SnC 214 – Wed 07 April 2010


Music this week from Boston, Nashville, Cincinnati and New York twinned with Copenhagen and Ipswich. 
Suffolk is scattered with former airfields from the dark days of World War II. Most of the buildings are gone although at Parham (near Framlingham) the control tower and associated buildings have been restored and now house a museum. The grass of the old airfield has long ago returned to cultivation – always better to make food not war, eh?.
Beautiful Addiction – Mission Hill (Boston, MA)
Formed in 2006 and have been wording the east coast really hard to achieve quite a reputation, being named top Local Band to Watch in 2010 by Boston Music Spotlight.
They are Adam Jensen, Alex Knutsen, Takuma Anzai and Zach Jagentenfl
Butterfly – Katie Herzig (Nashville, TN, USA) 
From her album Weightless, previously played on Suffolk’n’Cool quite a while ago.
Katie is due over from Nashville to play a frantic set of dates all around Europe in a few weeks.
22 Apr Spring & Airbrake Belfast
23 Apr Academy Dublin
26 Apr Koko London
27 Apr Glee Club Birmingham
28 Apr Academy Manchester
29 Apr Abc Glasgow
30 Apr Lemon Tree Aberdeen
2 May Sage Theater Gateshead
3 May Glee Club Cardiff
4 May Reservoir Club Paris
6 May Melkweg Sugar Factory Amsterdam
7 May Privatclub Berlin
9 May Vega Copenhagen
10 May John Dee Oslo
11 May Debaser Stockholm
13 May Underground Cologne
15 May Szene Wien Vienna
16 May Harterei Club Zurich
17 May Kofmehl Solothurn
18 May La Salumeria Della Musica Milan
all the dates are on her MySpace page at:

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Lungs – Ideals (Ipswich & London)
“At the end of 2009, after relocating to London, the music we were producing in ‘It’s A Trap!’ was heading in a smarter and more exciting direction. It was different, each new song surpassing and bettering anything we had ever written. It no longer felt like the same band that we started when we were 17. With the addition of Mathew Bunkell (Formerly ‘Dungeons’), we decided to become Ideals. Now signed to the brand new label ‘Intruder Records’, we will be spending 2010 playing shows around the country.”
Their first public performance, supporting Pete Doherty was at The Rhythm Factory (London). In February they worked with London based ‘The Animal Farm’  to produce their first single.
Lots of UK dates coming up.
Rather a good video on their MySpace page.
Tired – Psy’aviah (Antwerp, Belgium)
“Open-minded progressive electro-rock music at the crossroad of dark EBM, electro-clash and industrial rock.”
While teaming up again with producer Len Lemeire (32CRASH, IMPLANT, etc.) for the recording of their second album Entertainment Industries, the Belgian trio again brilliantly score a top 20 entry in BBC’s The Next Big Thing contest, they appear on several high-profile compilations, deliver various excellent remix works and ended up signing to Belgian record label Alfa Matrix.
Entertainment Industries brought a more upbeat and danceable attitude, with the unique and sensual female vocals of Emélie and Yves’ unmatched vicious synth arrangements. PSY’AVIAH are challenging the dark elektro genre by grabbing it by the horns and giving it a special twist by incorporating an electric pop rock tone to their work while infusing fresh modern techno trance ingredients to the whole lot.
A new album Eclectricism is just out with guest appearances by Jean-Luc De Meyer (FRONT 242), Len Lemeire, (IMPLANT, 32CRASH), Jennifer Parkin (AYRIA).
Fri Apr 09 10  08:00 PM | Middelburg,  NL Venue: Bar American
Fri Apr 23 10  10:00 PM | Paris, Venue: LE KLUB
Address: 14 Rue Saint-Denis, Paris, 75001 (between GAP and the Mimmo pizza restaurant)
You can get a copy of the 2010 Adnams Beer and Event pocket guide.
My baby’s gone crazy – Kelly Richey (Cincinnati, OH, USA)
It’s a while since Kelly Richey has been on the show. Kelly has been described as “Stevie Ray VAughan trapped in a woman’s nbody with Janis Joplin screaming to get out.” That’s an apt appraisal of the Lexington, Kentucky native who’s been based in Cincinnati for many years. Richey has often been compared to such greats as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan because of her ability to capture and entertain an audience with ripping guitar leads that both sing and astonish.

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How often do you go to a gig, love a particular song to bits and can’t remember the title to know which album to buy?
A collaborative service called Setlist could just solve your problem. – the setlist wiki

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My eyes to see – Alcoholic Faith Mission (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Any day that delivers a new album from AFM is a good day. So far I’ve only heard one track but it bodes well. If I can get the entire album Let this be the night we care (set for US release through Paper Garden Records on April 27) I’ll be able to give a more considered review. 
The name of the band is more of an ironic corruption of “apostolic faith mission,” than a nod to the over-indulgence it implies. It’s from a neon sign in Brooklyn from which Thorben Seierø Jensen and Sune Sølund set off on their search for a musical road-less-traveled.
Alcoholic Faith Mission’s third release, cumbersomely titled Let This Be the Last Night We Care, will be available for general consumption in April of 2010. The band will be touring Japan and Europe along with the U.S.

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Tattoos of Angels – The August Infinity (New York, NY, USA)
Too hard to be considered pop but way too pop to be considered hard rock; seriously kids, this is how America writes music.
A quite bizarre video on their MySpace page. Hardish rock with a troupe of dancers. It comes over a bit tacky if I’m honest.
Hawkwind did something similar on their Space Ritual tour but with rather more style I think. Stacia was one of two dancers on the tour. I seem to remember that I was doing something like PA but it is all a bit of a blur (from Wikipedia). I do, however, recall a very happy tour with a bunch of really nice people (not that you’d always guess it from some stage personas).
In an interview in British music magazine Melody Maker, Stacia herself stated that she simply showed up and was inspired to dance by the band’s music. In any case, she joined the “crew” in 1971 and immediately became an integral part of the group.
Stacia was six feet tall, “happily bisexual”, an attractive and imposing figure of a woman by any standard, and often augmented her visual impact by performing clad only in iridescent or luminescent paint. In a 2007 BBC Four documentary, Motörhead’s Lemmy described her as 6 ft 2 inches tall with a 52 inch bust and a bookbinder by trade. The same documentary said that she was working as a petrol pump attendant in Cornwall when she joined them.
There’s a video of Stacia doing a fairly minimalistic performance to Silver Machine, fully clothed, with the band that was getting close to punk long before punk happened, at 

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For those with a strong stomach there are NSFW pics at   Delicious madness and a lovely lady. The same can be said for Miss Renee who also danced on the Space Ritual tour.
High Consciousness – Zion Judah (Staten Island, NY)
Modern Roots Reggae artist/producer Zion Judah returns to the rapidly evolving music scene after a three year hiatus and hits the ground running with his unique and eclectic concoction of roots reggae, new age and contemporary flavoured musical ingredients.
His distinct vocal delivery and savvy parlance ranges from a Bob Marley meets Ziggy Marley, meets Jamiroquai meets Sananda Maitreya (fka. Terence Trent D’Arby), meets Steel Pulse meets The Police/Sting synthesis, to grittier, Super Cat/Jr. Gong-like chanting with tempered intensity when the mood requires it.
Zion Judah (b. Angelo Damian Singh) bears a multi-ethnic, West Indian background, and hails from the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. He is a self-taught musician who grew up listening to anything that sounded good and moved him – roots reggae, dancehall, kaiso/soca, blues, jazz, funk, Rnb, hip-hop, rock, folk, pop, classical, African drumming, East Indian music and many other Indigenous styles. 
I’m hoping to have the revised website up and running in the next few days. Sorry if it behaves a little oddly from time to time. The plan is to allow it to take on loads of new functionality and sections of interest to the discerning music lover without becoming a confusing mess.
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