two months in North America with little money, and no plans except to embrace every experience and use it to write enough material for an album.

The trip took her from the bawdy bars and tattoo parlors of the French quarter, on a journey that had her hitching through Alabama, North Carolina, up to Seattle, through San Francisco and eventually back to Los Angeles.

Kitty Clementine arrived in LA off the back of a pickup truck, with a book full of new songs, to a serendipitous week in Jeff Bova’s studio. Together they laid down an album in seven days. It will be available from March 6th on Clumpty Records.




Help the Bombardier – Catgut (UK)

I’ve been playing Catgut’s idiosyncratic and totally distinctive music sinceMilky Bar Kid back on show 30 in September 2006.

This track is from the new album Sucker which you can preview on Bandcamp and which is being launched at the wonderful Notting Hill Arts Club in London next Tuesday 21st February. That should be a good show. Get there if you can and gat a free download of the entire album.

It has been fascinating to hear Catgut’s music evolve and move on. I always think that is such a good sign!



Gills – I Am Oak (Netherlands)

I Am Oak is the folk/experimental project formed around Dutch singer-songwriter Thijs Kuijken. Described by the 3VOOR12 judges as “night songs” and “songs that take you on a journey,” Kuijken’s truly unique sound is created by manipulating minimalistic sounds into complex and gentle sound arrays using his own voice as the main backbone complemented by guitar, banjo, organ, beats, and samples, all produced and arranged out of his bedroom.

In 2010, after the release of their debut melancholic folk LP On Clawsto critical acclaim, I Am Oak was invited to be a part of over sixty-five tours and festivals throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemborg, Switzerland, and the UK, including a sold out show at the Unitarian Church as part of the Great Escape festival.

On January 12, 2012 I Am Oak released the Skulk EP via Snowstar Records in the Netherlands. The first single from the EP, is “Gills”.


For Feeling – TicTicBoom (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

The two founding members, Mike DeLay and Leilani Francisco, live together above their home studio in Los Angeles and invest everything in Tic Tic Boom! They pride themselves in independently handcrafting everything from start to finish—from the home recordings to screen-printed merch and DIY music videos. In April 2012, the duo will release their third EP Before the Sun Rises, which promises to be stronger, dreamier, darker, and a major evolution of their sound from their previous releases.

DeLay moved to Los Angeles from Seattle in 2001 with his previous band, but not long after, things started to unravel. In the meantime, Mike had befriended fellow bartender Francisco and she had introduced him to some songs she had written. Their relationship—-musical and romantic—-blossomed from there. They moved into Mike’s back-alley rehearsal studio and holed up for a year just writing and practicing. The band released their first punk-influenced EP How to Defuse a Bomb in 2008.

The live band comprises:

Leilani Francisco – Lead Vocals, Keys

Mike DeLay – Guitar, Vocals

Matt Gurgol – Bass, Backing Vocals

Trevor Hunnicutt – Drums

As last March, the band will be performing at unofficial venues for Austin’s SXSW. They have also confirmed a residency at Los Angeles’ Lot 1 Café for May 2012.


Animalia – Voltaire Twins (Perth W. Australia)

Voltaire Twins are a Perth-based indie dance quartet consisting of lead vocalists/synthesiser players Jaymes and Tegan, with drummer Matt and bass synthesiser player Jack.

The band’s latest single Animalia was launched at a sell-out show in Perth in August 2011. The accompanying music video by Perth film maker Ben Young took out Gold at the ACA awards and was voted the 7th most popular video of the year by viewers of ABCTV’s Rage.

The band has toured Australia extensively, including a three week sold-out stint supporting Tim & Jean on their Like What album tour in May 2011.

They are at SXSW and at Canadian Music Week in Toronto next


Balrog Boogie – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Stockholm, Sweden)

A track I played way back in July 2009 on SnC176.

I see they are currently working on their third album which, according to their Twitter is 51:56 long and is expected to release any time soon.

They are apparently playing some dates in South America including La Quinta, Caracas, Venezuela on 24 May and Buenos Aires, Argentina on 30th May. They are working on dates in Europe for later in the summer.


60-40 Riddim – Dr Remix (Amsterdam)

A track from Angel Dust Records’ first release  a compilation album which is available on Jamendo.

Living in Amsterdam with a strong passion for multi-media creations, 46 year old Dr. RemiX creates a reggae-ish tune every once in a while and shares his music for free on the world wide web…

Dr. RemiX creates his music at home with an old 2 octave Oxygen8 MIDI keyboard and any music creation software he can lay his hands on.

“For me making music, or any other artform I practice, is purely hobby/ home entertainment oriented. It’s like solving a crossword puzzle, you fill in a few blanks and new solutions or possibilities appear. I always have that great feeling of excitement once I think the puzzle is solved, that’s my reward!”

The name Dr. RemiX was given to him by his Beatclub students in an Amsterdam youthcenter. The youngsters found his beats Dr. Dré sounding and as his real name is Remi, the name Dr. RemiX was an inescapable AKA fact.

The direct link to the album is

You’ll know that Angel Dust is the label of my buddy Pete Cogle who has this week decided to leave the Association of Music Podcasting – oh boy will we miss him?


Battle For Britain – The Wee Trio (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Roughly one year ago, guitarist Cliff Hines brought together a cadre of New Orleans’ finest musicians to perform the music of David Bowie. Among those assembled was James Westfall, vibraphonist/composer and one third of The Wee Trio.

This idea of performing Bowie’s music coincided with the groundwork for the band’s third album. What followed was the recording of Ashes To Ashes – A David Bowie Intraspective, a deep exploration into the eclectic icon’s music, and the band’s follow up to their first two critically acclaimed albums, Capitol Diner Vol. 1, and Capitol Diner Vol. 2 Animal Style.

Hailed by critics as “the ambassadors of the genre’s future,” praised for “stirring up jazz you don’t have to be old to enjoy,” the Wee Trio finds ways to break boundaries encompassing their other roots in rock and fusion. Each member is a leader in their own right, but together as The Wee Trio, Westfall, Loomis and Schonig represent one of the highly creative groups pushing jazz and improvised music in exciting and innovative new directions.

If you are in NY, they are playing Le Poisson Rouge on Bleeker Street on Feb 28.



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