SnC 203 – Wed 20 January 2010


Some gutsy tunes this week from Montreal, Ireland, UK, Timbuktu, Sweden, Madrid, Nassau and the East Village in NYC. What? Nothing from Brooklyn!No time to take a picture today, but I was reminded, in a conversation with that it is a while since we’ve partaken of a pint or two together – I think this one from last year sums the feeling up pretty well. Since you ask, yes, it is Adnams … and it is in Southwold, not a hundred yards from the brewery. Mr Hurricane – Beast (Montreal, Canada)Montreal-based Beast began as something of an experiment. Drummer/composer Jean-Phi Goncalves, leader of his own cutting edge electro band Plaster and also an established platinum level producer, asked acclaimed chanteuse Betty Bonifassi to lay down vocals on a work-in-progress track. Something clicked during that first recording session, and Beast was born.Musician and songwriter Simon Wilcox worked with Betty (whose first language is French) to polish her English lyrics, while maintaining the structure and strong imagery Betty had infused them with. Betty spits the resulting fiery stanzas with a delivery that melds the spirit of rap and slam poetry with bellowing soul. The recording of Devil marked her first foray into rapping and the words, she says, "came out in a rage flow."Jean-Phi ventured into unknown territory during the making of the album as well. "It was the first time I ever had a mic in front of my face," he says. His vocal tracks were recorded with the intention of having someone else replace them later, but Betty pushed for them to stay. "I love the difference of texture," she says.The entire process spanned two years.

Beast – Mr. HurricaneBEAST | MySpace Music Videos

Long Goodbyes – I am not left-handed (London, UK – but mostly Irish)I played a track from their instrumental album Time to leave last week. Now time to unveil the fabulous voice of Kathryn Williams."We don’t play pop music, we don’t write music for art’s sake, we don’t represent any movements, we’re not hip, we’re not cutting edge, we don’t dress to be cool. We manage ourselves, we write our own songs, we do our own recordings, we shoot our own videos, we design our own covers, we run our own website. We’re not generally negative people.  Oh yes, and we’re not lefthanded." An absolutely flawless, touching, rich chocolate sauce voice over simple, but yearning guitar, bass & drums can be heard on Yes Means No: 6 & 1/6th songs that don’t always give a straight answer. No battling elements, just a smooth natural – Justin Adams, Juldeh Camara (UK)From the album Soul Science on World Village.Justin Adams co-wrote The Robert Plant album Mighty Rearranger released in 2005 to rave reviews. He has played guitar with Robert’s band the Strange Sensation around the world, gaining an awesome live reputation.Soul Science is the result of a meeting of two worlds, an Afro-Blues shakedown. After a few years of collaborations with Robert Plant and Tinariwen, Juldeh’s sound seemed like a perfect match for Justin’s guitar and production. An African Master Musician who played in the fields for farmers as a child, Juldeh has the drive and effortless flow of a great Bluesman. And while his instrument brings to mind Delta players like Big Joe Williams, as well as Ali Farka, there is a lilt in his playing that hints at the ancient links between North Africa and the Celtic World.Soul Science is far from a purist piece, it has gritty rock and groove throughout. It uses the ancient Soul Sciences of scale and Rhythm to create a 21st Century Afro

Justin Adams, Juldeh Camara "Naafigi" (mp3) from "Soul Science" (IRL) Buy at iTunes Music Store Buy at Amazon MP3 More On This Album

Scarecrow Blues – Blind John Gunn (Timbuktu, Mali, Africa)"Blind John O’Gunn is a 19 year old boy I met when I travelled to Mali.I found this young boy playing guitar and singing near the Djinguereber Mosque in Timbuktu, so I went and talked to him.Apparently he learned english by guiding tourists around the city, and one day he found a mp3 player with a john lee hooker album, and ever since then, it’s the only music he listens to.In his announcement card he says he accepts donations in either cash or batteries. So I sat down with him, put my mp3 player in record mode and improvised some solos over his guitar playing, singing and stomping! So this is little John’s only recording so far. There are a few more songs that will be published soon, and more when I visit him again." Priory songwriters’ retreat1st – 5th February 2010Songwriters and wannabe songwriters of all standards and genres who would like to spend a few days away from the usual demands of life and take time to focus on their music in beautiful countryside surroundings will be welcome. The team Kate, Kay and Frances will be there to encourage, enable and support, and there will be talks from at least one visiting guest during the course. A BOSE PA system, sound engineer, pianos and keyboards, plenty of rehearsal space will be provided; wholesome food, log fires, time to walk on the beach or in the woods, goose down duvets and owls hooting at night are all thrown in!If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible as residential places are limited. Alternatively join us for the day for £45 inclusive of food.Phone: +44 (0)1394 450046 website: and Low – Sambassadeur (Sweden)The band’s second album Migration not only gave them a more glittery sound than they had enjoyed before, it helped them gain further success around the world and brought them on tour in countries like Spain, the UK, Austria, Germany and Denmark. Offers for shows kept coming in but due to the severe flying anxiety of guitarist Joachim Läckberg most of them had to be turned down which gave the band a certain secret stars status.Their third, European has taken almost two years to finish and they’ve once again employed the talents of Mattias Glavå. According to the band he did very little. He merely lay on the sofa and cursed how badly they played their instruments and continued to bring in more and more musicians. A string quartet, three drummers, a saxophone player, clarinet, the list goes on… On European they’ve finally accomplished to make the grand, classic and orchestrated album they’ve always wanted to Common Sense – Hypnostate (Madrid, Spain)The opening track of their album Curious State of Harmony.
 Madrid band Hypnostate formed in 2003 in the district of La Fortuna in Leganés. Its four Members: Alex (bass) Leo (vocals, guitar) David (guitar) and Sergio (drums) will soon begin to take matters into their own until the summer of 2006 and after a long list of concert halls of Madrid, they recorded a two songs demo, Aloe Vera and Desperate way to madness.
 In the course of 1 year between 2007 and 2008 the group gives a quantum leap recording the demo, Curious State of Harmony, featuring 11 tracks, and playing in venues such as Ritmo y Compás, Heineken, Heaven (Santander) and give their first concert outside the Spanish borders in Portugal.
In early 2009 Hypnostate recruits a new band member, Roberto Vivancos "Robe" to the guitar. He’s is bringing band progression’s new ideas. 
In May 2009 Hypnostate presents its first album of the same name as the model with 16 songs inlcuding a DVD with its first two video clips, 27 and My dear contempt.
 Currently gigging around, Hypnostate continues throughout the agree – Savage Bull (Nassau, Bahamas)Ray Ewing in Nassau keeps in touch and occasionally sends a tune or two our way. You may remember the excellent Badness out of Style by Peter Runks back on show 164.There is a live Buffboo show coming up in February but the link for details isn’t working right now. City – SAADI (East Village, NYC, USA)Songwriter Boshra AlSaadi was born in a tiny village in Damascus, Syria before relocating and growing up in a rainy suburb of Pittsburgh. At the tender age of 17 she moved to NYC’s East Village where she has resided and created music ever since. Having developed her New York roots with Serious Business band, Looker, SAADI has come into her own with the upcoming 12"/EP titled Bad City. Due for release in March 2010. Prepare to dance.Leading up to the release of the Bad City 12", SAADI took over Pianos (NYC) on Sunday and will be doing so on both remaining Sundays in January – 24th, 31st. If you’re really into comedy and ladyporn (meaning porn for ladies, not porn of ladies), the 17th is a must-see joint event with Kong Magazine. In the meantime, enjoy 12 inches of white vinyl (digitally, of course) from






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