SnC 207 – Wed 17 February 2010


Music this week from France, Australia, Germany, The USA and Canada. Perhaps a rather louder show than normal but none the worse for that I hope!
The snow has gone … again … and the snowdrops are making a brave show of it.
Owen Noone & Marauder – Deskaya (Feurs, France )
From their new album on Jamendo Le Printemps Est Là.
“October of the year 2003 was one morning, six sailors and a fish stew decided to release the mooring ropes and to leave while singing. The construction of the ship was difficult: several unfruitful splashings, some attacks of duck battalions missed little discouraging the crew. But one year later, thin but proud raft, baptized Deskaya, took the broad one.”
My thanks to Gaspard from the band for alerting me to the new album. 
Django – Nina Vox (Sydney, Australia)
Born in Moravia, Nina was raised in a happy family, who taught her how to love life and always find joy in the World. It was a country town where her Grandmother made buttons from Mother of Pearl and grew vegetables for the local community…an idyllic life.
Then Russia invaded Czechoslovakia. Nina’s Grandmother harbored fugitive Gypsies, who taught Nina their songs and stories and all the while Nina yearned to travel and to sense freedom as they had before the Russian invasion. Nina grew in song and helped her Gypsy friends by singing for the soldiers to distract them while her friends escaped into the forest.
One day Nina and her parents said goodbye to her Grandmother and fled with other Moravians to the Austrian border. Tragically she was separated from her parents. Desperate to know what to do, Nina was swept up and saved by some gypsies who recognized her. Together they ventured south to Venice where Nina was able to stow away on an Ocean Liner, which took her to Greece, France, Spain, USA, South America and eventually to Australia (where she now resides). It was on the cruise ship that she learned all the jazz standards listening to the ship’s resident band, from her lifeboat home.
Just listen to Tony King’s guitar.
Minimalistic (tommiGO mix) – SirGed (Munich, Germany)
From the Geddidmuss album. 
Geddismuss is a Project instigated by the Munich-based Great British Artist “SIR GED” in the late Summer (Sept;) of 2005. SIR GED who together with “Mr TO-NAAL” , and “Mr BLAB” and a unique collection of like minded arteests, musiko..s and technophiles, have developed a Unique Sound & a New Dancefloor Explosion is Presently taking place. Incorporating elements of “RAGGA”, “FUNK”, “REGGAE”, “ROCK”, & “TECHNO” And also by combining a great deal of “FUN”, “HUMOUR”, & “WIERDNESS” into their musik, They have managed to Develop an Individual Sound that has been sweeping the Dancefloors of GERMANY, and BAVARIA! for the last few Months.
YouTube video at
Download from: or
Blue Lighters – Red Pens (Minneapolis, USA)
Seeing the Minneapolis duo, Red Pens, is like witnessing a demonstration, a demonstration in raw sonic bliss. Howard Hamilton III is a string-bending master who knows how to make feedback work to his advantage. His confident vocal stylings, coupled with drummer Laura Bennett’s all or nothing kit pounding, are about as uniquely refreshing as it gets these days. The stage is littered with junk shop amps and guitars Hamilton seems to almost get tangled up in while he and Bennett exchange doses of laser beam eye contact revealing a seemingly deeper connection between the two of them than your average indie rock outfit.
Hamilton and Bennett met in the arena of visual arts and started Red Pens as a way to express their deep love for rock and roll. Howard’s old project, The Busy Signals, toured with The Shins and its beat and loop based jams proved to be an underdog favorite in the early 2000’s. Laura is well known as a painter, but is best known for her painting on guitar effects boxes. She even has her own signature fuzz pedal, not bad for a drummer.
Their debut album Reasons on Grain Belt Records is a mid-fi bonanza of fuzzy reverb drenched art rock. The wiggly winding guitars, slap back vocals and killer backbeats are sure to give you that silly grin you’ve been starving for.
No Heaven – DJ Champion (Montreal, Canada)
No one could accuse Maxime Morin of modesty. The nameplate he’s affixed to his mighty electro rock Voltron – DJ Champion – doesn’t exactly reek of humility. But that kind of bluster passes the smell test when “electro rock” can mean everything from thumping spaghetti-western to ethereal house in the same damn song (See: “No Heaven”, which features acclaimed chanteuses Betty Bonifassi of Beast on vocals). On No Heaven Borderlands, the Montreal-based Morin’s stateside debut (and his fifth release overall), DJ Champion takes the unchecked zeal of his Juno-nominated (equivalent to the Grammys… but Canadian) Chill ‘Em All to the max with a series of remixes and re-interpretations.
Justin Wayne – the promoter!
Justin is working with Jade’s House Events to put on a night in Enfield (N London) at the Bar Form this Friday. Starts about 9pm, and it’s right outside the Enfield Town BR station (or an 8 minute bus ride via the 121 or 307 from Oakwood Station off the Piccadilly underground line).
The band Those Handsome Animals will be playing. Once called The Retro Crooks, they split and reformed to create the current band. Tom, the lead singer is on my show this week to chat about the gig.

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7th Sea Dub in Twilight – Ras Amerlock meets Professor Balthazar (Milwaukee, WI, USA)
Whether performing with The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra as a classical solo violinist in his youth, or a Roots Reggae Dub Entertainer, opening for acts such as Burning Spear; Ras lives to perform and give JAH the glory for all that is, in this life. Ras Amerlock’s Music is a reflection in sound of the Rastafarian way of life he as a Rasta in USA embraces. His current releases are heavy “old school” style dubs aiming to reflect a variety of techniques within the realm of Dubstyle sound.
This recording is on the LCL netlabel download it at
Bottom of the river – Adam Arcuragi (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
On his second full-length, Arcuragi expands on the dark, sparse style of his preceding 2006 untitled album and 2008 EP, Soldiers for Feet.
The backing vocals on I Am Become Joy invoke the feeling of a ramshackle choir almost as if each song was tracked in a different church across the wide swath of Route 80 that cuts from southern Georgia to Mississippi. There is also a rotating cast of instrumentation layered with pedal steel, dulcimer, accordion, trumpets, and even a singing saw, each song has a unique arrangement to compliment Arcuragi on vocals and guitar. I Am Become Joy shows the full width of Arcuragi’s brilliant songwriting style in a manner befitting a man who proudly made up what he lovingly refers to as his “own phoney baloney fake religion.”
The album art for I Am Become Joy (which exists in three different versions for CD, vinyl, and digital download) was done by illustrator Peter Wonsowski, who also contributes his musical talent to the recordings, playing singing saw and accordion.






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