SnC 307a

Hey Folks

For the first time in a very long time, I’m not able to offer you a Suffolk ‘n’ Cool this week.

We have an elderly, confused and frail relation living with us who requires 24 hour care. After a month of night duty (and no sleep) every other night and a lot of hard graft every day, this week something had to give. I’m really sorry that it is SnC, it is one thing that has been keeping me motivated and sane.

I’m hopeful that it will only be this week and that we’ll have a more sustainable regime in place very soon.

In the meantime please check out what Codger and the like are playing over at AMP and be sure to give this excellent video from Jordan Reyne a look. She does have a way with a song that woman!

All being well, I’ll catch you next week.








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