SnC 212 – Wed 24 March 2010


Musical accompaniment for the romantic widlife of Suffolk this weeks as pigeons pose and preen, Owls explore the barn for potential nest sites and hundreds of frogs do … well… what frogs do at this time of year.
Music from Tibilisi (Georgia), Brighton, Toronto, the east coast of the USA and Norwich.
I resisted the temptation to post a picture if the mating frogs – in the interest of good taste. Instead here is Butley Priory, here in Suffolk, where our daughter Eve married Jon last week. An amazing building to be so comprehensively filled with love.
Dog’s Day – My Visor (Norwich, UK)
I promised another more typical MyVisor track and here it is from their new album If I Could Pass This Message On To You. 
The album is available in the form of a special limited edition (30 only) hardback book with CD inside including full lyrics and drawings by local illustrator Fay Elizabeth Heffer. It will also be available as a standard CD. You also have the option of downloading the whole album (through Bandcamp) completely and utterly free.
You can also get their first album Introducing… free from their site it includes the inspired song One day these legs won’t dance
Still a surprise – Buddhuza (Tibilisi, Georgia)
Buddhuza [but’huza] is an independent artist from Georgia (the country, not state), who produces podsafe music in his mobile home studio.
He plays and records almost all parts of his songs, except for drums and some percussions, and offers his music for free download through his website. He also performs, accompanied by his laptop, in clubs and bars in Vienna, Austria, and offers free CDs during his performance.
The idea behind the free distribution is to be able to share with those whom the music was originally made for – the audience.
Since Buddhuza is not signed and does not financially depend on music, he enjoys making songs, which he refers to as electronic homers, and send them out for a custom recipient.
Follow the links on the site there are some real gems there. Last played on SnC201.

Levan Khubulava, AKA Buddhuza, is a modern musical-visionary, equally gifted as a singer, song-writer, and musician, who simply defines artistry.

Everything’s Good – Phoenix Williams (Brighton, UK)
since the release of Phoenix Williams debut album Wait And See… in September 2008, her emotionally charged acoustic rock has captured the imagination of all who have listened to her, making her new album which she is currently recording, one of the most eagerly anticipated by a female artist in years.
Her new Double A Side single Blow Out and Everything’s Good (2010) taken from her forthcoming album is released exclusively from the Deuce website at   All proceeds made from sales of the single will contribute towards the completion of her new album.  As an extra incentive for fans, those who introduce Phoenix’s music to over 10 people who then go on to purchase the single will receive a signed copy of her album on completion, and will also be credited on it too!
Bay Mir Bistu Shayn – Balkan Balagan (location unknown)
Zouker David : Clarinet
Ice Hotels – Dinosaur Bones  (Toronto, Canada)
In less than two years since exchanging a university auditorium for a cramped 12-seater Econoline tour van, Fox and the fellow Bones have been efficient in inflicting enough damage on the Canadian indie music community to justify their namesake.  After releasing a self-titled, 4-song demo EP in late 2008, the band has hit the stage with Handsome Furs, the Rural Alberta Advantage, Born Ruffians, The Arkells, Malajube, Hollerado, and Sebastian Grainger, received praise from both college and commercial radio, and been personally invited to play some of the country’s largest festivals.  They’ve also outgrown many of the venues in their hometown, packing the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, among others, wall-to-wall with hundreds of rabid fans, often storming the stage for sing-alongs induced by their anthemic blend of hook-laden melancholy and broody charisma.
In late 2009, Dinosaur Bones entered the studio with producer Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club, the Arkells) to lay down the foundation for their long-anticipated debut LP.
Diddley Bo – Seasick Steve (Norway?)
Ryko is pleased to announce the U.S. release of Seasick Steve’s Man From Another Time on March 30, 2010. The tale of Seasick Steve is that of an anomaly in modern recorded music – signed in his 60’s, the US-born musician came to see a platinum-selling album in the UK, become the oldest Brit Award nominee in history and the winner of Mojo’s Best Breakthrough Act.
Seasick Steve’s “sudden” career rise began to take place in 2006 after a UK television appearance on Jools Holland’s ‘Annual Hootenanny’ BBC TV show. His electrifying performance immediately propelled him into the UK public’s consciousness.  As his star rose, crowds flocked to his live events worldwide, including in a sold-out performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and appearances such at festivals such as: UK Reading, Leeds, Glastonbury (UK), Coachella, All Points West (U.S.) and Fuji Rock Festival (Japan).
“Every time I walk out in front of these thousands of people, I think ‘Goddamn, how can someone who’s not young, and didn’t used to be famous already have all this success out of the blue?” Seasick Steve remarked. “My belief is I’ve come at the right time. People are tired of everythin’ bein’ so fancy. I guess they kinda like hearin’ me with an acoustic guitar stompin’ on a box.”
Born in Oakland, CA, Seasick Steve ran away from home at age of 13.  He spent his adolescence living rough, grabbing work where an underage labourer could find it.  By 16, he was busking and starting to become the musician that close to fifty years later emerged as Seasick Steve.  Through this journey, his feet took him through Europe, back to the U.S., and then ultimately back overseas.
With momentum in hand, devastation struck when in 2004 he suffered a heart attack.  While home and finding a way of life he could sustain post-heart attack, his wife pressed him to start recording on his 4-track.  Those sessions would become the 2006 release, Dog House Music; which was independently released on the Bronzerat label (200,000+ copies sold).  His follow up album, I Started Out With Nothin’ And I Still Got Most Of It Left, found Seasick Steve landing his first platinum album and critical success.
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Jars of Fireflies (Pharmatrionik remix feast. Tanya Donelly of Belly) – Pocket (NYC, NY, USA)
As the principal creative mind behind the NYC-based electro-pop band Burnside Project, Richard Jankovich (aka Pocket) is not just well-versed in pop music production—he’s quickly become one of the most celebrated remixers today. As Pocket, Jankovich has done remixes for Beck, Radiohead, Kristin Hersh, Of Montreal, Elk City, Joanna Newsom and many others, always to critical acclaim.
Jankovich continues this core idea of collaboration and ensemble recording through the release of a new project: a series of singles featuring a stunning lineup of both legendary musicians and newer artists, all of which were released digitally throughout 2009.
Pocket “Jars Of Fireflies (Pharmatronik Remix) [feat. Tanya Donelly of Belly]” (mp3) from “Jars Of Fireflies (feat. Tanya Donelly of Belly)” (24 Hour Service Station) More On This Album






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