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A somewhat unusual mix of music on SnC this week, possibly the effect of this past Monday, being Feb 14th and all that that entails but some the mix of music is relatively melodic and love seems to be in the air. Ah well, let’s just go with it. There are a couple of Jemendo tracks too.
I sometimes become very conscious of how fortunate I am to live in Suffolk. This is Rackhams, the water mill where I get my heating fuel from – for real! 
Cracker Asylum – Crackin’ Rubato (Madrid, Spain)
ROTY340: Producción, edición, percusiones y teclados.
JULIO MÉNDEZ: Saxofón Tenor y guitarra.
DIEGO PÉREZ CALVO (Mr. Groovito): Bajo eléctrico y guitarra.
This album is a project of empirical experimentation and self-destructive purposes dream. If you get to enjoy it .. is that as bad as us … please: GET HELP!’_Rubato
Darling Dearest – Xylos (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Brooklyn quintet XYLOS’s unconditional love-themed track, “Darling Dearest,” was Monday’s — Valentine’s Day if you’ve forgotten — free MP3 download on AOL Spinner.  Get it here
It’s a timeless slice of electro-pop, with ethereal vocals, a yearning, wistful chorus and lyrics that explore the expectations of love.
Vocalist/bassist Monika Heidemann explains: “‘Darling Dearest’ entertains the notions of ideal love, what we all hope for whether we know it or not. It’s about accepting someone fully and having no expectations because doing so could potentially confine and then destroy the relationship. It’s about the deep desire to connect with someone and having the almost unbearable patience and self-restraint to let them be who they are, even if it’s not how you want them to be.”
“Darling Dearest” is the follow-up release to the single “Not Enough” from Xylos’ self-titled debut album, recorded by Yeasayer and Chairlift producer Britt Myers. The album will be released April 5, 2011 on the band’s own 1000x Records as well as through all digital platforms.   
FR March 4 – North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA
SA March 5 – Red Palace, Washington, DC*
SU March 6 – Great Scott, Boston, MA*
TU March 8 – Mercury Lounge, New York, NY*
WE March 9 – TBA, Rochester, NY
FR March 11 – Magic Stick, Detroit, MI*
SA March 12 – Schubas, Chicago, IL*
SU March 13 – The Record Bar, Kansas City, MO*
WE March 16 – SXSW (Beatles Complete on Ukulele), Austin, TX 
TH March 17 – SXSW (TBA), Austin, TX
FR March 18 – SXSW (official showcase), Austin, TX
SA March 19 – SXSW (Go Girls showcase), Austin, TX
TU March 22 – Big Top, New Orleans, LA
WE March 23 – Bottletree, Birmingham, AL
TH March 24 – Rudyard Kipling, Louisville, KY
Playing for Change
The latest release from Playing for Change (episode 40) is available on their site. 
This time it’s Bob Marley’s Redemption Song performed by his son Stephen in Jamaica and amazingly talented artists in Japan, Congo, Cape Verde, Spain, India, Italy and, indeed Mr Marley himself from beyond the grave. Another quite remarkable collaborative project by street musicians around the world for the Playing for Change Foundation.
The album is available through Amazon. Please continue to support Playing For Change by telling all your friends and family to join the movement!
Code of a Mad Man – Brad Hammonds (NYC, NY, USA)
Brad  has enjoyed success with former bands Brazz Tree and more recently Shoulders of Giants, but this is the new solo album by the New York City singer/songwriter/guitarist.
His debut album, Through It All, is the sound of an artist discovering another enormous facet of his talent.  The Brazz Tree guitarist has earned a reputation as a great and inventive player, and now he has created a body of work that will add another distinction to his portfolio – that of “songwriter.”  On Through It All, Hammonds has simplified his music in the best sense of the word , letting the distinctive power of his songs and voice shine through, and what has emerged is the utter soulfulness of his artistry.
Look at all the smiling faces (Take remix) – Shigeto (Michigan, USA)
From the album Full Circle Remixes on Ghostly International.
The world of Zach Saginaw’s Shigeto deepens with Full Circle Remixes , a 9-track EP of new and reinterpreted material from the Brooklyn-based artist’s 2010 debut full-length Full Circle . The package features an impressive international group of artists taking their tools to Shigeto’s originals including, Brainfeeder’s Samiyam, Dublin / NYC beatsmith Mike Slott (LuckyMe), LA’s Take (Alpha Pup), Brooklyn’s Mux Mool (Ghostly / Moodgadget) and London-based Om Unit . Many of the remixers here, including Samiyam, hail from Saginaw’s (and Ghostly’s) home state of Michigan, bringing their Detroit / Ann Arbor pedigree to bear on Shigeto’s vividly textured beatscapes. The result is a vital exploration of Saginaw’s ever-growing catalogue as well as an essential companion to the artist’s multi-faceted Full Circle.
Shigeto also hits the east coast and midwest with tour dates in February and April.
02.15 Brooklyn, NY @ GLASSLANDS*
02.17 Chicago, IL @ BEAUTY BAR
02.18 Ann Arbor, MI @ BLIND PIG
02.19 Detroit, MI @ TV BAR
02.24 Princeton, NJ @ TERRACE F CLUB
04.14 New Haven, CT @ CONNECTED
04.29 San Francisco, CA @ GAFTA
More to come.

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One by One – The Trews (Toronto/Nova Scotia, Canada)
Everything — from the music to the lyrics and recording — was done at Bathhouse Studios, a big converted old house on a lake just outside Kingston, Ontario. The series of writing and recording sessions began in January 2010 and lasted until August.
 The Trews have never made an album in the manner in which they recorded Hope & Ruin, and it’s likely an album they never could’ve made before now. There’s a certain connection, comfort and intuition that’s needed to write and record in such an off-the-cuff, inspired manner. And that takes years to develop.
 “In my opinion, the good thing about our band is we can all really play well and we’re really tight,” says John-Angus. “We don’t need technology to fool people. We didn’t want to have everything super hashed-out ahead of time. It was one of those things where we didn’t think we were cutting a record; we were just working, making music that we wanted.”
 “One of the things we’re most happy about with this record is that we feel like we forged new ground and not just beaten the old formula to death.”
 The Trews are touring Australia through March and will be into the U.S. in the spring.  The Trews release Hope & Ruin on April 12, 2011 via Bumstead Records.
The Fear – Lovett (NYC, USA)
Ben Lovett has composed and scored a variety of independent films including “The Signal” which premiered at Sundance in 2007 and received the award for Best Score at the 2009 Brooklyn International Film Festival for“The Last Lullaby”. With an extensive background in film music, Lovett’s own original songs naturally possess the same kind of lush, visual translation as his previous artistry. “Eye Of The Storm” is the first of a thunderous series of 9 cinematic music videos – one for each track on Lovett’s debut album Highway Collection, set for release on March 15th.
The result is an album of extraordinary depth and variety.
Directed by Chris Alender of Soapbox Films, the video is more accurately described as a short film, one transporting viewers into a richly detailed steampunk world where a lone skycaptain pilots an airship through the celestial heart of a raging storm. Check out Spinner’s premiere of this epic music video and the official behind the scenes featurette of “Eye Of The Storm” here.
Tango – Dubamix (Paris, France)
From the album Dubamix on Jamendo
Fruit d’une révolte libertaire et d’un amour viscéral pour le dub, DUBAMIX voit le jour en 2003. Du dub inspiré autant du reggae d’hier (Jacob Miller notamment…), de l’electro dub d’aujourd’hui (High Tone, Kanka…) que de Haydn, Bach ou bien Dvorak, voilà le fondement musical de Dubamix.
L’originalité de Dubamix est d’incorporer à ses compositions des extraits d’hommes politiques. Ainsi, Dubamix les place face à leurs contradictions et leur oppose un message libertaire, anticapitaliste, antifasciste. 

Accueil | Dubamix

Deux camarades ex CNT People & Baby * Photo Pascal
Walking with your bare feet on – Erin Dickins (Maryland, USA)
After a decade plus hiatus from the music business, jazz vocalist Erin Dickins is back with a new album and a new attitude. A founding member of the original jazz vocal group Manhattan Transfer, Dickins’ latest CD Nice Girls is a collection of beautifully recorded, exquisitely performed and brilliantly chosen gems – from cool sultry ballads to swinging arrangements. The release is the perfect soundtrack to Dickins’ comeback.
Having recorded with a virtual who’s who of musical geniuses— from James Brown and James Taylor to Leonard Cohen and Talking Heads—Dickins quit the music business cold turkey. “I had not found my authentic voice as an artist, and it was time. I moved to Honolulu, as far away from New York as I could get,” she says. “It was there that I finally learned that what matters is the gift of music.






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