SnC 238 – Wed 22 September 2010


Blues, dancehall and Euro-pop each contribute to the mix on SnC 238 this week.
We’ve tracks from Amsterdam, London, Jamaica, Germany and Canada as well as Nashville, New York and LA, along with guests Small City Calling from San Diego.
On Saturday a bunch of great folks turned out for the Adnams Coastal Clean at Southwold. (Right)
What a great day. An hour or two of restoring the beautiful beach in clean clear air under a blue sky, followed by fish and chips and a pint at The Harbour Inn. It doesn’t get much better.
Satellite – Lelia Broussard (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
“Lelia is an undeniable talent, in every way. She has it all, amazing voice, great songwriter, and overall an incredible artist. From the moment I first heard her voice, I knew there was something special going on, and when I saw her perform live for the first time at The Bitter End in New York, I was even more blown away. She has that thing everyone is looking for, the thing you can’t quite describe what it is, that “it” factor, Lelia has it. She’s incredible.”
Rob Fusari, Producer (Lady Gaga, Destiny’s Child)
Acclaimed LA-based songwriter Lelia Broussard, originally from the bayous of South Louisiana, is set to unleash her third full-length release, ‘MASQUERADE’ (November 2nd, Self-Release). With masterful production by Dan Romer (Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs), the album boasts an intriguing collection of driving folk/pop gems.

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Orthadox Paradox – Hollywood Tramp (London, UK)
With the party conference season in full swing in the UK and in the build-up to the mid-term elections in the USA, it seems a good time to remind ourselves about politicians.
Currently creating a huge stir on the London music scene following gigs at a number of prestigious venues such as Camden Underworld, Sound Leicester Square, The Garage not to mention a gig at London Bridge station and a professional music video shot at Southwark Tube station which can be viewed on their website, the future is looking increasingly bright for Hollywood Tramp.
Having supported the likes of Switches and Larrik In Love, the band have also performed at Guilfest where they started their first song to an empty tent but by the last song had it brimming with over 600 people, where even the police came in to check what was going on. 
Through all of this success, Hollywood Tramp have also seen their fair share of controversy including their previous bass player having too much to drink before a gig and accidentally knocking the band’s guitarist’s girlfriend unconscious, delaying their gig by 20 minutes, their ex guitarist saying something at a band meeting with Warner Chappell which single handedly ruined their chances of getting signed, not to mention mass brawls breaking out at gigs to name but a few incidents…..
Hollywood Tramp claim they stay out of trouble as best as they can now which is clearly reflected in their music and their live performances.  Details of future gigs along with more information about the band can be found on their websites.
Who stole the Booty (remix) – Jan Mittendorp / Mixendorp (Holland)
Another great blues remix from Jan who runs Black and Tan Records. He’s a fine blues guitarist with a keen ear for talented artists as well as an interest in creating something new from more traditional forms.
He has Boo-Boo Davis touring in Switzerland and Germany over the next fews weeks. If you’re near any of the dates, get along.
Sept 17, Rubigen (CH), Muhle Hunziken
Sept 18, Hard (A), Kammgarn Kulturwerkstatt
Sept 22, Chemnitz (D), Exil
Sept 23, Halle (D), Objekt 5
Sept 24, Trebsen (D), Malsaal in Rittergut Trebsen
Sept 25, Delmenhorst (D), Kerem Kultur Kneipe
Sept 28, Emmendingen (D), Mehlsack
Sept 29, Kandern (D), Chabah
Sept 30, Halfing (D), Max Wirtshaus
Oct 1, Rorschach (CH), Jazzclub
Oct 2, Den Haag (NL), Paard van Troje
Oct 3, Hachenburg (D), Pit’s Kneipe
Oct 8, Wil (CH), Gare de Lion
Oct 9, Geyersdorf (D), Bluesnacht
Harlem River Blues – Justin Townes Earle (Nashville, TN, USA)
Justin Townes Earle’s age belies his experience. Growing up in Nashville he mis-spent his youth playing in bluegrass/ragtime combo The Swindlers and the louder, more rocking The Distributors and developing some very bad habits. During tours as guitarist and keyboardist (“…and not a very good one,” laughs Earle) in his father Steve Earle’s band, his problems became untenable and he was fired. Ultimately he cleaned up his act, dropped his self-destructive habits and began to focus on songcraft. “You don’t have to be fucked up or torture yourself to write songs,” explains Earle, “I used to write a lot, a whole lot, and half those songs I don’t even remember. Now, I sit there and I write it and I finish it and I keep it.”
Indian: We are the messengers – Small City Calling (San Diego, CA, USA)
From their album Oceanus.
Washing up on the shores of San Diego, California, Small City Calling has taken what it means to be an unsigned artist in 2010 and raised the bar. No longer can “potential talent” stay in hiding. The bands frontman and producer, Ryan Erwin started writing, producing and mixing his own records in 2006 and is currently enrolled as a music production/composition major at San Diego State. 
While living in the student housing his freshmen year, Erwin met and began writing music with Kevin Adams and Jake Falzone. In late 2009 the trio decided on the band name “Small City Calling,” and released their first record The Living Room Demo. Featuring “Hold On” and “Change You” which Erwin wrote and recorded in Los Angeles earlier that year with Keith Cooper of Chamberlain Records. The rest of the 7 songs on The Living Room Demo were recorded and produced by Ryan Erwin and Small City calling in their apartment living room. In early 2010, Hanna Hoffman joined the mix and after a few more shows Small City Calling wrote and recorded The Oceanus EP, a 4 part adventure for any listener. 
While Small City Calling continues to write and record in their home studio, they never stop playing live shows in the San Diego Area and plan to keep infecting the internet and music scene with their unstoppably catchy blend of acoustics and electronics. P.S- we love you! Thanks to all of our friends and families who support our crazy, overly ambitious dreams! 🙂
What a murky field copyright can be. From podcasters worrying about how much of a tune can be played under US “Fair Use” laws to artists taking others’ tunes as starting points to DJs sampling in their mixes. Rarely is the copying today as blatant as it used to be.
Led Zepplin, for example, were always very reluctant to give credit for the songs that they largely took and re-used wholesale. Quite a few of their songs were lifted direct from the old blues guys 
Have a listen to Whole Lotta Love (Led Zepplin) vs You need love (Willie Dixon)
Tracks were referred to by with link to a YouTube video illustrating 10 copies at
AMP hosts
Clithers popped up on AMPed 249 with Erk in Sydney Australia for a completely spontaneous co-hosting session.
Next week it is Rowley presenting AMPed 250.
One other item of housekeeping: Sarah’s Insomnia Radio NY address isn’t as complicated as I thought. If you use you’ll end up at the right place.

Every Way Mi Go – Lady Saw (Jamaica)
There are so many names for Lady Saw: The Queen of Dancehall, The First Lady of Dancehall, or the latest one: Mama Saw. The latest name, however, is quite befitting at this point in her career because she is The Matriarch for all female dancehall deejays, and arguably some female rappers. She is the first female deejay to win a Grammy (which she did with No Doubt for “Underneath it All” –Best Performance by a Duo or Group with a Vocal), to go triple platinum (with said single), to go gold (with Vitamin C for “Smile”), and to headline shows outside of her native Jamaica.
That’s quite an achievement for a woman in the tough world of Jamaican DJs and sound systems. Her lyrics are often earthy and direct which cuts her a credible position. 
Today, Lady Saw has her own production company, Hall Productions. She’s produced two riddims: Blindfold and Lock Jaw. She’s produced major dancehall artists Capleton, Spragga Benz, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man. She’s a mentor to up-and-coming artists on her imprint as well as to Ce’Cile, her artistic progeny. 
She’s recorded for Shaggy, legendary producers Sly & Robbie, Funkmaster Flex, and Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes .
All the stars – Alexis Foxe (New York, NY, USA) Ariel
Alexis Foxe is a musical provocateur. Every song on “To Have and Want More” has a flavor all it’s own. From the 1940’s Big Band feel of the title track to the futurist pop synth style of “Revel Without a Cause,” Foxe shows her unique capacity to blend a wide variety of sounds.
Alexis is playing tomorrow (Thursday) night at Piano’s at 158 Ludlow Street New York. (yeah this one is without the e)
CMJ 19-23 Oct
I think I’ve got a suitable international SIM sorted out for my phone and my press credentials were approved today. Just got to collect my badge.
The full artist line-up was also published today at then there’s the film festival which runs alongside. A busy week I suspect.
My Radio (French Disco Mix) – Lola Dutronic (Germany/Canada) direct
Marty Thau, the music impresario behind The New York Dolls, Blondie and Suicide proudly presents his latest discovery…
LOLA DUTRONIC, who release their latest EP “Musique” on Red Star Digital Music.
LOLA DUTRONIC are an Electronic Pop duo who divide their time between Berlin and Toronto. 
Singing in both English and French, vocalist Lola Dee and producer/composer Richard Citroen combine elements of 
French Pop, Lounge, Electro, Bond Themes and Euro Disco often within the same song. 
Their debut album came out in 2005, they have been featured on “The L-Word”, and were up for a Grammy nomination in 2007. 
The “Musique” EP, features the singles “Beautiful World” and the fashionable duet “Whisper” (Co-written with Suicide’s Martin Rev).
It’s available at iTunes, Amazon and most other digital outlets. 
Here’s some recent press quotes:
“Stunning….get ready for the gorgeousness, because you cannot block the beauty of this.” – Sheena Beaston
“Lola Dutronic at their lush Gainsbourg-lite best.” – Mudkiss Magazine
“Catchy hooks and dreamy synths that combine to create irresistible pop.” – Dirrrrty Pop
“If you’re going to listen to just one record this summer, let this be it.” – Charley Says Pop!
On a biographical note, with a background in opera and jazz, Berlin-based Lola Dee has been performing on stage in her native Germany since the age of 5, while Toronto-based Richard Citroen is a former member of Canadian “new wave” legends, The Diodes (“Tired Of Waking Up Tired”).
The “Musique” EP is the great record Lola Dutronic have been threatening to make for years.






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