SnC 205 – Wed 03 February 2010


As quirky a collections as you’d want to hear this week from: California, Israel Switzerland, UK, Germany, Jamaica and Canada.
The ice was forming early this afternoon on the pond (right), much to the irritation of the ducks.
Best time to say goodbye – The New Fidelity (Long Beach, CA)
The New Fidelity takes the stage in sharp suits to play well-tailored songs that capture moments of everyday life.
The New Fi made its first movie appearance in a dance club scene in the independent film We Are The Mods that debuted at the Director’s Guild of America Theater in Hollywood last summer ‘09. More performances on the silver screen are planned for 2009 and beyond, including music to Vespa scooter chase scene in an independent film featuring Henry Winkler to be released on The Independent Film Channel.
The Los Angeles area band performs regularly at clubs festivals and scooter rallies up and down the west coast from Vancouver to Vegas to San Diego, where they seamlessly mix their original songs with covers of mod and soul classics.
Parallel Me – The Quiet Revolution (Rehovot, Israel)
TQR (The Quiet Revolution) is an internet project that features talented singer/songwriters singing songs written and composed by Tal More, a 31 year-old Israeli songwriter.
So why a revolution and why a quiet one? According to Tal: “TQR attempts to focus on the things I believe music should be about- original lyrics, strong melody & sincere delivery. Production is kept at a bare minimum as I feel it tends to steal focus from the more important aspects of music and sometimes disguises uninspired substance. My approach to music is largely inspired by Elliott Smith’s low-fi recordings, which I consider a sort of musical bible that demonstrates how meaningful & truthful music should sound.
If you liked the tune get over to their myspace and enjoy the lovely animated video of the song.
Time to dance – Self Made Man (Switzerland?)
Self Made Man appears to be the nom de plume of Reto Battaglia. The track was recommended to me by Andy Fidler.
Check out free.superhits at
Self Made Man simply has a page or two at:
Der lurch – Arschepopeng (Archen, Germany)
Arschpopeng is a band from the German city Aachen. We play mainly during the local “Karneval”. Our songs are happy music songs and all the band members are close friends. We do not take our music too serious.
You can catch them in Archen:
Do., 11. Februar, 12:30 Uhr: Aachener Marktbühne
Do., 11. Februar, ab 14:50 Uhr: Penn-Zelt auf dem Katschhof
Fr., 12. Februar, 22:00 Uhr: Cafe-Madrid „Viva Pontonia“
Sa., 13. Februar, 20:00 Uhr (Einlass): Pengball, Bar Museo
Mo., 15. Februar, ab 13:30 Uhr: Wie immer an der Jakobstraße
Mid AIr – Naama Hillman (London, UK)
Naama got in touch again to let me know about her new album which is now available both digitally and on CD.
Naama will be giving a live webcast in Sunday Feb 21 at 7pm GMT which is 8 pm CET, 2pm EST and 11am PST find out more about the music and the webcast at
Makisupa Policeman – Rootz Underground (Kingston, Jamaica)
From the album Dub Like An Antelope – Legends of Reggae Celebrate Phish.
Recorded at Grafton Studios (Kingston. Jamaica) by Jomo McComo
When the great legends of reggae inject their hypnotic drums and infectious bass-lines into these “jammin” renditions of Phish’s most beloved songs, the result is an uplifting and groove oriented album that will have e a dramatic effect on “4:20 Sessions” for generations to come.
Rising reggae stars Rootz Underground sound like they have a great time bashing “babylon” on Makisupa Policeman.
Rootz Underground “Makisupa Policeman” (mp3) from “Dub Like An Antelope – Legends of Reggae Celebrate Phish” (Red Hillz Music) Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This Album
Back Pocket – My Son The Hurricane (Ontario, Canada) 
With their roots deeply planted in the big brass sounds of New Orleans, and an indie spirit that refuses to be pigeonholed or defined, Ontario’s My Son The Hurricane is ready to hit the road with their own original 11-piece take on brass, and a debut album that will blow away your pre-conceived notions of the genre.  Combining catchy horn lines and a thumping, driving bass with uniquely phrased, hip-hop inspired vocals that drive the album, My Son The Hurricane will appeal to Hip-Hop and Indie fans alike, while paying homage to the big brass bands that came before them.
Don’t stop – Patrick and Eugene (London, UK)
Another track from the excellent Patrick and Eugene.
Altogether Now (Birds Bees Flowers Trees) is the U.S. debut release from the UK’s Patrick & Eugene. The album was produced by band member Patrick Dawes.  It’s being released by the Tummy Touch Music Group.
The Patrick & Eugene sound is comprised of banjos, ukuleles and sunshine pop vocals combined with whistles, bells and bongos to produce unique but accessible music for post-modern vaudevillians, with nods to Monty Python, Derek & Clive and even Woody Allen. Try to imagine Noel Coward on stage with the Duke Ellington Band at the Monterey Pop Festival and you’re getting close … or on a substance which is probably illegal in most states.






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