SnC 229 – Wed 21 July 2010


An energising canter around the globe for this week’s selection of fine  new music. Tracks from Liverpool, two from Ontario, Ohio, Madrid, London and a couple from New York.
Still no rain to speak of but the sky did briefly sweat on us this afternoon. I only mention it because as you’ll see, rain becomes a bit of a theme in the show.
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Makeout – The Gypsy Nomads (New York, USA)
Folk-punk is as old as the pint glass. Unsurprisingly then, the genre’s roots are a bit of a haze. To be sure, they’re planted in the pub-filling chantalongs bleary-eyed blokes have been singing for a century or so. But it’s hard to point to an exact beginning, which is fitting for a style of music that sounds so timeless.
Composed of French-born Brit Samantha Stephenson and ex-Deep Wound punkster Scott Helland, the pair evoke a tribalistic miasma of ancient sounds as interpreted by a female Gordon Gano. A great combination and a bit of a bonus as far as I’m concerned is that there is something about Samantha’s voice that reminds me at times (particularly in Vaudeville Voodoo) of Lena Lovitch – hear the track for yourself on their MySpace page.
On their fourth release, Happy Madness, Stephenson and Helland are at their songwriting peak, offering up a dozen leering come-ons and sultry kiss-offs about Magic, Making Out, and Marionettes.
They have a range of enticing CDs on their site and a new CD is “coming soon”. If you like the music you can make a donation towards the production courts and get a CD when it is released – an interesting approach. It is scheduled to be out any day now.
22 Jul The Can Can, Seattle, Washington
28 Jul Pub at the End of the Universe, Portland, Oregon
30 Jul FaerieWorlds Eugene, Oregon
31 Jul FaerieWorlds Eugene, Oregon 
7 Aug World of Faeries Festival, South Elgin, Illinois
8 Aug World of Faeries Festival, South Elgin, Illinois
I mentioned that there is an excellent video of Lene Lovich live at Studio 54 in New York in 1981 with Thomas Dolby in her stage band on YouTube at
Rain – Jack Roberts (Liverpool, UK)
Noted for his stage persona and the contradiction of wit and pain in his lyrics, Jack Roberts is a true story teller creating a huge buzz on the Liverpool music scene and beyond.  
With a reputation of captivating audiences with his elegant vocals likened to Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, Jack Roberts has already received exposure on Radio Belfast after being named Record Of The Week, performed for the BBC after his Glastonbury performance, and played at a number of prestigious venues across the UK such as Shepherds Bush Empire, Jazz Café in London and Birmingham, Manchester Apollo and The Albert Hall to name but a few. 
Jack Roberts battles with Dyslexia, the result however is that he produces some of the most well crafted songs the country has ever seen.  Keep an eye out for his latest invention ‘LEN’; an animated dog described as being an extended character of Jack’s personality which you will be seeing more of soon.
When it Rains – Brett Caswell (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
A New Balance is the product of two years of writing, performing, and rehearsing a live band. But, Caswell’s love affair with making music began in his early teens. Developing his musical persona, and himself, through a series of projects, from alternative rock to acoustic covers, he has honed his song craft and live performance skill.
His natural energy and his broad experiences make him a powerful presence on the stage. Almost upstanding and slightly weathered, Brett Caswell is out to make you cry, but in a good way.
After releasing his debut LP earlier this year, Brett Caswell is announcing a string of east coast tour dates this summer. Kicking off on home soil in Barrie, Caswell will join Ottawa band Old Crowns in a number of Ontario cities and all the way out to Halifax.
Jul 17 @ Kenzington’s, BARRIE
Jul 21 @ The Phog Lounge, WINDSOR.
Jul 22 @ The Spill, PETERBOROUGH
Jul 23 @ The Elmdale Tavern, OTTAWA
Jul 24 @ Boom Nightclub, FREDERICTON
Jul 27 @ The Company House, HALIFAX
Jul 28 @ Uncle Larry’s, SACKVILLE
Jul 29 @ Bar St. Laurent, MONTREAL
Jericho Road – Kelly Richie (Cincinnati, OH, USA)
As a teenager, Richey practiced guitar 12 hours a day. “I never set it down,” she remembers. “I took it to school, I took it to the kitchen table and if I took a walk it was strapped on.” Now, when she picks up her guitar, anyone within earshot is compelled to listen. A working musician since her teens, she began her professional career as a member of the Arista Records group Stealin’ Horses; in 1990 she formed The Kelly Richey Band, with whom she has become both a national and international touring artist.
Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity inadvertently reminded me last week that I’ve not played  Kelly in a long, long time, even though I follow her on Twitter. Now is the time to put that right with the epic Jericho Road a track from her solidly excellent album “Carry the Light”. 
Take a look at her videos on YouTube at
Another wonderful music video is “Newport” by MJ Delaney Films. It echos Gavin and Stacy althopugh perhaps in it’s wacky Welshness – you must check out the lyrics (subtitled) which are just brilliant. Use the comment button below these notes to let me know your favourite line! Yeah.

La Otra Historia – Sundayers (Madrid, Spain)
At the end of 2009 they began the recording of their second album “Cógelo”. This time with Ferni Duhalde as sound engineer (El Tio Calambres, Eureka, Outro Jazz), and a very creative music production – with thirteen tracks full of energy and a crucial fusion of styles and the consistence and strength of the songs. In March 2010 they published the album for free download on Jamendo.
This Spanish collective plays an energetic music, a mix between reggae, ska, funk and all the styles each member will bring out. Always ready to party, you could see them everywhere in Spain and maybe in Europe in the next months.
Litterbug – Blabbin On Babylon (London, UK.)
After first smashing the dance floors doing DJ’ing, outdoor festivals and specialist events around the UK, plus the occasional slot on Portsmouth’s Pure FM radio, Lucius returns with his new project Blabbin On Babylon.  
Already receiving positive reviews from radio presenters and described as being ‘an epic adventure through sound scape wrapped in fine beats’ you can find out more information on Blabbin On Babylon at their website.
Burn it Down – AWOLNation (New York, NY, USA)
AWOLNATION is a riptide of head-banging dance beats, toe-tapping soul, biting lyrical cleverness and fiery rock romp that is poised to break all the rules of pop music.
AWOLNATION has dropped their debut EP Back From Earth featuring the explosive lead track “Burn It Down”. The EP is engagingly unique and exciting, as the tracks seem to invite listeners along to the proverbial secret party and then keep them up all night to welcome the apocalypse, and well, Burn It Down. But just when these glorious party bangers might leave you “jonesing” for more, AWOLNATION keep your hope and smile well fed with the uplifting swing of the groovy “Guilty Filthy Soul”. Overall, the 4-track EP is a mosaic of genre-twisting pop gems that covers the spectrum of sonic fun. Like squeezing watermelons into lemons, Back From Earth is an immersive listening experience that packs a lot of punch. The collection is rounded out with a bonus remix of “Burn It Down” by Innerpartysytem.
More than just a band, AWOLNATION is also an outlet for AWOL’s artistic outlook. To complement the band’s sound and musical aesthetic, AWOL has unearthed a series of Deep Danger and Lost Signal short films that combines the careful details and painterly attention of a Wes Anderson film with the sci-fi imagination and intergalactic absurdity of Barbarella, the movie.
To view clips of AWOLNATION’s Deep Danger and Lost Signal video series, visit
7ths and 3rds – Green Go / Gregory Pepper (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
After a whirlwind 12 months which included the release of their debut album ‘Borders’ to substantial critical praise, and shows with the likes of Thunderheist, Think About Life, You Say Party! We Say Die, Fischerspooner, and hosts of others, Guelph ON’s dance party bringers Green Go are pumping out the jams once again. But these ones come, how Ringo might say, with a little help from their friends.
The Green Go Remix Project vol II, available as a free download on the interwebs as of April 1st, features the band’s dual-organic and electronic re-hashings of their friends’ bangers – Woodhands, Diamond Rings, Gregory Pepper, and Think About Life, as well as their own fuzzed-out remake of their own track Watch Your Step, which originally appeared on ‘Borders’.
Remix Project Vol II is the result of a band with hordes more knowledge than first time around, and the subtle touch of producer/engineer Roger Leavens (the RAA, Woodhands, etc). The result is a much more polished, refined sound than the previous set, and one which promises to continue to expand the gospel of Green Go.







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