SnC 195 – Wed 25 November 2009


Fine fine music this week from Utah, Italy, California, London, Sweden, just a hint of New York.Lots of wind this week has finally turned Suffolk autumnal. We don’t get much of the golden stuff; the winds are just too strong here on the "hill" so the leaves are whipped off in no time.Ocean Passage – Projekt (London, UK)Projekt are a 4-piece northern rock’n’roll band all based in London. They played their first gig in January 2009 and haven’t stopped since, causing waves on the London circuit playing venues such as Monto Water Rats, Proud Galleries, O2 Academy and The Cavern Club.The band are headlining at the Dublin Castle in London on is a thing – Lisbeth Scott (Venice, CA, USA)Lisbeth Scott was raised as a classical pianist, rehearsing hours a day and headed for a concert career.  She studied at The New England Conservatory, Connecticut College and The University of London throughout the 1990’s.  Lisbeth then headed to Los Angeles where she really began to discover her voice… as did the film world.   Scott’s vocals can be heard on over 50 blockbuster films including The Passion of the Christ, Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, Shrek 1 and 2, and Steven Spielberg’s Munich in which legendary composer, John Williams wrote a five minute solo specifically for her.Throughout her career she has worked closely with Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Harry Gregson-Williams, John Debney and many others.  Her songs have been covered by other artists, including Macy Grey and Bliss.Hope is a Thing is her eighth studio solo album which is available on iTunes. " was originally created as a site to garner financial support for my album of the same name. Through many generous souls, the CD is done! The album was released on November 10th. So it’s time to turn this site over to YOU and see just how big we can make this." Zion – Rebel Zion (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)Kimo Watanabe and the band with a studio track, which I know Codger has already played.The band seem to be having such a blast in the studio, I do hope they’ll be able to get out for some fresh air and some gigs before Come prima feat. Ketamo – Jambassa (Irpinia, Italy) Released on Monday evening (November 23, 2009) to mark the exact anniversary of the earthquake which devastated the Irpinia area in southern Italy. New album: Macchine parlanti / talking machines.An explicit anthem to identify the living essence of  this work. Jambassa confirms direction, identity and  sound, pushing the boundaries with 7 new tracks, adding a very special spice for each one. Undisputed attitude.Jambassa is a digital dub project, started in 2000 by Carmine Minichiello (Gamino) & Raffaele Gargiulo (Papa Lele), and settled in Irpinia -South of Italy-, a rugged and poor land, far away from the nerve-centers, where digital dub music had way and space to express itself: a physical and cultural isolation, which develops in Jambassa an own original style, detached form the genre standards.A free download from the excellent A Quiet Bump label bash was part sponsored by Adnams (of Southwold) whose Broadside fueled the discussions. Our collective thanks to them for "getting" the whole thing. You can follow them on Twitter where they are @adnamsGoths of summer – Mark Aaron James (London & New York)Mark has just been named one of the top 14 singer/songwriters in Greenwich Village by UMO for the second time! (Check out for info on this organization). A live recording of his song When Are You Gone is featured on the Best Of… CD released this summer.Some dates in the states before the end of the year – Florida, Nashville and San Francisco.Back in London he plays:Every Monday @ 6:30 pm at BAR ROOM BAR in the ARC. 
This is a very cool club in Angel/Islington. They have amazing brick oven pizzas. Every week I do a happy hour set, then feature a guest singer/songwriter or band, then I do an evening set. It’s a great night of music.Every Tuesday @ 8:30 pm at HALO Acoustic. 
I host the best night of acoustic songwriters in greater London. HALO was voted the PRS Indy venue of the year. Every week I perform original songs and introduce top notch up and coming performers. I’m really proud of this night. Check it out. Every Saturday @ 8 PM at The Black Sheep in Oval. 
This is a great traditional English pub, just a short walk from the Oval Tube and the cricket grounds. Perfect grub and a rowdy crowd that sings along with every song, beers in the air. Come join the chorus.Available at Tom Waits album previewI was intending to give you a link to a free download of a special preview of the Tom Waits remarkable new live album Glitter and Doom but to would appear to have been a very short-term I can’t find it anywhere now, but I have the tracks. :)www.tomwaits.comSilly Love – Diversifyd (San Marcos, CA, USA)Chad Makihele, who wrote most of the lyrics and arranged the tracks, plays bass/rhythm guitar and produced the album. Grew up with a background of music ranging from reggae, rock, pop to alternative music. Lieni Makihele arranged most of the vocals and has a background of music from pop, jazz and rhythm and blues. John Naki plays the drums and also arranged songs on the album. He grew up with island music, choir and oldies. Sione Malimali plays the percussions and has music background in roots reggae and was also a member of the 90’s reggae group called "Mission Irie" where he was known as "Baby Rasta". Marcus Snapp who plays the lead guitar, has his background in funk, neo soul, rock and alternative music. Finally we have Jelani Jones who plays the keyboard and has toured with "The Bonedaddys" – Tom Norris (London, UK)From the album Edge of the world.The opportunity for a sabbatical from the London Symphony Orchestra is providing Tom with the time needed to showcase and promote his new album ‘Edge of the World’. The album, recorded in Austria and the U.K, features songs written in the early days as well as more recent additions. Pop elements, acoustic beats and lush string arrangements, along with Tom’s warm, well-balanced voice effectively combine to a rich, dramatic sound. Apart from the violin and vocal parts, Tom also performs the viola and the piano, making his wide experience as a classical musician evident throughout this recording. Many tracks feature members of the LSO and acclaimed musicians from around the world.
 Besides producing Edge of the World, Tom has also dedicated his time away from regular performing to developing the eclectic ‘Living Room in London’ – a quintet featuring an unusual combination of hang drum, bass clarinet and string trio. His passion of exploring and experimenting with multi-art projects, especially in the field of music and theatre, has led to early work with Gogmagogs and more recently Teatro Vivo’s sell-out production, Hothouse. He has recently started writing and recording his next album.

Tom Norris "Vienna" (mp3) from "Edge Of The World" (LeeBelle Music) Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This Album the lights go out – Pixie Carnation (Malmo, Sweden)The product of two years of musical experimentation has culminated in what is now Pixie Carnation, a Swedish based, and yet very American sounding band.  From the time that childhood friends Ola Pålsson and Tobias Hellkvist reconnected a few years ago there was an instant artistic connection, and it was only a matter of time before their sound and the band’s lineup became what it is today.  
Despite it taking about a year and a half for Pålsson and Hellkvist to find like-minded musicians, Pixie Carnation has now evolved into a seven-member band and made their first recording, Fresh Poems EP, self reeled in 2009.
A classic rock influenced, Americana infused, musical tapestry with orchestral elements, Fresh Poems is already making waves on the west side of the Atlantic as evidenced by their song When the Lights Go Out being named KEXP’s song a the day on.  Drawing comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, KEXP proclaims that when the music begins, “Immediately you start to think that maybe The Boss has entered the room.” There have only been a few times when I’ve been this impressed since I was tour managing The Wailers and we played a residency with Springsteen at Max’s Kansas City in New York. That tells you it was a long time ago!






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