SnC 220 – Wed 19 May 2010


A selection of very fresh music again this week with tracks for you from Oregon, London, New York, Nashville, Nottinghamshire, Gambia and Sweden.
The sun has arrived, so the blinds come down in the darn barn!

Senorita – The Quick and Easy Boys (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Via Twitter from Per Capita from their album Red Light Rabbit.

The Quick & Easy Boys “Senorita” (mp3) from “Red Light Rabbit” (Per Capita Records) More On This Album

Skating – Jessica Goyder (London)
Jessica grew up in India, Ethiopia and Oxford in the UK. A classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist, it’s her voice that continues to silence the room.
She cut her teeth in a local band and played her way solo around London and Sydney. Then little short of a musical explosion followed her first landing in Barcelona. Here she fell in with a crowd of Brazilian musicians, discovered Bossa Nova and lived for more than a year as a singing angel street statue. Later periods in the city were spent wrestling music theory in Catalan and taking local cabarets by storm in an eight-girl country band. Her songwriting is often inspired by her travels, from a tour of Central America and Cuba, where she performed regularly at Havana’s ‘Casa de la Troba’ to a series of concerts in Brazil and Argentina.
Jessica has performed on stages of all shapes and sizes, including 4 Glastonburys, Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals, City Showcase, a residency at Henley Festival and walked onto the main stage as Jools Holland walked off at the first ever Cornbury. Collaborations include work with The Soundbringer and the electronica album Cosmos with the producer Mr. Smith, released in Canada.
Having recently returned to London from Mallorca with a publishing deal in place, she is in the final stages of recording her debut album. She continues to write and perform regularly both solo and with a band.
Jessica Goyder on vocals, piano and guitar. Paul Jefferies, double bass, Ben Twyford, drums and Pete Horesfall on trumpet for Polly and Bastimientos. Emily Parker on cello for Demons To Tea and Nick Parker on violin for Polly.

Get on the bus – Q*Ball (New York, NY, USA)
Q*Ball, in defiance of the corporate, pre-packaged, American Idol-era of music, started his own label in late 2005, Bald Freak Music, to release his own albums, as well as those from other artists who would otherwise be ignored because they don’t fit the major label mold & preconception of what a “pop band” or a “rock act” should look & sound like. 
Bouncy beats, funky rhythms, virtuoso guitars, space-age keyboards & melodic vocals are just some of the reasons why Q*Ball has become one of the most talked-about independent artists out there. Q*Ball’s music is accessible to fans of mainstream pop & alternative music, but also has an audience in the underground DJ scene. Songs like “Edith,” a bump-and-grind instrumental tribute to All In The Family’s Edith Bunker, and “Licky,” a tongue-in-cheek club anthem, illustrate the dance hall appeal of Q*Ball’s music.
Q*Ball’s albums, This Is Serious Business, Fortune Favors The Bald & Q*Ball In Space are available online at CD Baby,, iTunes, Rhapsody, & Napster!

It’s all mine – Calatrilloz (London, UK)
Calatrilloz is the name of a Circus Family, protagonist of a tale created by the Brazilian Luciano (Mr Z), who, after many years of singing Classic Opera, decided to create a new musical project. 
Bizzarly enough, instead of starting from writing songs, he created a story that could inspire his music.
His tale brought him to write songs mixing Gothic, Rock, Jazz, Theatrical Opera and Circus vibes. 
The strong concept and the high desire to play brought him to London where he quickly found the rest of Calatrilloz.
Music on iTunes.

Socialite (feast. Future) – YaZa (Nashville, TN, USA)
From the Per Capita album Bipolar in stereo recorded in Nashville
Ya Za “Socialite (feat. Future)” (mp3) from “Bipolar In Stereo” (Per Capita Records) Buy at Amazon MP3 More On This Album

Watch the little aircraft fly around the world in real time at

Throwing Stones at Passing Cars – Reason for Rumours (Nottinghamshire, UK)
Reasons for Rumours are a three-piece band from Worksop, Notts. Their sound consists of punk and alt rock styles fused together to create a raw but pop-like sound of their own. Their debut EP recorded at Robannas Studio in Birmingham with renowned engineer Miguel Seco who has worked with the likes of The Pussycat Dolls and GBH, the future is looking increasingly bright for Reasons For Rumours.
The band was formed as a four-piece in the early months of 2008, but due to commitment issues and conflict of opinions Jon (guitar) left the band. Since, they have played In all the cities surrounding them, but as of yet they have only scratched the surface.
 Recently rated 85/100 in a review in Just In Sound Reviews and quoted as having an irresistible and effervescence sound which draws you in to their live shows, you can see why by visiting their website where dates around the UK have recently been announced.

Codex Scientifik – Mr Mamadou (Gouy Mbind, Gambia)
From the album Riddim Master.
Dans ce monde où tous les jours la vie se complique, partout le village planétaire déploie son spectre politique, d’une discrimination policière spécifique; sans possible issue pacifique! Quelques spécialistes de la rime criminelle dessinent l’équation mathématique, à la recherche d’une solution juridique impossible dans ce cadre nostalgique d’un passé de déportation et d’épuration éthnique! Lyrikal shamaanik

IPO Liverpool
Coming up fast is a trip to Liverpool for the IPO. May 25 – June 1
International Pop Overthrow (or IPO, as it has affectionately become known) is a pop music festival which has been held for the past twelve years in Los Angeles. We have also held IPO for various years in Chicago, New York, Boston, San Diego, Phoenix, Detroit, Milwaukee, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and Toronto, as well as in Liverpool, England (at the world famous Cavern Club)! 
David Bash of IPO describes the the purpose of International Pop Overthrow as two-fold: 
“One aim is to give every worthy band who’d like to play their music in a festival atmosphere the chance to do so, and the other is to bring pop music the attention it so richly deserves. We have made great strides to that end, garnering press in several noteworthy papers in each city in which we hold the festival, and creating a very positive buzz about pop music within the inner circles of major labels.”
I’ll be there for a whole day of indie music at the world-famous Cavern Club, in particular AMP will be showcasing a bunch of bands, many local but with one flying in from Sweden for the date. It will be interesting to see the place (even though I think it isn’t quite the same place theta the Beatles played so regularly in the early 60s). The great thing is that it is a music venue for now, rather then dwelling on the fabricated nostalgia that so many other venues indulge in. 
IPO events take place across the USA – check out the schedule on the website.

A Higher Loss – Emerald Park (Malmö, Sweden)
They may have been around since their first release in 2004 but they are set to bring a dose of Scandanivian freshness to The Cavern in Liverpool on 31st May.
Relatively recently signed to the 23 Seconds net-label in Gothenburg, from where you can download the 2010 edition of their album For Tomorrow.
They will be playing both afternoon and evening set at IPO.







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