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SnC 225 – Wed 23 June 2010

The Brighton Sandwich seems to be this week’s special offering: two very different tracks from Brighton-based artists wrapped around a delicious filling of nourishing music from Oregon, Ploughkeepsie, NY (I live that name), Lancashire, The Bahamas, Liverpool and something spicy from Italy.
Last evening was spent with my chum Debbie (on her birthday eve); a walk across the marshes and a pub meal at The Golden Key at Snape, here in Suffolk. A stark  reminder of how such a place can blow the minds of folks coming out of London for a weekend. Of course the pint of bitter, from “you know who”, at the pub helps too and, for me, just tastes of summer! Altogether “most agreeable”.
Where and how do you “re-charge”? Drop me a line and let me know via the Contact page.

What it once was – ForMarla (Brighton, UK)
Having supported A Flock Of Seagulls on their first UK tour since the 1980’s and most recently performing at this years Great Escape Festival in Brighton, great things are expected from ForMarla (pronounced For Marla)
Having originally been a 5 piece, the departure of their drummer has resulted in the band now using a drum machine after being unable to find a suitable replacement.  In the long term, this has now benefited ForMarla having created their own style reminiscent of music all of the band members love.  
The band’s debut EP has now been recorded which you can listen to at www.myspace.com/formarla along with further information about forthcoming gigs soon to be announced.
La Cumparsita – New York Tango Jam Session (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Argentine Tangos interpreted by some of the greatest tango musicians, played in an improvised style for dancing. From the album Berretineando which features some of the best tango musicians in the US who have come together to record twenty danceable tracks of classic tangos in the “a la parilla” style.
La Cumparsita was written by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez, an Uruguayan musician, in 1917. The title translates as “The little parade” and the original lyrics begin: “The little parade of endless miseries…”
The song was named cultural and popular anthem of Uruguay by law in 1997. In the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000, the Argentine team marched to “La Cumparsita”. This originated protests and official claims from the Uruguayan government. 
La Cumparsita is very popular at Milongas; it is a common tradition for it to be played for the last dance of the evening.
Take a look at  the videos on the site.
Ballad of the Metronome – Elle Lefant (Poughkeepsie, NY, USA)
I heard Elle Lefant on The Bugcast a few weeks ago ( www.thebugcast.org/ ). Now they seem to be getting a bit of attention on Jamendo.
nijae:: disheveled vocalist. lyricist. banjo player. fast food enthusiast. ebay nemesis.
max:: a renaissance man, if you will. producer, choreographer, pianist. music fanatic. he holds all the keys.
The Stripper Always Listens – Mistake (Rossendale, Lancashire, UK)
Mistake has made huge inroads since playing the triangle in the school band when he was 8 years old.
With a sound described as Tom Jones being in the Prodigy, Mistake writes music to cover all genres and is renowned for always wanting to try something new.  This reputation has already resulted in him being featured on BBC Introducing for Radio Lancashire with more exposure likely to follow over the coming months. 
Money – CJ Priest, Sammi Starr and Robbie Cat (Nassau, Bahamas)
BuffBoo Records is the first Reggae Record label from the Bahamas and has released four Reggae Compilation albums (Riddims) in the last four years..The Label has signed local recording artists Be( Bodine Johnson), Peter Runks, CJ Priest, Robbie Cat, LoLa Makare, Shacara and Wolf.
The OMG album, a mixture of many Bahamian artists from different backgrounds is a surprising blend of vocal styles and song themes.
OMG has 11 tracks and features secular artists such as Landlord, MDeez, CJ Priest, Sammi Starr, Lola Makare, Bodine ‘Be’ Johnson, Robbie Cat, Shacara, DJ Chronic, Peter Runks, Mr. Yagga Yo, and Savage Bull. 
The album contains powerful depictions of life in the Bahamas from politics to partying all in one place.
OMG is also the debutante premiere of production house The Clones. 
Adnams Spindrift
Lady Salsa – Major Major (Liverpool, UK)
I said I wanted to play you another track from Major Major who I saw in Liverpool at the IPO festival.
La retta via – ? (Italy?)
It is difficult to resist the temptation of a touch of reggae polka. So I didn’t.
Can’t tell you anything about the artist as the Jamendo page is very, very light.
Update: November 2011
The album seems to have been withdrawn from Jamendo and I’ve had a note from another musician of the same one word name as the artist attributed to the album saying that he is from the town in Italy that I orginally surmised as being the location of the artist, The other musician, of the same name (not the one that made the track), earlier today, asked me to remove reference to the town, to avoid confusion, so I did. Now he wants me to make it very clear that the artist in the show is not to be confused with himself, who has the same name and is an Italian electronic / techno producer. This I gladly do:
There, done that, and you’ll see that I’ve removed the artist name AND home town from these shownotes – just in case you were confused. I don’t think I am, but who am I to tell?
I still think it is all a bit of a mystery but I enjoyed the track (probably a great deal more than your average electroinic / techo music) and if you know anything about who really made it, and where he/she lives, I’d be pleased to hear from you and to give credit where it is due.
Jericho – Hattie Snooks (Brighton, UK)
Hattie signed to Rann Records in 2008 and with the release of her debut EP in July 2009, Hattie is set to venture further afield, making her mark on both industry and people’s hearts.
Hattie Snooks’ EP “Bon Appétit” is out now, distributed through Genepool and Universal Music. or it can be downloaded everywhere from iTunes and HMV to Amazon, Tesco, Play.com, Spotify and more. The CD can also be purchased from www.rannrecords.co.uk

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