SnC 217 – Wed 28 April 2010


Music from Connecticut, Brooklyn, Oregon, Nashville, LA and Paris and Nancy in France this week. Great new music – the same old presenter!
Dry weather over the past couple of weeks has triggered some manic barn painting. I’ve nearly done the steps (pic), so there’s just the back, front and sides to do 🙁
Came to you – Talking to Walls (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
From regional festival appearances like Connecticut’s Film Festival and New York’s MEANY to providing local tour support for artists like Soul Asylum and Zox, Talking to Walls has a strong history of relentless live performances. In an era of mindless friend adding on MySpace, Talking to Walls grew to know much of their audience the old fashioned way— show by show, garnering them fans from all over.
The first of two tracks on this week’s show.
Samples of the mini kegs of Adnam’s Bitter arrived yesterday. They need to stand for a day or so to settle properly before drawing off. High standards to maintain with Martin’s cellar skills at the Shoes. I’d never hear the end of a cloudy pint.
See what I’m blathering about at

At last – The Dø (Paris and Helsinki)
Recently played on SnC 213 (the track was On my shoulders)
The Dø are French/Finnish vocalist and guitarist Olivia Merilahti and multi instrumentalist Dan Levy, along with Pierre Belleville on Drums & Percussion.

The Do – At Last (kidam version) from THE DO on Vimeo.

Itchy Fingers (Electric) – Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Cady Finlayson is a spirited Irish fiddler, with a global twist. And while she’s best known for her Irish music expertise, Finlayson’s latest release, Electric Green, her collaboration with French guitarist Vita Tanga, is sure to expand her audience well beyond traditional Celtic boundaries. Finlayson and Tanga met during a tour honoring the music of John Denver. The downtime between touring dates led to musical experimentation and an electric guitar and fiddle performance in Finlayson’s New York City home. “It was at this total dive bar, and I wasn’t sure how the traditional Irish music would go over with that crowd,” Finlayson recalls. “So, just for fun, we decided to add some electric guitar sounds to the mix — crybaby pedal and all. We recorded it and listened to it later, and it sounded really cool!”

Colour TV – Eric Skye (Portland, OR, USA )
From the Eric Skye Acoustic Groove Trio album Slow Moving Dog.
What do you get when you take a Pacific Northwest jazz guitarist known for his intimate, uncluttered solo acoustic guitar arrangements, add a New York City, British invasion influenced drummer nourished on careful feedings of American funk, and a virtuoso upright jazz bassist who also plays in a symphony and tours with Zappa alum? The new Eric Skye Acoustic Groove Trio CD, Slow Moving Dog. All original bluesy soul jazz grooves played on a little ought size acoustic steelstring guitar. Recorded live in the studio. No overdubs, no gooey reverbs, etc… just three guys having a ball two mornings in July in a great loft space in downtown Portland, listening to each other, zigging and zagging, grooving.
Eric Skye has two solo acoustic jazz guitar releases, Acoustic Jazz Guitar Solos and For Lulu, both of which garnered national and international attention and airplay.

Still I’m Travelin’ On – Paul Burch (Nashville, TN, USA)
The Record Club was an idea Paul had to get music to his fans every month. Fans who buy into the record club get an A and B side single from Paul at the beginning of each month, plus little extras throughout the year. Fans can either opt for downloads only, or can add a CD and a personalized thank you note from the man himself. At the end of the year all the singles will be complied into a physical release. 
Paul’s been getting a lot of good press lately for his most recent album, Still Your Man, which was released last August. It got great write-ups in magazines like Uncut and American Songwriter and was featured on a few Best Of lists at the end of last year. He’s a great country/Americana artist who doesn’t simply fall into the labels attached to him.

Love song for Jeffrey Dahmer – Dudley Saunders (LA, CA, USA)
Dudley has a tour coming up which is as good an excuse as I need to play one of his beautifully bitter-sweet tracks from the Outmusic Awards Best Album of 2009 – The Emergency Lane.
May 11 2010      SAN FRANCISCO, CA   MCC w/ Tom Goss, Jeremiah Clark & Daniel Owens
May 12 2010      LOS ANGELES, CA      Molly Malone’s w/ Tom Goss & Matt Alber
May 17 2010      CHARLOTTE, NC      Patchwerk Playhaus
May 19 2010      ATLANTA, GA      Smith’s Olde Bar 
May 20 2010      CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA     C’ville Coffee (w/Brady Earnhart)
May 21 2010      WASHINGTON, DC      Potter’s House (w/Indigie Femme/Nina Gibson)
May 22 2010      BALTIMORE, MD      GLCCB (w/Brady Earnhart)
May 24 2010      HARRISBURG, PA      Stage on HERR
May 25 2010      NEW YORK, NY       Dixon Place Music Lounge w/Chris Cochrane
May 26 2010      CAMBRIDGE, MA      All Asia Bar 
May 27 2010      PORTLAND, ME      Slainte Wine Bar
May 29 2010      POUGHKEEPSIE, NY      Cafe Bocca 
Dudley’s website is a work of art in itself, upon which a compelling story is unfolding.

Ungrateful Men – Grace Valhalla (Nancy, France)
This has been my ringtone for a while and I often wake up up with Grace too. 
Cet album regroupe des morceaux plus électroniques, mais toujours pop et doux. Il est le témoin de mes progrès (ou de mes régressions? ^_^) avec les machines.
1 – burn : un morceau un peu étrange à l’ambiance un peu mystique
2 – experience I : la premiere partie d’une trilogie très douce, dans la tentative d’une nouvelle approche de compostion.
3 – empty : un titre plus “club” mais trop lent pour danser dessus alors je ne sais pas trop.. à quoi ilpeut bien servir. Mais j’y suis attachée.
4 – experience II : la suite, que je préfère
5 – ungrateful men : une chanson pour les hommes ingrats ^_^
6 – apricot hill : le morceau le plus rythmé de l’album, mais pas énervé non plus.
7 – experience III : la dernière et la moins minimale de la trilogie
8 – Jenny : une longue (pas trop j’espère) ballade, avec petite une envolée lyrique pour finir.

Song for Megan – Talking to Walls (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
The second track from Talking to Walls this week. Good time music.







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