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Suffolk ‘n’ Cool 239 features music from Germany, Mississippi, California, France, Brooklyn and Boston. We’ve news of the CMJ bun-fight in New York, a blogging challenge for musicians wanting to get to grips with promoting their music for themselves at low cost and a couple of tracks for you to download for yourself, quite legally.
Today has been damp, dark and autumnal so I got no further than the window for this pic which sums it up.
Best Friend – New Average (Berlin, Germany)
New Average is a musical pop duo formed in 2009 by John New and Emma Average. Their music expresses their passion for writing pop songs with catchy hooks and strong melodies in a contemporary band sound with an all around positive feeling and a feel good mood. Influences can be found by pop music of the late 70’s like Pretenders and Roxy Music and Blondie as well as from the 60’s motown era.
John’s musical work as producer,engineer and musician in the past include acts like “We are Scientists”(crap attack), german multi platinum act “Wir sind Helden” , Indie/New wave act “The Kokoon” and many others.
The debut EP Waiting time is out now and will be followed by the album in early 2011.
The EP getting a great press in Germany where the duo is currently located (moved from London two years ago).
Po’ Mouthing – Carson Whitsett (Jackson, Mississippi, USA)
Carson Whitsett (May 1, 1945, Jackson, Mississippi – May 8, 2007, Nashville, Tennessee) was a keyboardist, songwriter, and producer.
He spent time with Stax Records and Malaco Records, where he played in the house band, appearing on Paul Simon’s There Goes Rhymin’ Simon album
He played on the 2006 Uncovered album, which featured guest appearances by Eric Clapton, J. J. Cale, Michael McDonald, Mark Knopfler, and also Waylon Jennings in one of his last performances.
In addition to playing, her wrote songs including Don’t Give up on Me later covered by Joe Cocker.
Carson Whitsett died May 8, 2007, after a sixteen month battle with cancer. Southern Soul legend Dan Penn said of his collaborator of the past three decades that, “…he played with the most authentic R&B feel of anybody I ever worked with”.
This is a track from Blues Instrumentals, a sampler album from LocoBop, released just yesterday. On this track, B-3 organ master Carson Whitsett’s Po’ Mouthing is an aptly titled lament from his own LocoBop album Organic.
Carson Whitsett “Po’ Mouthing” (mp3) from “Beyond Words Vol. II – Blues Instrumentals” (LocoBop) More On This Album

Dreamtime Escape Plan – Leilujh (San Francisco, CA, USA)
A second track from their album Dreamtime Escape Plan which arrived in the post this week. 
Leilujh’s music is best described as “psychedelic pop.” Fronted by indie rock queens Marisa Chaves and Samara Violet, Leilujh blends vocal harmonies over dreamy slide guitars and hip-hop beats to create a unique retro modern sound.
Musicians’ on-line marketing and PR Blog Challenge wave 3 
Music Success In Nine Weeks author, Ariel Hyatt, will wrap up the Blog Challenge 2.0 with a final wave with exciting offers from Bandzoogle and Airplay Direct. Participants in the final wave, launching on October 11th, will have access to a free six month trial to Bandzoogle’s website building service, and the winner of the challenge will receive two years of free hosting. In addition, the winner will get a free one year Pro Artist Package from AirPlay Direct, a service that puts music in the hands radio stations, booking agents, promoters and music supervisors. Finally, the winner will also receive a three-month Headliner Cyber PR® campaign from Ariel Publicity to further strengthen their career.
With nearly 200 participants to date, the Blog Challenge has bolstered many careers and given confidence to musicians hoping to migrate into their business and marketing mind. The nine-week challenge follows the outline of Music Success In Nine Weeks, after which, the artist will have seen significant changes in their business and fan base. First wave blogger, Buskalaska, says
“Ariel’s book has introduced me to a wealth of resources that I would never have known existed, and my battered copy of Music Success in Nine Weeks will be staying safely by my side for the foreseeable future.”
Music Success In Nine Weeks is a no-nonsense tutorial on establishing a career and fan base through online PR, social media and marketing. Readers also receive access to the Cyber PR® Mastermind forum, an invite-only forum that allows musicians to get feedback from Ariel and her PR team on their application of principles discussed in the book. Participants can share and refine ideas with their peers as well as receive support and encouragement throughout the Blog Challenge.
For more information on Music Success In Nine Weeks, to get your copy of the book and to enter the challenge,visit
Trans’histoire – Toulouse Skanking Foundation (Toulouse, France)
With the desire to bring together fans of ska in Jamaica, the Toulouse Skanking Foundation was born. A passion around this original sound out of the slums of Kingston, a mix of Rythm’and blues, calypso and mento that gave the ska , rocksteady and reggae. Having toured the world through England, here is the new wave of ska music in France :
LA TSF , avec son premier maxi, « Mystic Opus ».
La Boite a sons
“The LCL netlabel is proud to present ” La boite a sons”, a free sound bank under a CC by-nc license, supplied by the artists that released or collaborated with us.
The aim of this approach is to push further the use of CC licenses and encourage musicians to share more than just their tracks : share their raw materials !
Featuring samples from ARROGALLA, DISRUPT, JAMBASSA, KOU CHOU CHING, PEAK, VINILETTE, VOLFONIQ (to be growing aver time). 
Many thanks to the involved artists for sharing their passion, and to the partners of this projects for supporting it.”
You are free to use the samples, loops and a-cappellas in your creations as long as you respect the terms of the by-nc license. 
The sounds are hosted by 
To introduce ” La boite a sons ” we organise a composition contest opened to every musician. 
1- Produce a track using one or several of the sounds featured in the bank
You can mix the sources, tempo and style are free. Your work must not contain any copyrighted material. 
2- Send it to contest[at]lclweb[dot]org
3- A first pre-selection will be promoted via
4- A jury composed of cc music and netaudio artists will make a final selection, that will be released as a compilation on LCL
Att sakna – Delgarma (Lyon, France)
From the LCL album Den Andra
CARTE BLANCHE serie (LCLCB) : are artists that the label likes, that produce songs out of their usual musical line (dub and assimilated) 
“Den Andra is more than an album title : it’s a september 2010 nice surprise ! A mystical inspired and an enchanting music served by a unique voice.
We were looking forward to listen to it since… april 2007, so 3 years were needed to give birth to Delgarma’s second album.
All in all, that’s not this much time for an english/swedish/french folk artefact of this kind…”
LCL – september 2010
“Den Andra (that means “The second” in Swedish) marks then end of a musical work that lasted more than 4 years.
Some of the album tracks are old tunes taht we finaly decided to record like “Mummy”, some others are quite recent like “Sweet as a cat”. 
As the recording process takes a lots of time, it reflects in the songs, like a travel thru our different musical eras, influences, and instant wishes. Thru our life changes also. 
We all agreed to put a little more electronic sounds, work the depth of the songs, to achiveve with this album a listening artefact, pleasant and strong.
We didn’t agree all the time on the arrangements, the tracklisting and the cover (aaaaah, the cover…). Wild endless debate s, hard to find majority, especially when you’re four !”
DELGARMA – september 2010
Adnams Coastal Clean 
Hear all about it at or perhaps you’d prefer
Little Brown Haired Girls – Frankie Rose an the Outs (Brooklyn)
Frankie Rose has a reputation around here. And by here, we mean Brooklyn. And by reputation, we mean her minimal, Maureen Tucker-like beats and iconic presence in such buzz-stirring bands as Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and Vivian Girls. Those groups spearheaded a scene that mixed the sounds of lo-fi garage, big reverb-drenched Phil Spector-produced 60s girl groups, the noise aesthetic of the Jesus And Mary Chain with a touch of Velvet Underground and a strong DIY ethic to create a sound that’s influenced a new generation of bands around the world. At least that’s what she’s been known for up until now. As you’re about to hear on her new group’s self-titled Slumberland Records debut, Frankie Rose and the Outs have their heads in the clouds a bit more than Rose’s previous projects.
“I tried to make this album as hi-fi as possible while sticking to the sounds that I’ve always loved,” explains Rose. “I grew up listening to a lot of musicals and Gilbert and Sullivan operas, so harmonies are a given. I also was drawn to anything spooky as a kid—’Good Vibrations’ still kinda scares me. 
The singer/guitarist/drummer—aided by fellow Outs bassist Caroline Yes, guitarist Margot Bianca, and drummer Kate Ryan— explores her dream-pop side on the album’s darker numbers. From the galloping reverb symphony of “Little Brown Haired Girls” to the tough garage swing of “That’s What People Told Me” and “Don’t Tred” to the soaring chords and angelic harmonies of the well-chosen Arthur Russell cover “You Can Make Me Feel Bad,” it’s clear that Rose has finally found the perfect vehicle for her musical inspiration.
“To be honest, I like so much music,” says Rose, “and never know what influences are going to come out. For me, songwriting is more about evoking certain feelings than the lyrics or anything else. Hell, sometimes I don’t even know what the songs mean.”
The album came out on Slumberland Records last week. You can order through the My  Space or in Europe through Rough Trade.

Frankie Rose and The Outs “Little Brown Haired Girls” (mp3) from “Frankie Rose And The Outs” (Slumberland Records) Buy at Amazon MP3 More On This Album
CMJ Panelists 
CMJ has announced the key industry leaders who will be sharing their experience and thoughts on a variety of critical music business issues during a whole range of panel sessions at CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival 2010 which runs in New York from October 19th to 23rd.
The sheer scales of CMJ is made clear by the latest list of artists playing shows. A staggering 700 artists have been added to the first wave. Check the current list at Within a few days the total should be around 1200! They’ll be playing across more than 75 venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, with daytime sessions and panels centred on NY University’s campus in Greenwhich Village.
Oh, and then there’s the film festival too. A general admission badge for the whole festival will cost you $495.
Dying Alone – The New Collisions (Boston, MA, USA)
New Collisions began in Spring 2009, when lead singer Sarah Guild and guitarist Scott Guild began swapping songs with bassist Alex Stern and drummer Zak Kahn of Britpop band The Sterns. Organ player Casey Gruttadauria joined at the same time. Sessions were booked; shows began to sell out.
Three months after their first performance, the band was on tour with The B-52s and Blondie. Five national tours later, they have shared stages with The Morning Benders, Missing Persons, You Say Party! We Say Die!, and Owl City. Greg Hawkes, legendary synth-player of The Cars, became an early fan and collaborator, live and in-studio. After six months together, New York Magazine and This Week in New York placed them in the top ten of CMJ 2009.
After a busy SXSW 2010, their first full-length was recorded in under ten days. Producers Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie (The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Radiohead, The Sounds) chose a live, direct aesthetic for the album; first takes were given preference. The result is an intense, cathartic record, reminiscent of the punk and pop classics of 1977-1983.
THE OPTIMIST tells a story of decline. In their jobs, their relationships and their thoughts, the album’s nine narrators confront a bleak modern landscape. With a novelistic eye for detail, songwriters Scott Guild and Alex Stern use this character-based approach to depict a culture in collapse. The album is both a personal confession and a social observation.
High Frequency – Roots Zombie (Paris-Bordeaux, France)
I love the sparceness and room to breath that he gives the sounds in there. From the album – Dub Vibration on Jamendo from Bounce to Hell Records.
Roots Zombie, projet solo née entre Paris et Bordeaux en 2009, est un melting pot de sons fait maison orienté vers la dub et le ska ayant pour but d’être écouté librement via la toile.
Roots Zombie solo project born between Paris and Bordeaux in 2009, is a melting pot of sounds homemade oriented dub and ska designed to be listened to freely via the web.
Another album called Combat Nocturne which has vocals is also on Jamendo’N’Zombie






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