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A slightly more country feel than seems quite normal this week, at least to a couple of tracks. There’s also a pre-release exclusive from what I believe to be one of the most talented artists around at the moment and much merriment besides. 
The show closes out with a pre-release play of a track from the legendary Dave Stewart.
Mention of Park Slope Brooklyn made me hunt out this picture taken on 5th Avenue – check the street view, here’s the Google maps link:

Let’s get loaded – The Fervor (Louisville, KY, USA)
Forged in the hothouse that is Louisville’s indie-rock scene, The Fervor has been known to deliver unpretentious rock ’n’ roll replete with eerie, ambient guitar riffs and soul-laid-bare vocals of gut wrenching intensity. Since formally delivering a well-timed sonic punch to the music scene with their 2007 debut, Bleeder, The Fervor, led by the harmonious alto crooning and glistening keys of Natalie Felker, has criss-crossed the Eastern half of the United States and drawn crowds at festivals including CMJ and Forecastle. With the addition of Michael Campbell on bass and Mat Herron providing steady, trance-inducing beats, they’ve just released their second full-length studio album, Arise, Great Warrior, just released on Removador (MP3), Karate Body (LP) and SonaBLAST! (CD).
Recorded in part at San Francisco in Mission Bells (Jackie Greene, The Mother Hips) and Radical Sounds (Rogue Wave), and in the band’s hometown of Louisville, this seven-song collection showcases deeper, denser sounds of layered texture that all but drip with the syrupy sunshine of mellow West Coast vibes.
They are playing Zanzabar in Louiville on Friday night and are at Secret Stages in Birmingham AL on May 15th. You can catch them playing on the live stream from WFPK Radio in Louisville on Live Lunch, also on Friday detail at

Les Yeux Clos – Beltim (France)
Beltim is a musical project initiated by the multi-instrumentalist Marc-Albéric Lestage whose first album, entitled L’échappée belle, was released in November 2008. 
Beltim was born from a simple idea : to work on small snapshots that emphasize the melodies, without being afraid to use shortcuts. To ignore styles and trends, under cover of an intuitive orchestration… 
Through an unlikely combination of instruments, L’échappée belle is the first expression of this musical journey in which we will obviously recognize some familiar resonances, but also the immodest desire to tickle curious ears of the world. 
From strange moods to quiet atmospheres, and from nostalgic tunes to convoluted themes, here are the first steps of an unclassifiable music always ready to be tamed.
ALSO (and not a lot of people know this 😉
Also known as May Eve or the Night of the Walpurgis, Beltim marks the arrival of summer in the celtic year. It is traditionally celebrated on the eve of May 1st.
A time of unbridled merriment, Beltim was the celebration of the heart of spring and of life blossoming. At night fall, druids used to light up great fires on hilltops.
Through this magical ritual, they mimic the sun’s light and call on it to triumph over a waning winter. Jumping between two fires was moreover supposed to attract prosperity as well as health for one’s cattle.
In the countryside, young people used to spend the entire night making love in the woods whereas older couples were allowed to take off wedding rings (and forget the constraints that went with them).
In the morning, all would return to the village carrying huge bunches of hawthorn and gather to dance around the May tree. The latter represented the union between the Earth Goddess and the Sun God : the pole symbolised the God and the ribbons around it the Goddess.
Beltim was thus a celebration of flowers, fertility, sensuality and pleasure !

Iron Horse – Iron Horse (Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA)
Iron Horse was formed in 2000 in the famous hit recording capital of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The band consists of four members including Vance Henry, guitar, lead & tenor vocals; Anthony Richardson, banjo, baritone & bass vocals; Ricky Rogers, bassist, baritone & lead vocals; and Tony Robertson, mandolin, lead & tenor vocals. 
In January 2003 the band was approached to record a tribute album to the heavy metal band, Metallica, which was released in October 2003.

A Woman Scorned – Jordan Reyne (New Zealand / London)
A special airing of a track from Jordan Reyne’s quite stunning new album Children of a Factory Nation. I’ve had a preview of the album and it is, quite frankly, stunning.
Children of a factory nation, the new album from Jordan Reyne, is a tour de force, not just to be impressed by, but also an album in which to get totally and gloriously lost. Every track is pure Jordan Reyne and yet there is masses of variety from “traditional” ballads to the essence of pure rock.
Her signature use of industrial and found sounds could be dismissed as just a gimmick – until you hear the intelligent and measured ways in which she uses them to enhance her songs. Her fabulously expressive voice and playing is fortunately complemented by the hallmark of a real musician – finely-tuned ears. 
The overall effect is of a musician of serious intent and driven passion for her craft and for the people she sings about. The recording / mastering gives the impression that her voice is just inches from your ear – deliciously disturbing. 
Jordan Reyne is carving a her own niche in the sometimes monotonous world of contemporary music. This is truly independent music that will surely (if there is any justice in this world) reach its audience.
I’m planning to meet up with Jordan and bring you some more tracks from Children of a Factory Nation. Release time is in a couple of weeks or so. 
If this album is Jordan’s once in a lifetime “masterpeice”, she should always feel very proud of it. Something tells me that she has the appetite and talent to climb to even greater heights.

Jordan Reyne Creative Arts

Music, visual art, books and dream interpretaion. Jordan’s latest interview. Jordan talks about her album Chapter Zero, her new direction in art, and the dark side of the mother narrative. Official Videos (Youtube Playlist) A playlist of all the videos to date of Jordan Reyne’s music, from 1997 to the present.

Cairo – Max Carmichael (Silver City, New Mexico, USA)
Fires, floods, volcanoes, vision quests in the wilderness. Ya know, the typical musician stuff. Throw in science, technology and a stunning array of musical skills, and you’ve got a standard issue day for ambient electronic folk rocker Max Carmichael.
Carmichael’s work is a truly unique blend of the Bohemian, the idealist, the nerd, and the adventurer. It’s the sound of a complex sophisticated nature boy with just enough dogma to keep him tense and just enough liberation to keep him potent.
Speaking of where’s he at now, “I think of myself these days more as a composer than a musician or experimenter. My primary focus is making my music as accessible as possible. Experimental music is amazing, but it can be alienating to the listener. I want to make music that explores sound and is also something people can listen to.” And he’s done exactly that, releasing two short solo albums in November of 2010. With different yet complimentary styles, Promised Land and   are experimental, rhythmically complex collections heavily influenced by African, Scottish, Caribbean, Russian, and Latin cultures.

Max Carmichael

Arts and wisdom inspired by the mysteries of nature and the human heart, from a scientifically-trained outdoorsman devoted to the Southern Pauite Homelands of the American Southwest

Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) Legal Pack
Australian artists are being given a hand to navigate the legal complexities of the music industry thanks to a valuable free resource – AMIN’s new Music Industry Legal Pack.
Covering everything from management contracts to producer and remixer agreements, these fact sheets and checklists are aimed at equipping artists with some of the basic legal knowledge they need to deal with an increasingly complex industry.
This resource is not a substitute for professional legal advice, but it recognises the need for artists and industry to understand contracts put before them.
AMIN has also developed  a detailed tax checklist for musicians that includes advice on how to set up a business, registering for GST, and what artists can claim when preparing their tax returns.
This resource was developed in consultation with industry and with assistance from entertainment law firm Simpsons and financial services company Moneypenny.

Remains – White Belt Yellow Tag (Northern England, UK)
White Belt Yellow Tag are essentially the creation of Justin Lockey (ex Yourcodenameis:Milo) and Craig Pilbin, who formed in 2008. Lockey had built up a reputation as one of the UK’s leading new band producers having worked with White Lies and Late Of The Pier. 
Sometimes things take a little time to come together. Then when they finally do, they suddenly propel themselves forwards at light-speed, such is their perfectly locked chemistry. So it is with Justin Lockey and Craig Pilbin.
Self produced and mixed by Chris Potter (The Verve, Blur), further endorsing their audible caliber. The addition of Tom Bellamy (a multi-instrumentalist formerly of The Cooper Temple Clause) as a full-time member on drums has furthered the bands expansive sound. 
Lockey had bumped into Pilbin up in Newcastle; Lockey knew his way around a studio and Pilbin had a bunch of songs he wanted to try out.
 The two consequently began working together and the relationship soon developed beyond producer and writer, as they shared duties playing all the instruments rather than waste time recruiting a band.
 While their debut album ‘Methods’ saw it’s release in the UK in summer 2010, on May 10,  White Belt Yellow Tag are releasing their US debut EP, “You’re Not Invincible” through MB3 Records.

Letterbomb – The Find (Mansfield, UK)
Previously known as PAM but changing their name to The Find due to people expecting to see a female fronted band, the band under their new name are now beginning to create a huge buzz on the UK music scene.
Having had an extended 5 week break in Nashville, USA due to the volcanic ash catastrophe in Iceland, The Find used this additional time to complete their latest self titled EP.  Since the release, the band have recorded a video at The London Palladium and received exposure on a number of local radio stations and publications.  The result of this publicity has seen them invited to perform at venues such as the Cavern in Liverpool, Rock City in Nottingham as well as Wilby Mod’s & Rockers Festival. 
Further information on The Find including information on how you can purchase their material and soon to be announced gig dates can be found at

AMPed 280: It turned out to be me!
Next week, 281 is coming from Alan Carr at Darkhorse Radio.

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Magic in the Blues – Dave Stewart (UK)
An exciting new album project from Artist/Producer/Director and Eurythmics co-founder, Dave Stewart.  His new album, The Blackbird Diaries is set to be released on Tuesday, June 28th 2011.  Recently completed in Nashville, the album was produced by Dave Stewart and Mike Bradford and was recorded and mixed by John McBride at his famed Blackbird Studio.   The Blackbird Diaries is set to feature all new material including a co-write with Bob Dylan as well as duets with Stevie Nicks, Martina McBride, Colbie Caillat and features The Secret Sisters. Dave is backed throughout the album by a stellar assortment of musicians on the album including guitarist Tom Bukovac, drummer Chad Cromwell, bassist Michael Rhodes, steel guitarist Dan Dugmore and Mike Rojas on piano.  As an integral part of Stevie Nicks new album, “In Your Dreams,” (he was co-producer, co-writer, photographer, performer and movie director) Dave has been invited by Stevie as her special guest to perform at Webster Hall in New York City on May 4th.

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