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SnC 241 – Wednesday 13th October 2010

Varied styles of music on SnC 241 (nothing new there then!) with every track packed full of interest for you. They’re from London, Brooklyn, France, Roma, Washington DC, Leeds, Napoli and Iceland.
There’s a feature and interview with Kjartan Holm of Icelandic band For a Minor Reflection in this week’s show, recorded at their show in Cambridge (UK) last Friday (right). It seems that audience and band alike had a great time. I know I did. If you get a chance to see them. Grab it!
Heaven – The Brute Chorus (London, UK)
The Brute Chorus has been combining garage, blues and folk music with a scatology of Biblical stories, nursery rhymes and fairy tales since 2008.
The Brute Chorus began taking it to the people with a monthly residency at Camden’s infamous Hawley Arms pub. The band’s first releases were charming offerings of psyched-out garage-folk, put out on the Hawley Arms backed Bumpman records to widespread acclaim from Steve Lamacq, Zane Lowe, NME, and The Fly. The band has toured with the likes of Martha Wainwright, Rumble Strips, Ida Maria and even a trip to the seaside with Peggy Sue and The Pirates plus numerous headlining UK and European dates. 
Having spent a snowy January this year recording in a tiny village hall in the depths of the Lake District, The Brute Chorus has emerged from winter hibernation with a new full length album entitled ‘How the Caged Bird Sings’, which is already garnering rave reviews in their hometown of London. Released in the UK by Tape Recordings, the album got it’s US release yesterday and is included in Rough Trade’s “must haves”.
The band is currently on tour throughout Europe, playing alongside Reverend & The Makers and reformed cult alt rockers The Woodentops. No strangers to touring on a budget, the band has decided to travel via interail in the hope that they’ll squeeze in a bit of sightseeing on the way.
A quick 101-history lesson on the band. 
Oct 14- Nottingham, UK- Spanky Van Dykes Eatery and Funhouse @8:00
Oct 15- Reading, Berkshire, UK- Oakford Social Club @7:30
Oct 16- Bournemouth, Hants UK- Sixty Million Postcards @7:30
Oct 28- London, UK- Station Session @ St. Pancras @6:30
Hero – Annie Fitzgerald (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Fitzgerald grew up in Crookston, MN where, at age two, she began to show her artistic talents as a dancer. She began piano lessons at age six. Her talent allowed her the opportunity to travel to New York City, Chicago, Hawaii and Atlanta. By the age of 14, she had become an award-winning choreographer.
She focused on her music in college and received a B.M. in Vocal Performance from the University of Minnesota, and spent a summer training at the Mountview Theatre School in London. After graduation, she worked in and around as an actress in the Minneapolis area. In 2005, she moved to NYC to focus on performing her original music.
Her work on the “Annie Fitzgerald” the EP, has caught the ears of millions of listeners on iTunes and hundreds of radio stations nationwide. Her song “Ain’t that a Shame” from the EP was chosen be on the 2007 Best of the Songwriters Hall of Fame Compilation CD, featuring the most talented of the 57th New Writers Showcase, and they deemed her an artist to watch.
“When I write lyrics,” she explains, “I want them to be as accessible as possible to the listener. I want them to be able to listen to my music and connect to an emotion they might be hiding away.”  
Annie’s debut full-length album “In Good Time” was released last week.
October 13  12th and Porter, Nashville, TN 37212  Info: 615-320-3754 Annie Fitzgerald & Rachel Platten on Tour! They’ll be joined by Nashville resident singer/songwriter Lisa Gentile.
October 20  Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 Info: (612) 338-8100
El Ritmo – Juanitos (Chambéry, France)
No need to go to explore the underground ghettos African American to find the ultimate nugget soul . In Chambery , Savoie , soul 60’s and garage exotic have more mystery to Juanitos.
Based on fun, chili and dolly mint , the music of Juanitos is spontaneous, dancing , for a maximum of groove at the intersection of the easy-listening funk of James Taylor Quartet and the rage punk of Seeds.
The Juanitos , it is not too kind chorus vintage of Pro Tools and guitars Ibanez but Vox and its disgusting. With names of songs like ” Dynamite funky baby , “” Super Exotic 60’s beat ” or ” The Black Mustang continued , ” it’s like diving in the heart of a Series B U.S. in the late 60 where Starsky and Hutch trying to dredge my beloved witch. 
This second volume of the series ” Soul and Roots “is more successful than its predecessor and it heats the low fonky and Hammond organ dripping . Rhythm’n’blues , samba, rock’n’roll and reggae await you in good spirits and in a mess nice , I must say!
These ” soul men ” Spanish Savoyards , a little black at heart, returning while to base clapping Charleston and singing depraved humor and energy … fast volume 3!
From the album “Soul Africa”.
Dolores Inside – Honeybird and the Birdies (Rome, Italy)
From their album Naiman on Jamendo.
I heard this on Jonny’s Edinburgh Man podcast a couple of weeks ago at http://edinburghman.com
Honeybird & the Birdies is an eclectic trio formed in 2007 by three experimental musicians in Rome. They play, sing and perform honeybird songs using instruments, rhythms and energies from around the world.
honeybird was born and raised in Los Angeles. She heard music from an early age as her Italian father strummed and sang Mediterranean melodies and her New Yorker mother kvetched in yiddish. Her passion for creating music began at the age of 3 sitting on an upright piano then embracing the upright bass, until one day the guitar took center stage and she began writing honeybird songs. In 2003 she visited Bolivia which had a powerful impact on her life – both as a cultural and social eye-opener – and that is where she found her first charango, a 10-string traditional Andean instrument, which inspired new honeybird songs such as “shrinking mind”. Her travels in Latin America and contact with social issues, capoeira and indigenous communities are very present in what she does. 
honeybird writes sings and dreams about pachamama, justice and the colorful cultures of our world – from mapuche to raramuri, japanese to quechua, italian to iraqi, brazilian to nahuatl. her music sings praise for those who have courage and aren’t afraid of standing up and speaking what they believe and feel.
Almost Over – J-Punch and Dave Moonshine (Washington DC, USA)
Veteran House Music Producer J-Punch is constantly re-inventing what it is to re-invent one’s self. After several years of thriving in the underground, having released dozens of tracks through various record labels [System, Global Underground], and having spearheaded one of Washington D.C.’s most successful weekly House events, Pulse, for over 100 weeks, J-Punch has decided to scientifically engineer a new genre of music. 
Enlisting the aid of his ghostly writing partner, Dave Moonshine, J-Punch has infused and ensorcelled what would otherwise be known as “Down-Tempo” EDM with abstract and contemplative lyrics that would normally be considered “Alternative Rock”. The duo haphazardly refer to this style as “Alt-Tempo” (or “Down-Rock” if you nasty). 
J-Punch has been at it for years. He has conquered masses, vanquished impossible odds, and reached the collective unconsciou   s of millions. Yet, at his heart, he is just like the rest of us. Blast us with wind, melt us with acid, and set us ablaze, and what are we left with? 
Stick Figure Guy.
Topeka – John Gomm (Leeds, UK)
Jon Gomm is a singer-songwriter and virtuoso acoustic guitarist. 
“I’ve never been to Topeka, but I have reason to believe it sounds like this.”
“With this tune I was trying to capture that feeling of nostalgia you can sometimes get for a place or time you’ve never actually experienced, only imagined. In this case I was going for 1950’s smalltown America. I decided to name it after Topeka (pronounced “Tuh-PEE-kuh”), Kansas, which ain’t exactly small, but it is the hometown of my buddy Andy McKee, the loveliest, most down-to-earth solo guitar player on the circuit.” 
The tuning is Ab, Eb, C, F, G, Bb. Like an Ab major 13 chord. And the top two strings both get retuned during the intro and outro – the G goes to an A and the Bb to a C. If you want to try this tune at home, I’d recommend tuning up a tone from where I am, cos I use super-heavy strings – try it at Bb, F, D, G, A, C.
From the album “Don’t Panic” – listen and buy from his site (Also available on iTunes and from Candyrat.com and GuitarCDs.net) 
He is currently touring the UK up until the end of 2010, and is touring Germany, Holland, Austria and Italy in early 2011. All live dates are listed at 
Kastljós – For A Minor Reflection
I played Dansi Dans from For a Minor Reflection a couple of weeks ago and had the opportunity to see them live at The Portland a music pub in Cambridge on Friday.
Interview with Kjartan Holm of FaMR.
Fjara – For A Minor Reflection
One of 10 new songs recorded with LA producer Scott Hackwith. The album is is called ‘Höldum í átt að óreiðu’ (Heading towards chaos).
The album is scheduled for general released in Europe. Until that happens, you can get it and other merchandise from their on-line store at their website and from their shows.
The band have made their track Dansi Dans available for free download from Suffolk’n’Cool. Here’s the link. Enjoy it and tell your mates.



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