SnC 211 – Wed 17 March 2010


A fairly upbeat selection of tunes that caught my ear this week with contributions from Los Angeles, London, Belgium, New York, France, Toronto and Nashville.
Closer to home, Butley Priory is an amazing music venue just a few miles from The Barn and will be the setting for my daughter Eve’s wedding tomorrow.
Too tired – The Mannish Boys (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Finis Tasby: vocals / Bobby Jones: vocals / Randy Chortkoff: harmonica / Kirk “Eli” Fletcher: lead & rhythm guitar / Frank Goldwasser: vocals, slide, lead & rhythm guitar / Willie J. Campbell: electric & upright bass / Jimi Bott: drums & percussion
The Mannish Boys new release “Shake For Me” picks up on the tradition established by the band’s previous releases: A playlist of great songs from the deep end of the blues pool, performed with passion and vitality enough to make them sound new and fresh. And the band once again brings on board a slew of ringers, some of the very best blues players in the world today, each ideally suited to their featured material.

An important and sometimes tricky aspect of this tradition is choosing songs that walk the balance beam between familiar and unknown, with a conscious effort given to presenting some of the greatest music from the blues canon without lapsing into cliches and dead-horse beating. And if a little bit of royalty income can be generated for one of the originators of the art form or his estate in the process, all the better. The Mannish Boys aren’t about forging new frontiers in space age blues technology and innovation, and they’ve never tried to. Their goal has always been to keep the classic music alive and make it a living, breathing force for today’s generation, sharing the good times they have while doing it. And few who have heard their recordings, or seen them performing live at music festivals around the world, could argue with their success in achieving their goal.
The Mannish Boys “Too Tired” (mp3) from “Shake for Me” (DELTA GROOVE PRODUCTIONS) Buy at iTunes Music Store Buy at Amazon MP3 More On This Album
Younger Looking Skin – Robin Grey (London, UK)
In a small white room with a blue door tucked away in a leafy corner of Hackney, Robin makes music. He colours in his songs about love and life with guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, piano, double bass, organ, percussion toys, and any other instruments he can afford and fit into his little studio.
Robin featured on Suffolk’n’Cool 148 quite a while ago. He’s back with a new album “Strangers with shoes” the tenth release from the consistently excellent modifythevan label. A higher quality MP3 version is available as is the physical CD at
Take a listen and download a standard MP3 copy at
Tutti Frutti – Nikila (Belgium)
From the Jamendo album Other that you can download free from
Classical music training …. After a few years off, returning to music by MAO. Eclectic musical tastes with a slight preference for jazz and electro trend IDM Ambient Trip Hop Hip Hop Lo-Fi.


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The Faster That You Run – The August Infinity (New York)
“The August Infinity, have crafted a superb rock album with their debut LP Voices of a Generation… a multi dimensional album that has an organic feel with its a simple guitar-bass-drums setup… All of which have substantial lyrics and create an emotional connection with the listener.”
 – Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Siesto Ocho – Suerte (Montseret, France) Jamendo
We are training 4 zicos diverse backgrounds and exploring a damaged area of music tinged with jazz, rock, world music, … Briefly, dyslexic! To listen without moderation, a bird! worth a damn! there’s more letters …
The Stalker – Hunter Valentine (Toronto, Canada)
Hailing from Toronto, sweet, vicious and punky all-girl rock trio Hunter Valentine has made a run for the border, relocating to Brooklyn, NY in the wake of recording their newest platter Lessons From The Late Night. The 7-track disc was recorded and produced by Ian Blurton (Weakerthans, Skydiggers) at Toronto’s Chemical Sound Studios and will be released on May 11th via Tommy Boy.
The band, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Kiyomi McCloskey, bassist Adrienne Lloyd and drummer Laura Petracca previously released a self-titled EP in 2005 and a 2007 full-length The Impatient Romantic. The trio had been causing quite a stir with constant touring in the U.S. and Canada (often with their good friends The Cliks) and the summer release of the their super fan-friendly live DVD, We’re Here To Recruit You. Eventually they could no longer be ignored and were targeted by a legendary New York City-based indie label.

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Lost John Dean – Paul Burch (Nashville, TN, USA)
Paul Burch, a writer of unmistakably modern but instantly classic American songs, arrived in Nashville in the early 90’s and helped spark the honky tonk revival in downtown Nashville with marathon performances at legendary Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.  PB’s 7th album Still Your Man was released to critical claim in 2009 and features his group the WPA Ballclub along with Tim O’Brien and Kelly Hogan. Burch’s ear for producing and arranging has made him a natural collaborator to performers from every kind of genre including Dr. Ralph Stanley, Vic Chesnutt, Mark Knopfler, Lambchop, the Mekons, Beverly Knight, and the Grammy nominated comeback by legend Charlie Louvin. Burch also served as music consultant to the PBS documentary “The Appalachians” and wrote a soundtrack to Tony Earley’s debut novel and NY Times bestseller “Jim the Boy”.
“For some people music goes very deep, and I hope my music reaches that place for them,” says Paul, “but I also hope my sound has something for those who haven’t heard music speak to them yet.” 
 On March 1st Paul Burch & WPA Ballclub will begin the streaming and sale of an A side/B side single every month throughout the rest of the year. For a one-time fee of only $5 fans can join the Paul Burch Record Club which will allow them to subscribe to the entire year-long series. For $10, in addition to receiving all 20 tracks in mp3 form, Paul Burch Record Club members will receive, at the end of the year, a CD of the singles with custom artwork.

Home page of, from Nashville, TN. Unclassifiable Paul Burch’s thoroughly modern and instantly classic songs have attracted fans and collaborators from Rock to Bluegrass for two decades. Pop Matters calls Burch “one of the finest contemporary

the incredible raggavolution – Stouffi the Stoves (Lille, France)
From the album Madness on Jamendo.
There certainly seems to be a bit of collaboration going on around Lille with Stouffi the Stouves, Eclectek and David TMX regularly combining forces.






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