SnC 264 – Hans and Lottie find love


As quirky a selection of fine new tunes as you could ever wish to hear in Suffolk’n’Cool this week with artists from Denmark, New York, Nederland, France, Canada and São Paulo, Brasil. 
Spring has sprung big-time in the pond next to the Suffolk’n’Cool barn. This week the ground and pond is a-quiver with frogs, singly, in pairs and in full-blown orgies, getting it on. 
This pair were biding their time before plopping into the water. The picture should be captioned “Hans and Lottie discover that love is a many splendoured thing”
Random Words – Some Community (São Paulo, Brasil) 
Music often goes beyond melodies, harmonies, arrangements, lyrics, and live performances. There’s that one thing that no artist in the world can manufacture formulaically, and that something is energy. This invisible thing that comes directly from the veins, throats, and pores of the musician seeps from Brazil’s most promising indie-rock band, Some Community. Forming in 2009 the five piece that met in Prep School, has been combining delicious songs with an exciting presentation, and will drop a musical bomb on this years SxSW, so get ready.
The band consists of Juliana Vacaro who delivers charming and delirious vocals as well as: Veronica Vacaro (keyboards and guitar), Marco Frugiuele (percussion), Gabriela Gonzalez (guitar), and Fernando Fernandes, who brings lead guitar into the mix. This clashing of talent and instruments is augmented and punctuated by an array of casio-tones and melodica (played by all) in arrangements sweet enough to give you a cavity, yet hard hitting enough to knock that tooth right out.
Flower in the night – CALLmeKAT (Hovedstaden, Denmark)
Known for her melancholic, melodic pop CALLmeKAT is the moniker of Danish singer, keyboardista and composer, Katrine Ottosen. With her vintage keyboards and a voice that sets her apart from the masses, CALLmeKAT creates music where live samples, haunting bass lines and a broken omnichord dance together under the twilight of the moon.
In 2008 CALLmeKAT released I’m In A Polaroid Where Are You? (EP) and ‘Fall Down’ both of which made the media in her native Denmark fall head over heels, while word quickly trickled across to the U.S. with nods in Billboard, Spinner, and Interview Magazine.
Living in New York for most of 2010, Katrine collaborated with Joe Magistro (Prophet Omega, The Black Crowes) to finish her international debut When Owls Are Out mastered by Chris Athens of Sterling Sound, NYC. A hand numbered, limited first edition will be for sale exclusively at CMK shows and at select stores, in 2011, with a proper release date to be determined.
March 24 – Rockwood Music Hall 8 PM 
April 1 – Big Band Cafe, Caen, FR
April 2 – Astrolabe, Orleans, FR
Sumptuous video for My Sea at:
Innocent – Madison Square Gardeners (Brooklyn, NYC, USA)
The members of Brooklyn’s Madison Square Gardeners have a long pedigree as backing musicians for artists like Ben Kweller, The New York Dolls and Jill Sobule, to name a few.
Teeth of Champions continues their output of, “Twangy pop songs” (Time Out NY) with intoxicating harmonies, yet broadens their songwriting palette, ranging from the screaming telecasters of “Little Bit Of Heart” to the alt-rock influenced “Record Store.”  Southern vibes fill “Stand By You” and the harmony laden retro-folk turned guitar rocker “Miracle Mile.” A soulful groove anchors “Innocent”.
March 24 – Cleveland, OH – The Grog Shop
March 25 – Lakewood, OH – The Avenue Tap House
March 26 – Pittsburgh, PA – Brillobox 
April 1 – Brooklyn, NY – Southpaw
April 2 – Boston, MA – Lizard Lounge

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Sweatshop – De Staat (Nijmegen, Nederland)
It all started as a one man project by the Dutch singer, musician and composer Torre Florim. As a graduating project from his Music Production studies he wrote, played and produced the stunning debut album ‘Wait For Evolution’. Though before it was even released, De Staat was already a full grown band. Since then – early 2009 – the band established itself as the most exciting new rock band that Holland had to offer in a very long time. Their concerts got unanimous rave reviews. Their stage reputation grew so fast that within a year the band played festivals from the likes of Sziget, Pinkpop, Lowlands, Dour and took on the acclaimed John Peel Stage at Glastonbury.
A couple of years later, when De Staat went to record ‘Machinery’, this time with a full band in tow, the options were much bigger. The challenge was to define the sound through the contributions and interaction of each member of the band. Not only would the album be a team effort instead of Torre recording by himself at home, with nothing more than two cheap mics, one dusty old laptop and one beginners guitar (the one’s that come with a small amp and a bag included). They also have some expectations to live up to, they have to prove all the fuss around them was well-deserved.
Fortunately ‘Machinery’ meets all those expectations. The album is described by the band as a “gut-inducing slab of psycho funk.” It’s a dark sonic adventure that takes the listener through underground caves of blues, funk and electro where halal butchers, serial killers, whistleblowers, rats and sweat-covered bodybuilders cross paths. 
24 MAR 2011 PANCHO’S Chicago, IL (USA)
6 APR 2011 BARFLY CAMDEN London (UK)
7 APR 2011 THE DEAF INSTITUTE Manchester (UK)
8 APR 2011 BODEGA SOCIAL CLUB Nottingham (UK)
9 APR 2011 THE LOUISIANA Bristol (UK)
Wicked – Fresh Body Shop (Nantes, France) Jamendo
From the album Bring Me Down. I can’t actually find a lot about FBS. If you discover something, let me know and we’ll put it in this space 😉
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Battle Royale – The Balconies (Ottawa via Toronto, Canada)
Ottawa by way of Toronto’s own, The Balconies broke from their time in the studio to play 3 sets at this year’s Canadian Music Festival. Later this month they will play at JunoFest. The band has been holed up in a Toronto studio with well-known producer Jon Drew working on a 7 inch they will release in the spring and their full length album.
We last heard from The Balconies  a while ago on SnC 183. Since then they’ve released a rather fine video for that track at: and we’ll be looking forward to hearing the new recordings.

This domain may be for sale!

Cog in the machine – Will Knox (Williamsburg, New York)
Will Knox has a new album releasing on Friday called Lexicon my copy just arrived  – in the form of a comic book, with a download code. It’s very frustrating but I’m saving listening to it until I can give it my full and undivided attention.
Last Dance Mine – The Problems (Brooklyn, NYC)
A rich and engaging blend of roots rock, pop, country, alternative, and even a splash of punk. That’s the way lead singer and songwriter Frank Caiafa likes it. “We hate being pigeonholed into one category,” Caiafa explains. “Because of this band’s ability to play whatever the songs demand, the songs take on a life of their own.”
That dynamic fueled the creative process behind ‘Powder Blue Bone’, The Problems’ second full-length independent release following the success of their self-titled debut in 2001. But whereas the first album was written and recorded in a short span of time, ‘Powder Blue Bone’ was a project three years in the making, with all sorts of twists and turns along the way. “My original concept was for more of a ‘rock’ record, bringing in friends and musicians that would help in that direction,” Caiafa recalls. A serendipitous meeting with Eddy Goldberg and Kate Kilbane, however, convinced Caiafa to reconsider his plans. “It became apparent quite quickly that those songs and that concept just weren’t in the cards,” he says, “so I wound up scrapping or rearranging almost an album’s worth of material to then fit into a more rootsy arena.”

The Problems

Website and band page of the New York City based band, The Problems.






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