SnC 202 – Wed 13 January 2010


I’m really excited by the selection of fine new tuneage this week. Some great contrasts and representations from a couple of styles that don’t feature too often on Suffolk ‘n’ Cool. But hang on, that’s what SnC is all about isn’t it? Playing the unexpected to revive jaded ears. :)I am. however, getting rather bored by the cold and snow which has been hanging around for the past month. Dark and cold today again. Made worse by the fact that Jessie is back off to Ibiza tomorrow. Spare ticket anyone?South Australia – Churchfitters (Brittany via England, Ireland and France)The group Churchfitters was founded in 1978 by singer/songwriter Anthony McCartan from Belfast and multi-instrumentist Geoff Coombs from Essex.
 Rosie Short joined soon after its formation having previously been playing in a London-based traditional Irish outfit. During the years that followed, the group frequently changed its line-up making a point of always including members from diverse musical backgrounds in order to maintain a fresh and original approach to Irish music. They enjoyed great success on the East Anglian folk scene before slimming down to a duo (Anthony and Rosie) in order to tour extensively throughout Europe and even as far as Australia. 
In 1993 the duo decided to move to Brittany and was joined by Rosie’s brother Chris who had been in London playing in World, Irish and Bluegrass groups. From their base in Brittany they then toured as a trio throughout France and Europe until Anthony’s departure in early 2004.
With the arrival of Boris Lebret (double bass and percussion) and Topher Loudon (vocals and guitar), the group’s tradition of breaking with the more classic treatment of Irish music has been upheld. Topher’s rock background and Boris’s experience with diverse styles of contemporary music create the driving rythmns over which Chris and Rosie’s more melodic and folky styles are laid.
And the unique and unmistakable sound of the Churchfitters continues …Wed 27th January 2010 – Cambridge (UK) 
Cambridge Folk Club 8pm – Box Office: 01223 304 447
http://www.cambridgefolkclub.orgSat 30th January 2010 – Garboldisham nr Diss, Norfolk (UK) 
Village Hall, 8pm – info: 01359 251 498Sun 31st January 2010 – Risby nr Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (UK) 
Risby Village Hall, 7.30 pm  box office: 01284 810660More dates at:http://churchfitters.comThe extraordinary Life of Jimmie Dandelion – Ahmond (Brooklyn, USA)We last heard Ahmond on SnC 146 a little over a year ago.Ahmond is a singer-songwriter and instrumental composer. He has released two self-produced releases which include A Boy You Once Knew in 2008.You can hear his music being played alongside other urban folk contemporaries such as Sufjan Stevens, Patrick Wolf, Beirut, and Regina Spektor on Adult Alternative stations and College Radio.The last track on his debut album was played on the first season of the HBO series Rome. Ahmond got his start in music by writing songs for an educational theatre group he was involved in for two years. Prior to devoting nearly all of his time to music, he was featured in movies and commercials. He played Diahann Carol and Ruby Dee’s great-grandnephew in the movie Having Our Say. Ahmond is currently embarking on a US tour and has a second release out. Monster & Minstrel is an EP of quirky rock songs embellished with his signature production of folk instruments and sweeping string arrangements. It is currently only available online through stores like iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and Nokia Music Craving – Joshua Stedman (Miami Beach/New York/San Fran)Joshua’s soulful, story-telling music sculptures poeticize the impact of the relationships personal to him, but familiar to all of us. He shares life’s observations and experiences that tend to illicit that, “Yep, I’ve been there, too…" reaction in each of us. 
He weaves a clever web of funk/soul/rock roots, winding chord arrangements, elusive guitar riffs and deep organic bass lines around subtle rhythmic shifts.Joshua’s addictive melodies are fuelled by a distinct bright-breathy vocal that pours out an honesty that has been said to seduce the ear from fade-in to to black – Luke Parkin (Newburyport, Massachusetts)Luke Parkin is a multi-genre composer and performing artist. His compositions, all rooted in classical music, are orchestral and solo piano. His performance as a pianist–marks out the horizon in cutting edge music and keeps it connected to the classics. Luke Parkin’s music is always just ahead of the curve.EST. MXXIX. (Established 2009) is Luke Parkin’s 70th album. Despite some exotic sounds, few audiences will feel find themselves excluded. However, like those preceding it, EST. MXXIX is an album that eludes the easy sorts of labels that the recording industry uses – it’s as eclectic as its composer.While Parkin’s music can take the shape of almost any container, it inevitably overflows any limit. Though he insists he is not afraid of repeating himself, the protean variety of his recordings suggest an artist on a quest – investigating new and old musical territory with an explorer’s keen senses."I’m trying to play a lot of musical characters," he acknowledges, "and I want to exploit the more eccentric parts of my personality in my compositions. Every album is an extension of who I am naturally." is where the heart is – Slo-Mo feat. Mic Wrecka (Philadelphia, PA, USA)Slo-Mo is the brainchild of Philadelphia steel guitarist Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner. Brenner has recorded and played on the road with such artists as Badly Drawn Boy, Magnolia Electric Company, Marah, Melody Gardot, G Love and more, but Slo-Mo is something totally different. Mixing Brenner’s steel guitar grooves with frontman Mic Wrecka’s rhymes and hip hop poetry, Slo-Mo Featuring Mic Wrecka has become a Philly favorite, winning over fans with a slamming live show and uniquely funky tunes backed by a tight 8-piece band.While steel guitar and hip hop might seem an unlikely union, Slo-Mo Featuring Mic Wrecka has managed to make it their own little niche, creating not just uniquely funky tracks, but a rocking live show that has been impressing an ever-growing number of fans.Slo-Mo featuring Mic Wrecka appearing at Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ this Fri, Jan 15 for Light of Day benefit. … Place that won’t take me back – I am not left-handed (London, UK – but mostly Irish)A track from the instrumental album Time to leave from I Am Not Lefthanded, who are: 
Kathryn – Vocals/Guitar
, Daniel – Vocals/Bass
, Benji – Drums"We don’t play pop music, we don’t write music for art’s sake, we don’t represent any movements, we’re not hip, we’re not cutting edge, we don’t dress to be cool. We manage ourselves, we write our own songs, we do our own recordings, we shoot our own videos, we design our own covers, we run our own website. We’re not generally negative people.  Oh yes, and we’re not lefthanded." An absolutely flawless, touching, rich chocolate sauce voice over simple, but yearning guitar, bass & drums can be heard on Yes Means No: 6 & 1/6th songs that don’t always give a straight answer. No battling elements, just a smooth natural is the city (Chicago) – Christophe Marc (Liverpool, UK and Nantes, France)A real treat from Christophe Marc – he describes this new album As a lifetime goes (a retrospective) thus: Here’s my Xmas present! A compilation of what I did those last 4 or 5 years. So it’s a sort of "best of"… Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year to everyone! – Pretonika (Budapest, Hungary?)I can tell you very little. Indeed the only way I found the likely location of Petronika was by using whois on the guy who administers the account on Jamendo. Pretty extreme. If you know more, please do tell!






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