SnC 206 – Wed 10 February 2010


A largely NYCentric show this week, purely by chance, I promise.
Yet another bout of cold weather and snow is sweeping across Suffolk again this week. Nothing like that being seen in Washington DC but unusual for us.
Messin’ with the Kid – Sugar Blue (New York, NY, USA)
Sugar Blue grew up listening to jazz – particularly Lester Young and Dexter Gordon – and soon fell in love with Muddy Waters and the blues greats. 
He incorporates what he has learned into his visionary and singular style, technically dazzling yet wholly soulful. Along with his instrumental virtuosity he’s got a rich, intense sensual voice with a whisper of huskiness which by itself would be something out of the ordinary.
The track is from his new album Threshold, released in January. “We have chosen the title Threshold because the tunes open new musical territory for us,” says bluesman Sugar Blue of his new album, which came out January 26, 2010 on Beeble Music. The album follows the acclaimed 2007 album Code Blue, which hinted at a widening musical path.
Closer – Shayna Zaid and The Catch (New York, NY, USA)
Blending elements of folk, jazz, indie pop and cabaret, Shayna Zaid’s melodically inclined lyrical work leaves traces of solace, reflection and affection. The combination of Zaid’s dynamic stage presence, her powerful smoky voice and her playful jazzy swagger lends an enchanting display.
There is another Shayna Zaid track on Insomnia Radio New York with Sarah Morrison at
Virgin – Elizabeth Blair (London / Chicago)
The 100% home-grown album County of Origin — recorded/mixed/mastered by her throughout this year — features Michael Tracht on cello and a few guest appearances by musician Ryan Gunzel. It is a pay what you can release so, please be generous and let’s keep this music happening.
Paranoid Android – Lachi (New York, NY, USA)
This songstress has a rock, jazz and alternative sound that many music lovers surely can vibe to.
Lachi also works hard around the clock to promote and further the careers of other blind musicians in the New York City area.
Suckers and marks – Jack O the Clock (Oakland, California, USA)
Jack O’ The Clock is a 5-piece art-folk band out of Oakland, California, whose sound has been described as a jangly mix of junk-shop scouring and concert-hall agility. The band crafts its songs with careful attention to lyrics, melody, and orchestration.
Their line-up reads like they sound … interesting.
Jordan Glenn: drums, percussion, accordion
Jason Hoopes: basses, voice, music box
Kate McLoughlin: bassoon, voice, flute, recorder, percussion, trombone
Emily Packard: 5 string and baritone violins, banjo, psaltery, musical saw
Damon Waitkus: voice, guitar, hammer dulcimer, banjo, piano, flute, ukelin, odds ‘n ends, production

Jack O’ the Clock

“Jack O’ the Clock just seem to go from strength to strength, one of the most original and compelling groups I know playing some amazing compositions that seem to tread effortlessly between Van Dyke Parks and folk music from an as yet unidentified culture, while making all the things you’ve always thought of as difficult sound as effortless and natural as breathing.”
Mastrom, Mastrom – Khi Darag (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Inspired by Persian classical, late 60’s acid garage psychedelia and surf mayhem, traditional Armenian and Jewish dances, Cambodian street music, 70’S “Prog” and Gothic art rock along with a fistful of Bollywood and European soundtracks, SF Bay Area based ensemble KHI DARAG walks a thin line between the modern and archaic.
“khidarag” (ki-dah-rahg), pronounced with a clearing-of-the-throat sound at the beginning, roughly translates from Armenian to mean “disgraceful scoundrel” or “person of unpredictable or outlandish nature.” The group has embraced this as their namesake and mission.
Babylon – La Olla Express (Spain) Jamendo
LA OLLA EXPRESS nos presenta su primer larga duración: PANIC, una colección de canciones donde se entremezcla ROCK, PUNK, REGGAE, SKA…  una fusión de colores enérgicos y letras comprometidas. Con el espíritu del “Do it yourself” el grupo nos regala su fusión de sonidos, jugueteando con la electrónica, el reggae, el punk… siendo en directo donde mejor se comprueba la herencia de grupos como The Clash o Mano Negra.
El disco, producido por el propio grupo junto a Carlos Suay y Dani Sáiz, se grabó a finales del 2008 en los Estudios Sacramento de Alicante y se está presentando en Directo a lo largo y ancho de España… el próximo objetivo: invadir Europa!!!!
Fieles a sus principios de libertad, el disco se edita con licencia Creative Commons, para que todo el mundo pueda disfrutar de este sonido fresco y embriagador.
Recommended by Lebosqui on Jamendo to whom sincere thanks.






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