SnC 215 – Wed 14 April 2010


Such cool and some relatively laid back music on SnC this week from Italy, Australia, USA, Jamaica and Japan but all of it much more local than that.
A few sunny afternoons in the past week have been very welcome and produced a respectable sunset this evening.
We’re the ones – Plunkett (Italy)
The independent alternative folk rock duo formed in 2004 by singer-guitarist Ian Plunkett and ex A&R and producer Lara Bartocci. 
The first album of this independent band is 14 Days, released in 2006. The overall feel here is acoustic, but with more sophisticated arrangements and deeper musicianship than most work in this genre. Warm, melodic, and artfully crafted songs are in the best tradition of British Folk-Rock, a succesful cross between Nick Drake, Mark Laneghan and the Beatles. Standout tracks include the starry-eyed “Picture” as well as “The River”, “Up A Hill” and “Breathe”.After 18 months absence from SnC, they’re back.
The albums ’14 Days’ (2006) and ‘Folk Songs’ (2008) are worth seeking out. This is a new song which Ian pointed me to on the PMN / Musicalley and I’m very grateful.
Neil Innes US tour started last night in Piermont, NY.
Airplane – Peter Comes from Neverland (Sydney, Australia)
p.c.f.n. is the solo project of Peter Covington, a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. His music pairs alternative and acoustic music with guitar prowess and genre-defying songwriting.
Peter’s passion in the writing and performance is apparent through both the more restrained songs like Absorb as well as the more rocking songs like Balloons. That takes some craft and some thought – he should be commended.
It really is worth listening to the entire range of his available tracks. Time well spent. 
peter comes from neverland tours the USA in April to June, and plans a stint in the UK from July onwards.
April 5th, Airliner, LA, CA
April 8th, Good Hurt,LA, CA
April 11th, TRIP, LA, CA
April 14th, 3 Clubs, Hollywood, CA
April 15th, Viper Room, LA, CA
April 17th, Cafe Muse, LA, CA
April 21st, Uptown Nightclub, Oakland, CA
April 26th, Finnegans, Novato, CA
May 1st – P & H Cafe, Memphis
May 10th – The Muse, Nashville
May 17th – Elbo Room, Chicago
May 20th – Goose Island, Chicago
May 24th – Silvies, Chicago
May 26th – Quenchers, Chicago
Breathless – Little Invisibles (Newark, DE, USA)
“I’ve always been drawn to the darker sides of art and music,” says Little Invisibles vocalist Gina Degnars. Raised in a musical family (her brother, Rich Degnars, is Little Invisibles’ drummer), Gina became a fixture on the northern Delaware/Philadelphia/New York club circuit with her previous band, Stygian Veil, which released one acclaimed album, 2001’s Poison Berries. Little Invisibles materialized in 2009, the transition dovetailing perfectly with the striking songstress’s move to more clubby beats and soundtrack-ready melodies. Strong songs are strong songs no matter what the setting, and for live appearances the band can tailor its flexible lineup to fit the given scenario; in configurations ranging from a quartet (keyboards/guitar/bass/drums) to the duo of Gina and Rich (keyboards/drums) or Gina solo, Little Invisibles have been casting their spell on audiences across the East Coast and beyond, entrancing new fans with every performance.
“I’m just trying to write songs that are sonically compelling,” says Gina. “Music that gets a physical reaction from people, and, hopefully, resonates with them emotionally, too.”
Mek dem gwaan – MasSicker (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
Glenford “Lee” Prospere, better known as MasSicker or “King Mas”, is a prolific young singer/songwriter/composer/selector was born into a very musical environment and a very musical Caribbean family. His father, Glenford T. Prospere AKA “Supreme”, a legendary calypsonian on his island of Montserrat. His mother, Pauline Prospere of Clarendon, Jamaica, is not a musician but nurtured his talent by surrounding him with music from birth. At 22 years old, “King Mas” is continuing to perform, tour, & produce hits. 
Recently, the self produced “Mek Dem Gwaan” and the crossover smash “Loving Forecast” have been bubbling on the underground scene. He is looking to release his debut album in early 2010 but is keeping most of his project under wraps. Look out for this promising young artist to step out in a big way
Click click – radio edit 2009 – Grünemusik (Japan)
I know Pete Cogle has played Grünemusik before. It is the name of a unit owned by hikaru (nankado). He’s been publishing some experimental-pop tunes since around 2000 in Japan.
There is the album Time Machine (from which this track is taken and a four track single of Click click. Both are magic.
Push on – Bella Ruse (Minneapolis)
“This duo makes nothing short of stunningly beautiful minimal rock. It’s almost impossible not to be charmed by singer Kay Gillette’s warm, intimate vocals.” -Pete Kearns, Snobs Music
In the last year, minimalist folk duo Bella Ruse have proven themselves to be a talented hardworking band, going on three national tours and recording three EPs. Their simple but engagingly intimate show has impressed festival and club audiences from their hometown of Minneapolis to Seattle to Hollywood, and their songs Push On and Dark Horse have received radio and podcast play worldwide. They have also fully funded their upcoming full length album via with the generous support of their fans all across the country. After only a couple of years together, band members Kay and Joseph are poised to have a big impact on the national scene.

Those Were Good Times, Weren’t They?, by Bella Ruse

Those Were Good Times, Weren't They? by Bella Ruse, released 11 June 2013 1. Here's What I Know 2. Do it Now 3. Try 4. For the Ancient Sun 5. Those Were Good Times, Weren't They? 6. Operation 7. Fool 8. Strangers 9. When You Asked Me For the Moon 10.

Artists – signing or not?
Some interesting charts about how many sales it takes to earn a minimum wage from music sales.
Theatre … and the instinct – In the Cinema (Minneapolis, USA)
“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts…such is the duty of the artist.” – Robert Schumann, 19th Century German Composer, framed and hanging on the wall of brothers Ryan and Joe Hughes Northeast Minneapolis studio. The brothers have always kept a close bond. “We were pretty inseperable”, Ryan recalls, “even with an age difference of 6 years we always got along.” 
While spending most of 2009 writing and recording in this humble space, it was these powerful words that became the driving force behind their new collection of music, titled “for the struggle”. A captivating and beautiful blend of both classic acoustic tones and ambient electronica, this new album stretches the modern rock boundaries. Acoustic guitars and warm vocals float alongside dreamy pianos, lush synth pads and innocent glockenspiel, while a deep sea of layered beats, samples and hand percussion provide the perfect substructure. The result is a mesmerizing and colorful sonic tapestry, the perfect soundtrack for life’s inescapable peaks and valleys.
For their second album, the Hughes brothers took a more collaborative approach. Instead of building mainly on Ryan’s lyrics and melodies, Joe’s programming and percussion became the genesis for many of the songs. They welcomed spontaneity and improvisation into the sessions, recording everything but the live drums in their own space.
Definitely interesting, and deserves … no, demands close attention. For me some of the tracks stray dangerously close to the brink of self-indulgence but Theatre and Waves definitely stay on the right side.
Cantina – Piñata Protest (San Antonio,TX, USA)
What do you get when you meld “fast/loud rules” with the Tex-Mex accordion? Piñata Protest and their invigorating and pointed “punk rock-y-roll.” With their national debut album  “Plethora” on Saustex Records, Piñata Protest take their infectious and bracing South Texas slam-dance to the rest of America and the planet at large.

Piñata Protest “Cantina” (mp3) from “Plethora” (Saustex Media) More On This Album






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