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SnC 196 – Wed 02 December 2009

Music from Toronto, Brooklyn, Hungary, Nashville, London, Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro and Montreal. There’s a bit of a jazz influence this week – perhaps related to conversations last night with jazz "incubator" Ken Butler.www.jazzcrazy.co.ukThis week’s pic is from before the rains came this afternoon. I was clearing undergrowth from around one of the pknds and came across this wasp nest. This is just the core, it was around 18 inches across and quite beautiful.European Podcast AwardsYes, Suffolk’n’Cool has been nominated again for the European Podcast Awards. Of course, that’s very pleasing and a few votes, should you be inclined would make it even nicer. Here’s a link.Lost Highway – The Blue Seeds (Montreal, Canada)Their acknowledged influences include Yo La Tengo, Lee Hazelwood, Leonard Cohen, The Velvet Underground and Eric Satie but you be the judge.I particularly weaned to play a different track so I’ll see if I can get it for a future show.Led by the evocative voice of Amélie Laflamme, the music of Montreal-based The Blue Seeds resides somewhere between atmospheric-rock and alternative-folk. 
The band’s main focus is on writing and arranging songs in a way that time wouldn’t know how to make obsolete. In doing so, with its debut album, The Blue Seeds has also succeeded in creating its own unique soundscape that is as mysterious as a David Lynch movie and as refined as Wim Wenders’ pictures.www.theblueseeds.comwww.myspace.com/theblueseedsTweet from Marc Farre (Harry on SnC 193) who is playing a show at The Turning Point in Piermont, New York exactly a week from tonight, so that’ll be on 9th December. Check his site or MySpace for details.http://marcfarre.comwww.myspace.com/marcfarreWitch – Peter Squires (Brooklyn, NY, USA)Raw, unpolished, and disarmingly personal, Woe is Me — the debut release from indie-folk newcomer Peter Squires — is a sweet and sincere portrait of a young man recovering from heartbreak.Recorded in his Brooklyn bedroom, Squires’ songs cathartically express lovelorn despair with refreshing humor and self-awareness. Like the best work of Morrissey and Magnetic Fields, Peter Squires keeps things playful while he breaks your heart.Then, please go over to his MySpace and take a look at the video for the song.www.myspace.com/petersquiressongsGetting lighter – Ché Aimee (Toronto, Canada) From her album Underachiever.After several years performing throughout the Greater Vancouver Area and spending her summers playing in the Yukon Territories, Ché left to travel Europe and experience more of what the world had to offer. Busking from country to country and meeting other musicians from all walks of life, she started writing songs for upcoming demos, some of which appear on her 2009 debut album ‘Underachiever’. Arriving back in Vancouver, she recorded a three song Demo with local musician Tim Readman and a year later recorded her first 7 song EP ‘lights out’ with producer Ryan Hauschild.With a Warner Music recording contract on the table, Ché took a break from the whirlwind adventure and took some time to really think about what it was that she wanted and needed musically and although the offer was impressive and very alluring she knew the had more to learn and write before she could sign on to anything.Now completed, Ché’s debut solo album; Underachiever, has her displaying one of the strongest collections of songs to come out of an independent act in years. Having idols such as Cat Power, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley to contend with; Che has aspired for a long time to create something that is as pleasing to the soul as it is to the ears. Endeavoring to create “something that has its own form of genius” as opposed to another pop diva record that revolves less around content and more around presentation. Underachiever’s both rootsy and contemporary feel is the result of this inspiration, conveying both the heartbreak and the joy of life as seen through her own experiences.www.cheaimee.comwww.myspace.com/cheaimeeToo Much Joy A well written account of what it can be like to have a record deal. Royalty statement.www.toomuchjoy.comJazz.zene – Kovacs (Hungary)Budda Beats netlabel’s first release was by Kovacs aka Nandor Kurtossy, the young Hungarian producer. He started making music in ’96, so nowadays he has his own massive musical archive including his works under the name Kovacs as well as the rest of his side projects like Savages (downtempo), Vega Ass (funk breaks), Cockchafer (trip hop). The pseudonym Kovacs covers dirty jazz mixed with sensual electronica. What he simply calls "nu-jazz", however, is proved to be much more beyond its common meaning.You can get the whole album free at Budabeats. You find a download link at www.budabeats.com/bube001.htmBaby Blues – Rachel Pearl (Nashville, TN)Whether she’s channeling the 20th century classics of ella, billie holiday and tina turner, or crooning one of the self-penned compositions from her 2007 debut cd, love extravagantly, rachel pearl is consistently putting down roots in her own chosen field.
you can usually find her in nashville’s backyard experimenting in night clubs like mercy lounge, the basement, cafe coco and the rutledge. 
Download it free right here:
Rachel Pearl "Baby Blue" (mp3) from "Love Extravagantly" (Per Capita Records) Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This Album


Healthy Fear – Lexi Street (Atlanta, GA, USA)Arrived in this morning’s post.Champagne Promises is the tongue in cheek title for Lexi Street’s long awaited second album. It was in 2002 they released the girl I used to be…. Since then, the band released a few singles, Summer and The Room which enjoyed a stay on satellite’s XM radio. Their second album release, Champagne Promises makes good on their promise to deliver. If you like Tom Waits, Shiveree, or moody broody music, with some playful attitude thrown in – then we think you’ll like this album!www.lexistreet.comwww.myspace.com/lexistreetSerenata – Oswaldo G. Pereira (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)Oswaldo is an incredible versatile artist! His last album Serenata represents, more than his maturity as a composer, his confidence in a very personal perception of the contemporary Brazilian music. From original samba to the infinity of possible styles, from tradition to innovation, keeping the balance between his nostalgic feelings and his modern inspirations, Oswaldo G. Pereira brings Brazilian music with no strings attached, vibrant and aesthetically free. Serenata is the modern and contemporary Brazilian samba.

Oswaldo G. Pereira "Serenata" (mp3) from "Serenata" (Dubas Musica) Buy at iTunes Music Store Stream from Rhapsody More On This Album

Libsyn / WizzardCheck out the video of Dave showing how to set up a website player (even if you are not interested) by click on Getting started with WMTools at http://tools.wizzard.tv/auth/indexThis is why I like dealing with these guys.Time Patrol – Ylotana (London, UK)From the album My Little GodAnatoly Podkopov, the ideological inspirer of the project states,"YLOTANA project was born in the consciousness of people, who are infinitely devoted to art. It represents a certain musical, literary and visual art symbiosis. Actors, musicians, sound engineers, designers and various other artists, who have every right to be considered as some of the best in the field of the modern experimental art have gathered together and with the help of state-of-the-art technology will take contemporary music and art to a whole new level."The end product consists of a multimedia package which includes elements of: a music album, a comic book, a story and an audio book (see the video here) all masterfully combined so that each element intensifies the depth of the other art forms involved. Ylotana currently has five ongoing projects, all of which can be experienced online at the project’s website. Do watch it in HD if you can and full screen to make make it easier to read. You’ll also find it on YouTube.


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