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Suffolk ‘n’ Cool this week features a miscellany of music from London, Denmark, Manchester, New York, Washington, Nova Scotia, Brooklyn and Los Angeles.
A chill sea mist in over Southwold creates a great atmosphere, even if it is a bit cold. The Adnams pubs around the town seem even more attractive though.

Risen – Hey Gravity! (London, UK)
First played on SnC 005 in February 2006. Blimey – that’s a long time ago! I’m not even sure if the band is still going, the last login on their MySpace was two years ago.
Don’t worry I’ve not gone all retro on you. I’d just like you to keep that sound in mind until later.
Two girl / three boy dynamic UK based guitar band fronted by electric chanteuse / singer Justine Berry. The have great songs and will quite simply rock your socks off.
“Hey Gravity! are bringing quite an unfamiliar flair to the business of heavy riffing. Undoubtedly raw, but with some of the anthemic qualities of the classic FM rock single, singer Justine brings a touch of Polly Harvey to their Bachman Turner Overdrive, which makes all this quite a refreshing change.” NME
Sounds like: “an express train running off the rails into a Tesco’s.”

Playing for Change Episode 43 
Another cracking live video recording, this time filmed in Bamako, Mali where former Tuareg soldiers turned blues musicians Tinriwen were filmed under a large tree in a local yard. A hugely understated performance through which the music just flows, quite naturally. I urge you to take a look on the PFC site, at

Official Website | Playing For Change

Playing For Change entire library of Songs Around The World, Live Outside, PFC Band, Mark’s Park videos. Featuring artists like Slash, Carlos Santana, John Paul Jones, Keith Richards, Sara Bareilles, Jack Johnson, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Keb’ Mo’, Taj Mahal

My Sea – CALLmeKAT (Hovedstaden, Denmark)
OK, I know I only played her track Flower in the Night a couple of weeks ago but really, this is quirky good.
Living in New York for most of 2010, Katrine collaborated with Joe Magistro (Prophet Omega, The Black Crowes) to finish her international debut When Owls Are Out mastered by Chris Athens of Sterling Sound, NYC. A hand numbered, limited first edition will be for sale exclusively at CMK shows and at select stores, in 2011, with a proper release date to be determined.
Sumptuous video for this track, My Sea, at:
You can download it free (at least you can right now) from:

My Disguise – Epiphany (Manchester, UK)
Epiphany have been creating a huge buzz on the Manchester music scene.
Their new EP Mr Nightmare, is available to purchase on iTunes and all other major download sites. 
They are a relatively young band:
Ben Fridhaim, 22 – vocals Lewis Stonehouse, 19 – Guitar Alex Cohen, 24 – Synth Alex Fagelman, 21 – Bass Danny Alexander, 20 – Drums
Further information on Epiphany including tour dates and details on how you can purchase their material can be found at:

Another Sabbath Reunion?
Digital Music News reports that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne owe the IRS $1.7 million. Circulating documents show unpaid taxes of $718,948 from 2008, and $1.024 million from 2009. That has prompted the IRS to put a lien on the famous Osbourne residence, according to Rolling Stone.  In other words, they take the chateau if the money’s too slow.       
Whether they have the money is another question, though one California tax attorney told Digital Music News that this sort of behavior is unwise for celebrities.  “They’re so high-profile, I’m not sure what they’re thinking,” the source relayed. “Things like Rolls-Royces already set off alarm bells, but people like [Wesley] Snipes are easy to catch and made examples of.”  Snipes was convicted on a myriad of tax evasion violations and schemes, and is currently serving a multi-year sentence at McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania.

Keen – Liz Queler & Seth Farber (New York, NY, USA)
Releasing April 8, 2011, The Edna Project is an album of original music set to the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay, and began with a book given to Liz by Seth’s mother a few years ago. While frustrated with a spell of writer’s block, Liz decided to pull the book down and compose to a poem, just as an exercise to get the creative matter moving. It clicked, really clicked for her, and before long she had ravenously consumed every word written by or about Edna. Deeply inspired, she and Seth set off on composing a full collection of songs set to Edna’s poetry. The Edna Project is musically rooted in Liz & Seth’s signature folk/rock/bluegrass sound, but also shows the playful tendencies of their jazz and blues backgrounds
From the youngest years, Liz was on the world’s greatest stages. As the daughter of famed opera conductor Eve Queler, she grew up performing at Lincoln Center as a member of the NYC Opera Children’s Chorus, and went on as an adult to study jazz piano and guitar at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her love of songwriting led her back home to New York after Berklee, where she broke into the contemporary side of the music scene as a backup singer for Cliff Eberhardt. Over time, her star as a solo performer rose with three solo albums.
Seth, also a New York native raised by musical parents, came up on the blues and rock side of things. The clubs of Bleecker Street broke him in and led to his first major job as musical director for Willy “Mink” DeVille. Mixed in with over 30 European tours with DeVille were recording sessions and performances with Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Lucinda Williams, Roseanne Cash and Joan Osborne, a six-year run as the assistant conductor and keyboardist for the Broadway musical Hairspray, and composing work for various projects.

Sound Rules in NYC & LA (via Hummingbird)
The House Research Institute (HRI) announced that it will host ” Sound Rules! A Sound & Hearing Celebration” for teens at the Director’s Guild of America (DGA) Theatre in New York City on May 4. The after-school event, that is designed to encourage healthy hearing practices among teens, is free and will feature Paul Stanley, the frontman and co-founder of the iconic band KISS, NYC indie-band “I Love Monsters” as well as House Clinic Otologist M. Jennifer Derebery, M.D. There is a similar opportunity on the west coast at Directors Guild of America, LA, CA   in May 12th.
 The two-hour event — part of HRI’s healthy hearing teen initiative “It’s How You Listen that Counts®” which has educated millions of teens around the world since 2006 — will feature a fun-filled, information-packed agenda while addressing the pervasive issue of noise-induced hearing loss among teens. According to a recent study published in JAMA, one out of five teens suffers from hearing loss — a 30 percent increase from just 15 years ago. More than one third of these cases are caused by over-exposure to sound levels above 85 dB.
 “As a rock musician I’ve seen the damage caused by noise-induced hearing loss first hand. It’s important to get the word out to young people who may be damaging their hearing – often times without even knowing it,” commented Paul Stanley.  “Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, but it’s easily preventable without any sacrifice to the listening experience. The ‘Sound Rules!’ event is a cool way for teens to learn about healthy hearing while having a great time. My profession may give me more credibility in some eyes than the advice of a doctor. If you won’t listen to someone in a white coat, listen to someone in black leather!”
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 4 between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.    
Location: The Director’s Guild of America (DGA) Theatre, 110 West 57th Street, New York, NY
and in LA on May 12th.

Illusions – High Ceiling (Shelton, Washington, USA)
Washington’s High Ceiling has played hundreds of shows alongside some of the biggest names in Jam-Rock and Reggae. 
When High Ceiling formed in 2004, the group had an early love and admiration for roots reggae music and also the jazz influenced musicianship, improvised playing, and eclectic sound of bands in the jam scene. Through their years of continued musical study and the growth that comes from playing music together week after week, year after year, the group’s playing evolved until they were writing songs in a style truly all their own; a unique fusion of reggae, funk, and trance music with unpredictable instrumental tangents.
The band has released two CD’s, and now they have really managed to capture their energetic live show on their second full length studio album, Illusions.
The group organizes its own festival, the Skok Valley Music Rally. This weekend long music festival takes place in July or August near Shelton, WA and features many of the best bands in the region in a cool outdoor setting. Plans for the 2010 event are currently underway.
Joel Black/Bass-Vocals, Trail Black/Guitar-Vocals, Frank Fox/Drums, Gabe Olson/Percussion, Bob Wake/Keyboards-Vocals

High Ceiling | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos

High Ceiling’s profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

Without My Love – Carmen Townsend (Sydney, NS, Canada)
You can call Carmen Townsend’s music many things, but reserved isn’t one of them. As polite as she may be in person, within Townsend lives a voice much louder than she lets on in conversation. It’s one that manifests itself onstage through her raucous live sets, full of an intensity that has been building throughout Townsend’s career as a musician.
Born and raised in Cape Breton Island on the Atlantic Coast of Canada, Townsend has been making music her whole life. 
“I came from a very isolated rural community. For me, it was either spin records or go into the woods and run around. I’ve always been obsessed with records, eight-tracks and classic rock,” says Townsend, giving insight into her upbringing as a musician. “Music has always been a part of my life, but after touring around with all kinds of bands and just being in the background, I decided that things were looking up enough for me to do things on my own. Sing my songs for people.”
Make no mistake. Music is a way of life for Carmen Townsend. Now is the time for the world to hear her voice. Brace yourself. It’s louder than you think.

Blues + Beat
A quite compelling video promo for the excellent Blues & Beat album on Black and Tan.

miXendorp / Blues + Beat a collection of remixes, reinventions and rejuvenations Forget the past. It’s dead, and so is the way you used to think about blues. miX&dorp blasts new life into the style by blending modern beats and blasts from the future into existing tracks for a fresh sound that makes the rhythmic heart of the blues beat stronger than ever.

Close – The Problems (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
The Powder Blue Bone CD arrived at the Barn this week. A rich and engaging blend of roots rock, pop, country, alternative, and even a splash of punk. That’s the way lead singer and songwriter Frank Caiafa likes it. “We hate being pigeonholed into one category,” Caiafa explains. “Because of this band’s ability to play whatever the songs demand, the songs take on a life of their own.”
That dynamic fuelled the creative process behind ‘Powder Blue Bone’, The Problems’ second full-length independent release following the success of their self-titled debut in 2001. But whereas the first album was written and recorded in a short span of time, ‘Powder Blue Bone’ was a project three years in the making, with all sorts of twists and turns along the way. “My original concept was for more of a ‘rock’ record, bringing in friends and musicians that would help in that direction,” Caiafa recalls. A serendipitous meeting with Eddy Goldberg and Kate Kilbane, however, convinced Caiafa to reconsider his plans. “It became apparent quite quickly that those songs and that concept just weren’t in the cards,” he says, “so I wound up scrapping or rearranging almost an album’s worth of material to then fit into a more rootsy arena.”
Thanks to Frank for mailing it over to me.

The Problems

Website and band page of the New York City based band, The Problems.

Puzzle Pieces – Saint Motel (Los Angeles)
The explosive, cinematic, indie-pop band Saint Motel is, to put it best, hard to resist, and damn fun. In the world of Saint Motel, nothing bows to convention: Stages become forests and living rooms, and shows become kaleidoscopic mind explosions in 3D. This theatrically creative world is due in large part to the fact that the gentlemen of Saint Motel share a distinct interest in cinema. The band’s keen visual sensibility has yielded an array of stunningly original videos that accompany songs from their recently released debut EP ForPlay, released via the band’s label On The Records, and the physical or digital version of ForPlay includes the free added bonus of the beautiful, ultra-conceptualized videos for each song.
APR 16 Ford Park, Vail, Colorado, US
MAY 7 Antenna Magazine Party (PRIVATE), Los Angeles, CA
MAY 21 The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA , US

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