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SnC 250 – 15 December 2010

A strong US representation on this week’s SnC. Not that these things are planned. A couple of rather heavier tracks too, perhaps as a result of the great time I had presenting AMPed last week with metal offerings from other AMP members, especially Rodrigo’s Portuguese metal band.
Almost all of the snow has now melted and we’re set for more cold weather from tomorrow. A good opportunity to get over to Aldeburgh for this week’s picture of fishing nets on the beach. I realised how rarely people look inland from a beach. Mostly we just stare at the sea, perhaps longing to shed our legs and become marine life again!
Sinners in the Holy Land – Poster Child (LA, CA, USA)
Poster Child is singer/composer Enzo Tiano, who started writing songs at the age of twelve. After immigrating to Los Angeles from the Philippines when he was fifteen, he started singing for the church choir. He then began to develop a sense of melodic urge to write and sing his own songs. Influenced by artists like John Lennon, David Bowie, and Thom Yorke, he manifested his songwriting into an imaginative, twilight-zone, party vibe and formed his first live band “Paraventure” when he was 17. After a couple of years, he put music aside to pursue fashion design as a student in FIDM in Los Angeles, California for a year. In 2010 he felt called to return to music and joined the band Twin Falcons that, along with Poster Child, became his rebirth into the music scene.
Poster Child will self-release Suspicious Characters EP on January 22nd, 2011 to the blogosphere, college and non-commercial radio, and the music-loving public. Tiano is currently working on a full-length album for Poster Child and plans to release an album with the band Twin Falcons in early 2011.
X Factor – what on earth have we sunk to?

Avalanche – The Moviegoers (San Diego, CA, USA)
The Moviegoers is a pop band formed in 2008 in San Diego, California. They are Richard Hunter-Rivera (vocals, guitar), Jessica Monday (vocals, keyboards), Jordan Heimer (bass, vocals) and Carlos Robles (drums). They draw their inspiration from the San Diego sunshine, 90s indie rock, poetry from Plath to Ginsberg to Cohen, their unconditionally loving pug Dylan (and his namesake of course), Latin American crooners, and Encyclopedia Britannica.
The Moviegoers play music with melodic male/female vocal lines, alternative song structures, and noisey neo-experimental elements. Richard, Jessica, and Jordan all met while attending Columbia University in New York City where they began collaborating musically. The bands’ latest effort, the self-released debut 7” BIG HIGH SCHOOL / AVALANCHE, is out on Mangoose Records. They are currently recording a follow up EP and playing shows in support of their latest release.
Release It – Hard Nips (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Hard Nips have arrived from the far east brandishing a riff-heavy, post-punk sound laced with the angelic strainings of vocalist Yoko Sawai. Whether playing parties for Vice Magazine or CMJ gigs alongside the likes of Sean Lennon and TVOTR’s Tunde Adebimpe, this Brooklyn-based four piece commands the attention of any room they play. Known for their magnetic stage presence and rowdy antics (on stage and off), these women are living breathing rock and roll. With this four song, self-titled EP, they bring the right riffs, the right hooks and a no-holds-barred bravado that is winning hearts and minds. The Hard Nips EP droped Dec. 7th on Mixpak Records.
Kids – Sherlock’s Daughter (Australia and New York)
Tanya Horo, William Russell, Liam Flanagan, Jonti Danilewitz and Tim Maybury
The adventures of Sherlock’s Daughter produce a sound where noise meets calm, mystery challenges imagination, layered vocals nurture sweet melodies while embracing darker elements of life and music…
They played an acoustic set at Cyber PR for the CMJ closing party a few weeks ago and were amazing. They seems to spread their time between Australia and New York. 
Ma Do Na – Los Chicharrons (Copenhagen & New York) 
Tummy Touch is delighted to welcome back Los Chicharrons, one of their very first artists back in the warehouse party days in London’s East End, for a brand new Afro Funk album to help celebrate the label’s 15 year birthday!
Roots Of Life (out 1/25/11) is the fourth Los Chicharrons album from dance music’s own odd couple, Ramon Santana and Morten Hansen. They are both musicians, DJs and producers but their backgrounds couldn’t be more different.
Ramon was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up within earshot of the voodoo drums of Haiti (the birthplace of real trance). Relocating to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the mid ‘60s, he gradually steered a course towards Corona, Queens, where a period of a rich musical development began.
In the early ‘80s Ramon’s DJing progressed apace, with regular shows in Dancetaria (where Mantronix were resident) leading to the inception of a club called Boomba Makao, operating out of three NYC venues: Giant Steps, The Soul Kitchen and Great Jones.  
Morten Varano’s rich background is something of a contrast to his musical spar. Born in Copenhagen, he started playing piano at age 6, and at 14 began playing ‘indie-rock-techno-pop’ in his first band. Morten’s interest in dance music and sounds of a left-field persuasion led him to the start up of a club called Lust in Copenhagen which formed the missing link in the evolution of Los Chicharrons when Ramon’s international DJ’ing excursions took him there.
The idea of Roots Of Life came to them when Morten traveled to Bamako in Mali. Mali might be one of the poorest countries in the world but it is rich with music and a great philosophy of life. They hooked up with local musicians and recorded some songs in Mali and in Paris with finishing touches applied in Copenhagen and London. The truly international culture clash that is Roots Of Life, with its irresistible blend of Bass Music, Afro Funk and House, will be filling dance floors around the globe in 2011.
Chanson Du Forçat – Marc Farre (Piedmont, New York)
The newly released EP by Marc Farre is a bilingual (English and French) offering of emotionally charged and beautifully crafted songs featuring some remarkable playing from all involved. Available from iTunes and Amazon through Marc’s site: 
Saadi video for Clothersline

Also a live performance at The Knitting Factory at: 

If I Stay Too Long Can I Join Your Band Nightmares – Vaudeville and Bad Omens (Ravenna, Italy)
Formed at the end of 2008, Vaudeville & Bad Omens have shown from the very start the strength of an unusual union between a guitarist who played in an ‘extreme metal’ band, and a singer who is faithful to Pop-Rock melodies.  With the addition of a powerful former Metal-Rock drummer and a Blues/Soul bassist the end result is a unique sound of Alternative Rock.  
Having played many gigs in Italy which has helped increase their profile in their home country, the band recently finished in the Top 3 at Faenza Rock Festival where their 20 minute set consisted of just one song that involved jamming on the bridge before the final chorus, much to the pleasure of the crowd.  
More gig dates will soon be announced, details of which along with further information about Vaudeville & Bad Omens can be found on their website
Middle of the Night – Eastern Conference Champions (LA, CA via PA, USA)
Things have been looking up for Eastern Conference Champions, and they keep getting better. After parting ways with their major label, ECC embraced their new-found independence and got back to work. 
The band was originally formed in Bucks County, PA when longtime friends and collaborators Joshua Ostrander and Greg Lyons parted ways with their old group, Laguardia. They immediately started ECC and began writing material that would become The Southampton Collection EP. 
Back from the road and in the studio in their adopted home of Los Angeles, Ostrander and Lyons were lucky enough to meet Melissa Dougherty and asked her to contribute some guitar tracks to their latest batch of recordings. She soon became an integral part of the group and the next phase of ECC was underway.
The trio recently made waves when they contributed an exclusive song for the third instalment of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The unsigned act was chosen from more than 400 bands competing for the coveted soundtrack slot, and the resulting song, “A Million Miles An Hour,” is receiving rave reviews. ECC is busy working on their full-length record SPEAK-AHH, slated for release in Spring 2011.
 To hold you over until their full length release next year, ECC has gone back into the studio and produced the beautifully intimate AKUSTIKS EP. 
 “When we started the project the idea was just to record acoustic versions of some of our songs for the fans to have, but it’s always more fun for us to write and record new stuff, so once we got into the studio we started fleshing out some new material as well.  Recording acoustic was something we’d never done before and we wanted the challenge.  It really ended up being a lot of fun, and hopefully listening to it will be the same.”

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