SnC 219 – Wed 12 May 2010


Music this week from Philly, Kabul, Montreal, Grenoble, London, Nashville, Cologne and somewhere secret in Germany!
We had the coldest May night in 15 years last night and the beginnings of a government here in the UK. We really are in uncharted waters and it will be interesting (to say the least) to see how it all pans out.

People & Private Music – Adam Arcuragi (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
The third track we’ve heard from his I Am Become Joy album his winningly ramshackle sophomore album, Adam and his Atlanta-based band will play over 30 US shows, sessions and festivals throughout the US.
The band’s June schedule looks pretty frantic and almost no matter where you are in the states, you’ll have job to avoid him!
May 11 – Atlanta, GA – Wonderoot
May 13 – Greensboro, NC – Hawks
May 14 – Norfolk, VA – The Boot
May 15 – Marlboro, NY – Live at The Falcon
May 16 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
May 17 – New York, NY – Rooftop Happening
May 19 – Bloomington, IN – The Bishop 
May 20 – St. Louis, MO – KDHX Live (day The Foam (night)
May 21 – Rock Island, IL – Daytrotter Session #2
May 22 – Lincoln, NE – The Crescent Moon
May 25 – Gladstone, MO – Earwaxx Records
May 26 – Kansas City, KS – The Record Bar 
May 27 – Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge
May 28 – Colorado Springs, CO – Triple Nickel Tavern
May 30 – Denver, CO – The Walnut Room
Then June follows at a very similar space.
There’s a video at which captures the spontaneous nature of Adam’s music making and some remarkable percussion playing by the banjo player.
Happy birthday Ian Dury
Today would have been Ian Dury’s birthday. The Blockheads tweeted a few minutes ago to ask that we watch this advert that he did and remember him this way. Oh yes, ‘ave some of that.
1921 – Leif Vollebekk (Montreal, Canada)
The third track we’ve heard from this time a step further into a slightly unworldly place with some really interesting (and maybe just a bit challenging) orchestration.
The really good news for those on this side of the Atlantic is that Leif is playing a serise of dates around Europe in the next month:
May 20 @ South Hill, BRACKNELL, GB (w/ Sam Amidon) 
May 21 @ Captain’s Rest, GLASGOW, GB (w/ Sam Amidon) 
May 22 @ Queen Charlotte Rooms, EDINBURGH, GB (w/ Sam Amidon) 
May 23 @ Puzzle Hall, HALIFAX UK, GB (w/ Sam Amidon) 
May 25 @ Dulcimer, MANCHESTER, GB (w/ Sam Amidon) 
May 27 @ Bush Hall, LONDON, UK (w/ Sam Amidon) 
May 28 @ The Hope, BRIGHTON, GB (w/ Sam Amidon) 
May 30 @ De Barra’s, CLONAKILTY CORK, IE (w/ Sam Amidon) 
May 31 @ The Spirit Store, DUNDALK, LOUTH IE (w/ Sam Amidon) 
June 2 @ Whalen’s, DUBLIN 
June 6 @ L’International, PARIS 
June 18 @ tba, TORONTO (**NXNE) 
June 25 @ Piano’s, NEW YORK
Illuminatis – Petite Viking (just outside Grenoble, France)
From the Jamendo album Mes Musiques de Film v5 which you can download at
Petite Viking’s real name is Annabelle Debain
“Voici le volume 5 de mes musiques de film créées avec le logiciel MAGIX MUSIC MAKER.
un choix de morceaux variés et envoutants !! bonne écoute à vous et donnez moi vos avis ça me fera plaisir !”
Jason from insomnia Radio this week and from Monday a brand new show (number 231) will be available, this time hosted by Rodrigo deSa from Cowboy Cantor.
Erk did a really interesting interview of Rodrigo on Erk FM show 89.
Wish – Tendawema (London, UK)
After already receiving exposure on a large number of radio stations across the UK such as Galaxy, Life FM and Fire FM as well as clubs and bars in and around London plus write ups in DJ Magazine from her previous single Let Yourself Go, Tendawema now returns with a selection of new material.
Described as being low to mid tempo, deep and emotional songs being a reflection on her inner self, you can find out more information on Tendawema including more material on her website.
Jani-ba-Lab – Quraishi (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Twenty years of war and the Taliban’s systematic repression have taken an incalculable toll on Afghanistan’s instrumental music world. With a little searching, you might be able to find historical field recordings from thirty years ago, or current synthesizer pop music made in the Afghan diaspora. But as the world music scene continues to explode around the globe, the vitality and immediacy of traditional Afghan artists making traditional Afghan music for our times has been conspicuously absent.
Until now.
Quraishi’s father made him his first rubab, an ancient instrument belonging to the short-necked lute family. It is traditionally made with a single piece of mulberry wood with a skin face, often richly ornamented with inlay of bone and ivory, and even occasionally encrusted with lapis lazuli or mother of pearl. There are typically three melody strings (now usually made of gut or nylon) and as many as twenty sympathetic strings that are variably tuned to the modes or ragas, imparting a deep resonance and unique timbre to the national instrument of Afghanistan.
Quraishi “Jani-ba-Lab” (mp3) from “Pure & True Rubab” (Engine Company Records) Buy at Napster More On This Album
Ursula Major – Paul Burch (Nashville, TN, USA) 
The Record Club was an idea Paul had to get music to his fans every month. Fans who buy into the record club get an A and B side single from Paul at the beginning of each month, plus little extras throughout the year. Fans can either opt for downloads only, or can add a CD and a personalized thank you note from the man himself. At the end of the year all the singles will be complied into a physical release. 
Paul’s been getting a lot of good press lately for his most recent album, Still Your Man, which was released last August. It got great write-ups in magazines like Uncut and American Songwriter and was featured on a few Best Of lists at the end of last year. He’s a great country/Americana artist who doesn’t simply fall into the labels attached to him.
Roadkill – Entertainment for the Braindead (Cologne, Germany)
I heard this on new AMP member show Edinburgh Man which you’ll find at
From the excellent Roadkill album which is on the aaahh netlabel.
Entertainment for the Braindead is in fact Julia Kotowski
“There are lots of instruments that I’d always really wished to own or be able to play, a piano, a cello, a harp, a clarinet … but I would never had expected that one day I could fall in love with a banjo.
Yet since this is exactly what happened, I decided to start exploring this instrument’s versatility by recording a couple of songs equipped with nothing else but a banjo. (Well… I admit, there’s a tambourine in one song..)
Over the last four months I collected those songs. They occasionally sprouted, sometimes several a day, sometimes none for weeks, and then grew and ripened. I harvested them at home, though a bit more carefully than usual. They tell little tales of friendship and failure, of discovering the world and of hiding at home, and the banjo helped tracing their contours and gave them a shape.
It brought me through a very cold winter. Now maybe it can brighten yours a bit, too?”
Far away from the massive and unresting sounds of electric guitars and pounding noises of drums, Singer/Songwriter Julia Kotowski creates a small, intimate and especially silent musical sphere that she fills with notes, lyrics und rhythm. She lets these outcomes ripen slowly. Then, sound tracks are being arranged and ranked in longsome nights and home appliances will be misused for special elements. There is a lot of tinkering and pottering, but little sleep. All this takes place at home, in her bedroom, in front of her computer.
Julia is a girl of the German city of Cologne, where she was born and where she grew up and, unlike most young people, she does not feel the urge to leave her home. Thus, she lives with her parents. That at some point she will be leaving Cologne is for sure, but before that day, her home city is the source and the playground for her life – Julia does “audio-visual Media-Studies“ at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (KHM).
Everything by Julia Kotowski
The Winelight Club
Tony will be presenting a new night called Mixed Up Music at Green’s Brasserie on Barrack Street in Norwich. What is great about this place is that it has almost everything that was a difficulty at The Wine Press there is plenty of  FREE parking, it is spacious, has air conditioning, and food (in the form of snacks as opposed to full meals) is optional.
The line up has been confirmed and we are delighted to have attracted such high calibre acts to our opening night: –
DAVE SHARP (The Alarm) – It doesn’t always work when a member of a top band pursues a solo career but for founder member and lead guitarist with The Alarm, Dave Sharp, things are going from strength to strength. Tonight sees Dave play one of many dates of a mammoth UK solo tour on which he has chosen to play smaller and more intimate venues where lucky attendees can enjoy songs from his solo albums including Downtown America, an album which includes some of America’s top musicians, including Dave Grisholme and Larry Crane (John Mellencamp), Al Cooper (Bob Dylan), Chris Soulberg (Santana) and Prarie Prince (The Tubes, Todd Rundgren), and earlier works have featured no lesser luminaries than the late greats Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. This is a real coup for us and we recommend you take this chance to enjoy Dave’s music in such intimate surroundings as such an opportunity is unlikely to arise again.

Dave Sharp | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos

Dave Sharp’s profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

CATHY JJ – A couple of weeks ago you may have seen Cathy JJ give The Specials and The Doves a run for money when appearing alongside them on Channel 4’s The Evo Rooms, so we are delighted she agreed to be part of our opening night’s events. Cathy JJ is the new rock pop femme fatal. Now living, breathing and eating rock/pop music in London, Cathy JJ has teamed up with XWAVE Production studios to write her debut Album, “Feathers”. It’s a mix of Rock/ Pop/ Ballads and generally catchy, toe tapping music! Cathy JJ appears tonight as part of her nationwide tour to promote her latest single, Peacock Feathers, now available on iTunes.

CATHYJJ EVO MUSIC ROOMS WINNER | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos

CATHYJJ EVO MUSIC ROOMS WINNER’s profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

APRIL MAYBE MAY (FORMERLY FALLEN LEAVES) – In their days as Fallen Leaves, Cumbria’s finest duo Matt and Rosie, were a big hit when playing Winelight Club events in Norwich, London and Manchester. Their music embraces several genres all presented in a way which fuses the likes of Massive Attack, Kathryn Williams and Everything But the Girl. Their latest album, released by Seahouse Records, has been receiving great critical acclaim. ”…April Maybe May turn in their songs with a natural, crystalline passion. Lyrically bright and seriously happy go lucky with lovelorn undertones it’s marvellous stuff, spliced with potential folk hits. Watch out for “Truth Is” and “Sunshine” from a new series of songs…” Manchester Music

April Maybe May | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos

April Maybe May’s profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

Find out about The Winelight Club at:

Trigger (Original Mix) – Desusino Boys (Germany) IODA
Described, perhaps a little prematurely, as: “one of the biggest and most driving progressive house tracks of 2010. Pull the ‘Trigger’ and unleash madness in the club!” The “Trigger” EP comes with a tech-house remix by Kotoswitch and a techno mix by D-Sens. Don’t miss the B-side ‘ReTrigger’.
Desusino Boys “Trigger” (mp3) from “Trigger” (Clubstream Blue) Buy at Amazon MP3 Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This Album






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